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The M-84AS is a modernized version of the M-84 main battle tank produced by Yugoimport SDPR in Serbia. It was first presented in 2004 as the M-84AB1, but additional improvements led to the re-designation to M-84AS.


A serbian M-84AS

This tank is equipped with an improved fire-control system with integrated day/night sight. The M84A1 gun was replaced with a similar but improved gun which, along with better control characteristics, enables easy and fast field replacement of the barrel. The M-84AS tank is able to fire anti-tank guided missiles with laser guidance through the barrel, which enables accurate engagement of enemy tanks up to 5 km

The M-84AS is equipped with non-explosive and non-energetic reactive armour (NERA) which offers protection against modern tandem cumulative warheads. It is also equipped with the modern Shtora electro-optical system for defense against wire and laser guided anti-tank missiles. The new turret will provide protection against Kinetic Energy (RHAe) ATGs. Its new 9M119 Refleks is a laser beam riding guided anti-tank missile designed to penetrate 950mm of RHA.


A commission is currently being drawn up to bring all 212 M-84 tanks currently in service to M-84AS standard. The project is expected to cost millions and span till the end of 2010.

Production history

Apart from external differences to the M-84, it also has different internal structure and equipment, far surpassing the M-84AB in both capability and durability. Developed originally from the M-84, the M-84AS is more than just a quick tweak to bring it up to standard. Many improvements were adopted from what can be argued to be its' sister tank, the T-90. With slight differences in armour and maneuverability; the T-90 is better armoured while the M-84AS is faster and more maneuverable. Considering the speed perspective, the M-84AS moves at 75 km/h on road while the T-90 moves at 60 km/h on road with off road speeds varying according to terrain. The armor on the T-90 is somewhat superior with thicker composites, NBC protection as well as having the option of Active Protection System and KMT mine sweeping systems. Aside from the propulsion and armor, the targeting system is equivalent.

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