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"Members of a Negro mortar company of the 92nd Division pass the ammunition and heave it over at the Germans in an almos - NARA - 535546.jpg
U.S. Soldiers fire an M1 mortar at
Massa in Italy during World War II
Type Infantry mortar
Place of origin United States
Service history
Used by  United States
Wars World War II,
Korean War
Weight see general data
Length 3 ft 11 in (1.19 m)

Caliber 81 millimetres (3.2 in)
Rate of fire 18 rpm sustained
30-35 rpm maximum
Muzzle velocity 700 ft/s (210 m/s)
Effective range 3,300 yd (3,000 m)
Sights M4

The M1 mortar is an American 81 millimeter caliber mortar. It was based on the French Brandt mortar. The M1 mortar was used from World War II until the 1950s when it was replaced by the lighter and longer ranged M29 mortar.

General data


  • Tube 44.5 lb (20 kg)
  • Mount 46.5 lb (21 kg)
  • Base plate 45 lb (20 kg)
    • Total 136 pounds (62 kg)


  • M43A1 Light HE: 6.87 lb (3.11 kg); range min 200 yd (183 m); range max 3290 yd (3010 m); 80% frag radius 25 yd (23 m) (compared favorably with the 75 mm howitzer); fast detonating fuze (explode on surface).
  • M45, M45B1 Heavy HE: 10.62 lb (4.82 kg); range max 2558 yd (2064 m); bursting radius comparable to the 105 mm howitzer; equipped with delay fuze so some penetration is possible for demolition use.
  • M56 Heavy HE: 15.01 lb (6.81 kg); range max 1300 yards (1200 m); had an adjustable fuze for quick or delay operation.
  • M57 WP (White phosphorus): 10.74 lb (4.87 kg); range max 2470 yd (2260 m); designed to lay down screening smoke, but had definite anti-personnel and incendiary applications.
  • M57 FS: 10.74 lb (4.87 kg), range max 2470 yd (2260 m); laid down dense white smoke.
  • M301 Illuminating shell: range max 2200 yd (2012 m); attached to parachute; burned brightly (275,000 candelas) for about 60 seconds, illuminating an area of about 150 yards (137 m) diameter; used M84 time fuze, adjustable from 5 to 25 seconds before priming charge detonated, releasing the illuminator and chute.

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  • FM 23-90
  • TM 9-1260
  • SNL A-33

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