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This is a list of warships of the Royal Scots Navy, the navy of the Kingdom of Scotland prior to the Acts of Union 1707. For its continuation after this period, see List of ship names of the Royal Navy.


A Scottish armed merchantman engaged in the Baltic trade is attacked by a Hanseatic ship. Detail from a 16th-century map.

  • unnamed man-of-war c1329 [1]
  • King's Carvel (Yellow Carvel) 1475 [1]
  • Flower 1470s [1]
  • Christopher 1490s - man-of-war [1]
  • Lion early 16th century [1]
  • Jenny Pirwin early 16th century [1]
  • Margaret
  • Michael (Great Michael) 1511; sold to France 1514 [1]
  • Treasurer
  • Mary Willoughby, captured from the English, and used in the Scots Navy until she was recaptured.
  • Salamander of Leith, 1537, Flagship of James V of Scotland, gift of Francis I of France
  • Lamb of Glasgow 1690 - converted merchant ship[2]
  • Pelican (hired 1689) 18 guns ship captured by the French July 10, 1689; re-captured 1690 by the English Navy and renamed Pelican Prize (as fireship), sunk as breakwater in 1692 off Sheerness.[3]
  • Janet (hired 1689) 12 guns ship captured by the French July 10, 1689; fate unknown.[4]
  • Royal William (1696) - a Fifth-rate 32-gun frigate. Flagship of Captain Thomas Gordon, Commodore of the Navy. Became HMS Edinburgh in 1707
  • Royal Mary (1696) - a Sixth-rate 24 gun frigate. Captain James Hamilton. Became HMS Glasgow in 1707
  • Dumbarton Castle (1696) - a Sixth-rate Frigate, retained its name as HMS Dumbarton Castle in 1707

The final three ships above were added to the Royal Navy following the Act of Union in 1707.

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