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Lowell Charles Kilday (February 20, 1931 New Hope, Wisconsin-August 6, 2011, Springfield, Virginia)[1] was an American Career Foreign Service Officer who served as Ambassador to the Dominican Republic and director of the State Department's Office of Brazilian Affairs in Washington.[2]


Born to William and Helga Kilday, he grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and graduated from North Division High School in 1948. Kilday joined the United States Army in 1950 and served as PFC, United States Army, 1st Cavalry Division serving a tour of duty in Korea during the Korean War. Returning to the United States, he attended the University of Wisconsin where he earned a BS in Political Science, joining the United States Foreign Service when he graduated. He served tours in Cuba, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Angola and Costa Rica before being appointed Ambassador in 1985 by President Ronald Reagan appointed Lowell as his Ambassador to the Dominican Republic. At the end of his career, he was awarded the rank of Career Minister, the highest regular senior rank for a Foreign Service Officer.[1]


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