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MIL Thunder 5
COP 357 derringer and Thunder 5 revolver.jpg
A Thunder 5 (right) next to a COP 357 Derringer
Type Revolver
Place of origin United States
Production history
Manufacturer MIL, Inc.
Produced 1992—1998
Variants California-approved model
Weight 48 Ounces
Length 9"
Barrel length 2"

  • .410 bore (3")/.45 Long Colt
  • .45/70 Government (California-approved model)
  • Action Double-action
    Feed system Five round cylinder
    Sights Fixed sights

    The MIL, Inc. Thunder 5 is a large, double-action revolver chambered in the .410-bore shotshell cartridge. It is also designed to fire the .45 Long Colt revolver cartridge. The revolver, somewhat unusual for the type of weapon, features a manual safety lever.[1]

    As the barrel is rifled, the Thunder 5 is not considered a short-barrelled shotgun under United States federal law, but is under California statutes. However, a variant was produced in .45/70 Government that is legal in the aforementioned state. Production of the .45/70 variant started in 1994.

    Sub-caliber sleeve inserts in 9mm Parabellum, .38 Special/.357 Magnum and .38 Super were produced and available until 1998.[2]


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