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Dodge M1918 light repair truck
File:M1918 Dodge.jpg
Manufacturer Dodge
Production 1.012
Body and chassis
Class AA
Body style pickup truck
Layout 9017
Engine Gasoline, L-head, 24 hp. 4-cylinder with magneto ignition and hand-cranked starter.
Transmission 3 speed
Wheelbase 4×2
Length 157 in.
Width 72 in.
Height 78 in.
Curb weight 1/2 ton

The Dodge M1918 light repair truck (G10) was an open cab pickup used to carry tools for emergency repair of vehicles. It was used by the U.S. Army during and after World War I.


The truck consists of a small steel body, built by Insley Manufacturing Co. mounted on a Dodge car chassis. It carries chests containing carpenter's and mechanic's tools, supplies, and lubricants for emergency repair. It was issued to heavy motorized regiments, machine-gun battalions, mobile ordnance repair shops, Ammunition trains, etc.[1] this was the first example of what the modern army calls a contact truck.

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