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Prior to and during the second world war the US Army called several tractors M2 Light Tractors. Under the Ordnance Corps these "off the shelf" tractors were meant to tow artillery pieces so were not equipped with blades like their Engineer counterparts. Eventually these were replaced by purpose built "High Speed Tractors" (HST). Some tractors were equipped with crane attachments for ammunition, and material handling.


  • G007 M2 Light tractor Caterpillar 20
  • G068 M2 Light tractor Caterpillar R-2
  • G096 M2 Light tractor AG Cletrac
  • G113 M2 Light tractor International T6
  • International Harvester model T6 W/angle dozer


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  • ORD 3 SNL G-1
  • TM 9-2800 1943
  • TM 9-2800 1947

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