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MKB Raduga (Russian: МКБ Радуга, meaning Raduga Design Bureau, where raduga literally means "rainbow") is a Russian aerospace company, concerned with the production of various missile systems and related technologies. It is headquartered in Dubna in the Moscow Oblast. It was formerly a division of the Mikoyan-Gurevich design bureau, before being spun off as a separate OKB (design bureau) in March 1957.


  • October 1946 - OKB-2
  • 12 October 1951 - division of OKB-155-1 (headed by M.I.Gurevich)
  • March 1957 - A.Ya.Bereznyak became the chief designer
  • June 1965 - machine building design bureau "Raduga"
  • 19 June 1972 - Dubna production and development amalgamation "Raduga"
  • 7 September 1978 - Dubna production amalgamation "Raduga"
  • 12 May 1982 - machine building design bureau "Raduga"


Kometa series

  • KS-1 Komet (AS-1 "Kennel") - the first Soviet air-launched anti-ship cruise missile, began development 1947
  • K-10S (AS-2 "Kipper") - heavy anti-ship missile, Tu-16, 1955

Naval P-Series

Kh/KSR airborne series


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  • VBK-Raduga

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