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The M114 bomb resembled a pipe bomb

The M114 bomb was a four pound U.S. anti-personnel bomb and biological cluster bomb sub-munition. The M114 was used in the M33 cluster bomb.


The M114 was a sub-munition for the M33 cluster bomb, as such, it was the first standardized U.S. biological weapon in 1952.[1][2] The M114 was an improved version of a British World War II-era bomblet that was designed to disperse anthrax.[3]


The M114 was similar to a pipe bomb, it had a 21 inch tube with a diameter of 1⅝ inches.[1] 108 M114s were clustered into the M33 cluster bomb;[1] each had its own detonator and was ejected from the M33 while the bomb was still aloft.[4] Each M114 held 320 milliliters of Brucella suis.[1]


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