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The M1120 HEMTT LHS (Load Handling System) is nothing more than a M977 HEMTT with a load handling system in place of a flat bed. It was incorporated into the Army in 2002. The HEMTT (Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck) entered Army services in 1982. The vehicles are made by the Oshkosh Corporation. They also remanufacture vehicles and add new updated parts to them. When the M977 HEMTTs are remanufactured, they add the load handling system to some. The load handling system is the hydraulic lifting system that uses a large hook to lift a flat rack from the ground to the bed of the truck. They basically look the same on the inside. There are several different types of this vehicle. This vehicle is widely used by the military .


The M1120 HEMTT LHS can be equipped with several different styles of racks for the load handling system. The job at hand determines which rack would be used. The most commonly used is the flat rack. It can be loaded from the ground or on the truck. The driver can load or unload a flat rack from inside the cab of the truck in a matter of minutes. There is a trailer that goes along with the M1120 HEMTT LHS. The driver can also load and unload flat racks on or off the trailer in minutes from the cab. These types of vehicles are mostly used in logistics. They can haul many different types of cargo, everything from other vehicles to liquids. Conex boxes are also able to attach to the flat racks. They are capable of carrying a payload of 11 tons on the vehicle and pulling a payload of 11 tons on the trailer. The trailer that is pulled is called the M1076. It is a wagon style trailer, which turns at the point where it connects to the vehicle and at the first axle as well. The trailer has three axles and can hold 16.5 tons.


  • Cab Seating: 2 person • air-ride seats • 4-point safety belts
  • Axle Configuration: 8x8
  • Curb Weight: 35,500 lb (16,100 kg).
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 66,000 lb (30,000 kg).
  • Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR): 103,000 lb (47,000 kg). (46762 kg)
  • Length: 400.5 in. (10173 mm)
  • Width: 96 in. (2438 mm)
  • Height (over spare tire): 112 in. (2845 mm)
  • Maximum Speed: 62 mph (100 km/h)
  • Tires: 16.00 R20 XZL Michelin tubeless
  • Fuel: Diesel, DF-2, JP-4, JP-8, VV-F-800
  • Fuel Capacity: 155 gal. (587 liter)
  • Fording: 48 in. (1219 mm)
  • Air Transportability: C130 • C141
  • Engine: DDC Model 8V92TA/445 horsepower 12.1 liter
  • Transmission: Allison 6-speed automatic (5 speed forward/1 reverse)
  • Electrical System: 24V start • 24V lighting with master electric disconnect
  • Winch, Self-Recovery: 20,000 lb (9,100 kg). (9072 kg) optional
  • Load Handling System: OTC/Multifit • 26,000 lb (12,000 kg). incl. FR.

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This is a M1074 PLS but loads the same as a M1120 HEMTT LHS

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