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Long Range Interceptor undergoing testing

Long Range Interceptor coming aboard USCGC Bertholf

The United States Coast Guard Long Range Interceptor is an 11 meter (approximately 36 feet) high speed launch vessel designed to be deployed from cutters via a rear launching ramp.[1] The Long Range Interceptor is a rigid hull inflatable, powered by water-jets, for intercepting and boarding suspect vessels. It mounts a radar, special shock-proof seats, and can travel at 35 knots. They can be armed with machine guns or grenade launchers. The National Security Cutters and the proposed Offshore Patrol Cutters will have two rear launching ramps, and will carry two launches, either two of the smaller Short Range Prosecutors, or two USCG Long Range Interceptors, or one of each.[2][3]

Integrated Coast Guard Systems signed a contract for the construction of the first Long Range Interceptor in February 2006 with Willard Marine.[4][5]

In June 2012, the United States Coast Guard selected MetalCraft Marine in Cape Vincent, New York, to build the latest version of the Long Range Interceptor (LRI-II). The first of ten potential boats will be delivered in fall 2012.[citation needed]


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