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This is a list of wars started and, for the most part, concluded by independent Finland between 1917 and 1945:

Name Victorious civil war belligerents Defeated civil war belligerents Years Outcome
Civil War Flag of Finland 1918 (state).svg White Guard
German Empire Germany
Red flag.svg Red Guard
Flag RSFSR 1918.svg Soviet-Russia
1918 White victory
Name Finland and its allies Finland's opponent Years Outcome
Kinship Wars Flag of Finland.svg Finnish volunteers]]
Karelian flag Karelians
[[File:Flag of Estonia.svg|22px|border Estonia
Flag RSFSR 1918.svg Soviet-Russia 1918–1920 and 1921–1922 Indecisive
Estonian War of Independence
(Part of Kinship Wars)
Flag of Estonia.svg Estonia
Flag of Finland.svg Finnish volunteers
Flag RSFSR 1918.svg Soviet-Russia 1918–1920 Victory
Mäntsälä rebellion Flag of Finland (state).svgFinnish Government Lapuan liike.svg Lapua movement 1932 Government victory
Winter War  Finland and Foreign_support including
Soviet Union Soviet Union 1939-1940 Moscow Peace Treaty.[1]
Continuation War  Finland
Nazi Germany Germany
Soviet Union Soviet Union 1941-1944 Moscow Armistice, Soviet Victory.
Lapland War  Finland Nazi Germany Germany 1944-1945 Victory. German forces ejected from Finnish territory.
War in Afghanistan ISAF-Logo.svg ISAF Flag of Taliban.svg Taliban 2003- Ongoing

For the wars during the Russian rule (1809–1917), see French invasion of Russia (1812), November Uprising (war in Poland in 1830), Russo-Turkish War (several), Russo-Japanese War (1904–05) and World War I (1914–17). For the list of wars during the Swedish rule (1249–1809), see List of Swedish wars.

For information on conflicts related to Finland prior to Swedish rule, see Early Finnish wars.

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