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M901 ITV

e M901 ITV is a tank-destroyer made by the BAe System to be used by the U.S Army, the M901 is based on the M113 APC.


The M901 is an M113 vehicle family, specially adapted with a tower for launching TOW missiles. This is an anti-tank vehicle. This equipment has the tower M-27, (known as "Hammerhead") which has two TOW missiles in launch position immediately. Each vehicle carries up to 2 missiles ready to fire, and ten more missiles inside. This system was designed to allow a greater ability to reach the target by shooting first. The tower type 'Hammer Head' has been installed in other vehicles. There is a version known as 'FISTV' used for description and location of targets and works in conjunction with the M-901 ITV. Actually, though, even as classified as a tank-destroyer, the M901-ITV has no offensive function, and is intended for purely defensive missions because he did not have any chance of facing a heavy or medium tank, since there is no adequate armor to withstand any shooting.



General Characterisics

  • Crew: 5

    M901 of the Hellenic Army

  • Height: 3.35m
  • Length: 4.83m
  • Width: 2.69m
  • Max Weight: 11800 kg


  • Engine: Detroit Diesel 6V-53 6cyl
  • Power: 215 hp
  • Traction System: Caterpillars
  • Maximum Speed: 68 km/h


  • 1x M60 machine gun
  • 1x M27 Hammerhead TOW launcher equipped with 2 BGM-71D TOW-2 missiles (ten more missiles are carried inside the M901 ITV.

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