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Long Jiguang
Born 1867
Died March 12, 1925
Place of birth Yunnan Province, Qing DynastyQing Empire
Place of death Beijing, TaiwanRepublic of China
  • Qing Dynasty

Beiyang clique


Long Jiguang (Chinese language: 龙济光) (1867 - 1925) was an ethnic Hani Chinese general of the late Qing and early Republican period of China. Long's older brother Jinguang was also a general. Long began his military career suppressing anti-Qing rebellion by Republican revolutionaries in China. After the fall of the Qing, he supported Yuan Shi-kai against Sun Yat-sen. After Yuan created the Empire of China, Long fought against the Guangxi warlords Lu Rongting and Li Liejun, who opposed Yuan's restoration of the monarchy. An opponent of the Constitutional Protection Movement, Yuan fled southern China to Beijing, where he supported Duan Qirui and the Anhui clique until their defeat in the Zhili-Anhui War. Long died in Beijing on the same day as Sun Yat-sen.

Long Jinguang(left)and Long Jiguang(right)at Guangzhou合影


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