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This is a list of wars of independence (national liberation).

Listed wars may or may not have been successful in achieving a goal of independence. Listed articles should describe the actual conduct of a war.

Wars of independence

Dates Name Result
1861-1864 American Civil War The Confederate States of America attempted secession from the United States.
2012 Tuareg rebellion (2012)
(Northern Mali conflict (2012–present))
Unrecognized independence of Azawad from Mali. Azawad claimed territory controlled by Ansar Dine.
1983-2005 Second Sudanese Civil War Independence of South Sudan from Sudan
1954-1962 Algerian War Independence of Algeria from France
1775-1783 American Revolutionary War
(American Revolution)
Independence of United States from Great Britain
1961-1974 Angolan War of Independence Independence of Angola from Portugal
1876 April Uprising Defeat of Bulgarian nationalists by the Ottoman Empire; subsequent reprisals by the Ottomans led to the Russo-Turkish War, 1877-78 and the 1878 independence of Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire.
1919-1921 Irish War of Independence Anglo-Irish Treaty; Partition of Ireland; secession of 26 of Ireland's 32 counties (the Irish Free State) from the United Kingdom
1916-1918 Arab Revolt Defeat of Arab aspirations for independence by post-World War I partition of Arab Ottoman Empire lands into protectorates controlled by United Kingdom and France
1971 Bangladesh Liberation War Independence of Bangladesh from Pakistan
1830-1839 Belgian Revolution Independence of Belgium from the Netherlands
1992-1995 Bosnian War Independence of Bosnia from Yugoslavia
1810-1818 Chilean War of Independence Independence of Chile from Spain
1991-1995 Croatian War of Independence Independence of Croatia from Yugoslavia
1843-1849 Dominican War of Independence Independence of Dominican Republic from Haiti
1568-1648 Eighty Years' War Independence of the Netherlands from Spain
1961-1991 Eritrean War of Independence Independence of Eritrea from Ethiopia
1918-1920 Estonian War of Independence Independence of Estonia from Russian Empire/Russian SFSR
1946-1954 First Indochina War Independence of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia from France; partition of Vietnam
1857-1858 Indian Rebellion of 1857 Defeat of Indian insurgents; Great Britain retains control of India
1848 First Italian War of Independence Kingdom of Sardinia defeated by the Austrian Empire; Italian unification not achieved
1859 Second Italian War of Independence France and the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia defeat the Austrian Empire; most of the Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia transferred to France and then to Piedmont-Sardinia; Duchy of Parma, Duchy of Modena, Grand Duchy of Tuscany and the Papal Legations annexed by Piedmont-Sardinia
1866 Third Italian War of Independence Austrian Empire loses Veneto to Kingdom of Italy
1804-1813 First Serbian Uprising
(Serbian Revolution)
Defeat of insurgents; Ottoman Empire retains control of Serbia
1821-1827 Greek War of Independence Independence of Greece from the Ottoman Empire
1963-1974 Guinea-Bissau War of Independence Independence of Guinea-Bissau from Portugal
1791-1804 Haitian Revolution Independence of Haiti from France
1703-1711 Rákóczi's War of Independence Limited autonomy for Hungary within the Habsburg Monarchy
1945-1949 Indonesian National Revolution Independence of Indonesia from the Netherlands
1947-1949 1948 Arab–Israeli War Defeat of Arabs; Israel retains independence
1996-1999 Kosovo War No legal changes to Yugoslav borders according to the Resolution 1244, but effective political and economic separation of Kosovo from the rest of Yugoslavia under United Nations temporary administration.
1810s-1820s Latin American wars of independence: Argentine War of Independence, Bolivian War of Independence, Chilean War of Independence, Foolish Fatherland, Ecuadorian War of Independence, Mexican War of Independence, Peruvian War of Independence, Venezuelan War of Independence Independence of many Spanish-American colonies from Spain
1918-1920 Latvian War of Independence Independence of Latvia from Russian Empire/Russian SFSR
1918-1920 Lithuanian War of Independence Independence of Lithuania from Russian Empire/Russian SFSR and Poland
1952-1960 Kenyan Mau Mau Uprising Defeat of insurgents; United Kingdom retains control of Kenya
1964-1974 Mozambican War of Independence Independence of Mozambique from Portugal
1966-1988 Namibian War of Independence Independence of Namibia from South Africa
1967-1970 Nigerian Civil War Defeat and dissolution of the Republic of Biafra
1896-1898 Philippine Revolution Inconclusive; Philippines independence from Spain then achieved by Spanish-American War
1899-1913 Philippine–American War Defeat of Philippine insurgents; United States retains control of the Philippines
1640-1668 Portuguese Restoration War Restoration of Portuguese independence from Spain
1863-1865 January Uprising Defeat of Polish insurgents; Russia retains control of Poland
1869 Red River Rebellion Establishment of Provisional government of the Red River Colony
1920-1926 Rif War Defeat of insurgents and Rif Republic; Spain retains control of Spanish Morocco
1877 Romanian War of Independence Independence of Romania from the Ottoman Empire
1808-1814 Peninsular War Independence of Spain from France
1296-1357 Wars of Scottish Independence Scotland retains its status as an independent nation
1815-1817 Second Serbian Uprising
(Serbian Revolution)
Semi-independence of Serbia within the Ottoman Empire
1521-1523 Swedish War of Liberation Independence of Sweden from the Kalmar Union
1991 Ten-Day War Independence of Slovenia from Yugoslavia
1868-1878 Ten Years' War Defeat of insurgents; Spain retains control of Cuba
1835-1836 Texas Revolution Independence of Texas from Mexico
1919-1923 Turkish War of Independence Creation of Republic of Turkey
1917-1921 Ukrainian War of Independence Independence of Ukraine from Russia; partition of Ukraine by Soviet Union, Poland and Romania
1185-1188 Uprising of Asen and Peter Independence of Bulgaria from the Byzantine Empire; creation of the Second Bulgarian Empire
1863-1865 Dominican Restoration War Independence of Dominican Republic from 4 year occupation by the Spanish Empire; ousts Spain from Hispaniola

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