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This is a list of vehicles and aircraft used by the United States Marine Corps,[1][2] for combat, support, and motor transport.

Active use

Wheeled vehicles



  • A2 fleet (1998–2005):
    • M1123 troop/cargo/MRC radio truck
    • M1097A2 heavy cargo truck
    • M1043A2 armament carrier
    • M1045A2 TOW carrier
    • M1035A2 2-litter ambulance
    • M997A2 4-litter ambulance
  • ECV fleet (2006–present):
    • M1114 armament carrier
    • M1151 armament carrier
    • M1152(A1) heavy cargo truck
    • M1165 troop/cargo/MRC radio truck
    • M1167A1 TOW carrier

Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement

MTVRs in a convoy in Iraq

  • MK-23/MK-25/AMK-23/AMK-25 cargo/troop/towing
  • MK-27/MK-28/AMK-27/AMK-28 extended bed cargo/troop/towing
  • MK-29/MK-30/AMK-29/AMK-30 dump truck
  • MK-31/MK-32/AMK-31/AMK-32 tractor
  • MK-36/AMK-36 wrecker
  • MK-37 HIMARS resupply truck w/crane

Logistics Vehicle System

LVS (MK48 coupled to a MK18) staged with MTVRs

  • MK48 Front Power Unit
  • MK14 flatbed trailer
  • MK15 wrecker
  • MK16 tractor
  • MK17 dropside w/crane (flatbed with troop seats)
  • MK18 self-loader (containers, ribbon bridges, river boats)
  • Logistics Vehicle System Replacement

Light Armored Vehicle

LAV-25 maneuvering in the Middle East

Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles

HIMARS on display

  • HIMARS High Mobility Artillery Rocket System[4]

Tracked Vehicles

M1 Abrams

M1A1 tank fires its main gun

M88 Recovery Vehicle

M88A2 on display

  • M88A2 upgrade

Amphibious Assault Vehicle-7

AAV 7A1 in Fallujah

  • AAVP-7A1 armored personnel carrier
  • AAVC-7A1 armored command and control
  • AAVR-7A1 armored recovery


T-5/D9 Bulldozers in Iraq

  • Interim Fast Attack Vehicle IFAV
  • A/S32P-19A firefighting truck
  • Airfield refueler truck
  • M970 semi-trailer refueler
  • M93 Fox Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical reconnaissance vehicle
  • Z-Backscatter imaging reconnaissance van
  • M9 ACE Excavator, Combat
  • Kalmar Rough Terrain Container Handler
  • Terex MAC-50 50 Ton
  • LRT Crane, Rough Terrain, Hydraulic, Light
  • 120-M Grader, Road, Motorized
  • 621-B/G Scraper-Tractor, Wheeled (621B In process of being replaced by 621G)
  • 1067602 Sweeper, Runway, Crosswind-J
  • MC1150E/MC1155E Tractor (Slated for replacement)
  • T-5Caterpillar D9 bulldozer
  • John Deere 850J Medium Crawler Tractor MCT
  • CAT420EIT Loader Backhoe
  • MMV Container Forklift, Extended Boom
  • TX51-19M and D Rough Terrain Forklift
  • John Deere TRAM 624KR Tractor, Rubber Tired, Articulated Steering, Multi-purpose vehicle
  • M60A1 AVLB Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge
  • Assault Breacher Vehicles
  • CAT 277B/C MTL Multi Terrain Loader w/attachments


F/A-18 Hornet


AV-8 Harrier

AV-8B Harrier II on the deck of USS Nassau

  • AV-8B Harrier II fighter/attack
  • TAV-8 Harrier trainer

EA-6 Prowler

EA-6B Prowler

C-130 Hercules

KC-130J Hercules

AH-1 Cobra

AH-1W SuperCobra

UH-1 Iroquois

File:Uh-1n takeoff.JPG

UH-1N Twin Huey

CH-46 Sea Knight

CH-46E Sea Knight

  • CH-46E Sea Knight ("Phrog") cargo/passenger helicopter - being replaced by MV-22

CH-53E Super Stallion

CH-53E Super Stallion

  • CH-53E Super Stallion upgraded cargo/passenger helicopter[5]
  • CH-53D Sea Stallion cargo/passenger helicopter - replaced by MV-22, some retained for training[6]

V-22 Osprey

MV-22B Osprey

  • MV-22B Osprey cargo/passenger tiltrotor

Unmanned aerial vehicles

ScanEagle UAV

Testing/Limited Use


File:CH53K valley 535.jpg

Concept of the CH-53K

HMMWV replacement

FPI Cougar HE in testing

Accepted for short term partial replacements until development of the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle is complete (see also: Medium Mine Protected Vehicle)

MRAP-MRUV (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected - Mine Resistant Utility Vehicle)

MRAP-JERRV (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected - Joint Explosive Ordnance Disposal Rapid Response Vehicle)

MRAP M-ATV (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected-All Terrain Vehicle)



Marine One


Wheeled Vehicles

M997A2 HMMWV ambulance

  • Humvee Base fleet (1984–1993):
    • M998/M1097 troop/cargo/MRC radio truck
      • AN/MRC-XXX (110/135/138/140/142/145/148) Radio vehicles
      • AN/USQ-70 PADS (Position Azimuth Determining System) survey vehicle
    • M1097 heavy cargo truck
    • M1037/M1042 S250 electronic shelter carrier
    • M1043/M1044 armament carrier
    • M1045/M1046 TOW missile carrier
    • M1035 2-litter ambulance
    • M997 4-litter ambulance

M38 Jeep


M923 5-ton

Tracked Vehicles

M50 Ontos


F4U Corsair

A-4 Skyhawk

H-34 Choctaw

OV-10A Bronco

RQ-2 Pioneer

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