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Lisa Chaikina, or Liza Chaikina, or Lisa (Liza) Chaykina (Russian: Лиза Чайина), full name Yelizaveta Ivanovna Chaykina (28 Aug 1918 - 23 Nov 1941) - Russian nationality, Soviet Union World War II partisan, a Hero of the Soviet Union.[1]

The ship Germany Heinrich Arp was renamed to Лиза Чайина in 1947. Later and after this ship other sea and river ships of the Soviet Union and Russia were named Лиза Чайина also.

November 22, 1941. Lisa Chaikin was sent to Peno with the purpose discovering the size of the enemy garrison. On the way to Peno, she came to the farm "Krasnoye Pokatishche" to visit her friend, the intelligence officer Marusya Kuporova, where she was seen by the praepostor and the praepostor informed the Germans. The Germans broke into Kuporova's house, shooting the Kuporova family members and taking Chaikina prisoner. Chaikina was subsequently taken to Peno. Even under torture, she refused to give information about the whereabouts of the guerrilla squad and was shot on the 23 of November, 1941.[2]


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