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MASS decoy launcher of a Hamina class missile boat

MASS (Multi Ammunition Softkill System) is a naval self-defence system, produced by Rheinmetall of Germany. It is connected to the ship's sensors and protects ships from attacks by advanced, sensor-guided missiles, by launching decoys, that operate in all relevant wavelengths on the electromagnetic spectrum (ultra violet, electro-optical, laser, infrared and radar). MASS can be either plugged into the command and control module of a naval vessel, or operate autonomously.

Rheinmetall Defence has stated that "MASS has attracted orders from 9 nations, for 130 launchers, on 15 different classes of naval vessels" as of March 31/09. As of 3 March 2011, this has been expanded to a total order of at least 172 units.[1] Roughly one year later, on the 17th of April 2012, the total was at 186 launchers for 22 different classes of vessels in 11 different nations.


  •  Oman: Khareef class corvettes
  •  South Korea: LST-II-class landing ships [3]

two additional unknown customers.

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