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Number of terrorist incidents in 2010.

This is a timeline of incidents in 2010 that have been labelled, or investigated as possible cases of "terrorism" and are not believed to have been carried out by a government or its forces (see state terrorism and state-sponsored terrorism). Over 1,375 people died from terrorist incidents this year.


Date Type Dead Injured Location Description Perpetrator State Non-state
January 1 Suicide bombing 105 100+ Pakistan Lakki Marwat, Pakistan A suicide car bomber drove his explosive-laden vehicle into a volleyball pitch as people gathered to watch a match.[1] Lone-wolf Symbol confirmed.svg
January 2 Trespassing and threatening 0 1 Denmark Aarhus, Denmark In an incident said to be terror-related, a Somali man broke into Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard's home threatening to kill the man with an axe. Westergaard escaped harm when he entered a panic room and called for police, who shot the man. According to the Danish intelligence agency PET, the Somali man is affiliated with al-Shaabab, a radical Islamic militia currently in Somalia.[2] al-Shaabab Symbol confirmed.svg
January 7 Property takeover; hostage-taking 6 8 India Srinagar, India Three people, including a policeman, were killed when Lashkar-e-Taiba members took in Lal Chowk. Two of the assailants and a bank official died in the ensuing siege by security forces.[3] Lashkar-e-Taiba Symbol confirmed.svg
January 8 Bombing 0 1 United Kingdom Randalstown, Northern Ireland A Police Service of Northern Ireland officer was wounded when a bomb exploded underneath his car in Randalstown, County Antrim.[4] Real IRA Symbol confirmed.svg
January 9 Bombing 0 0 Greece Athens, Greece A bomb damaged the Greek parliament building in Athens. No one was killed or injured in the bomb blast.[5] Symbol confirmed.svg
January 21 Bombing 0 1 Philippines Zamboanga City, Philippines Suspected Abu Sayyaf militants detonated a bomb near the house of a Basilan province mayor. One teenager was injured [6] Abu Sayyaf (suspected) Symbol confirmed.svg


Date Type Dead Injured Location and description
February 1 Bomb plot 0 0 Israel Mediterranean coastal plain, Israel The Popular Resistance Committees (PRC), a Palestinian militant group in the Gaza Strip with close ties to Hamas, tried to carry out an attack on Israel by means of bombs placed in barrels and sent into the Mediterranean Sea from the Gaza coast.[7]
February 3 Suicide bombing 10 70 Pakistan Lower Dir, Pakistan A suicide bomber attacked a Pakistani Frontier Corps convoy. The US embassy said its military personnel had been training Pakistan's Frontier Corps in counter-insurgency.[8]
February 7 Defensive fighting 0 0 Pakistan Peshawar, Pakistan Pakistani forces captured a stronghold of al Qaeda-backed militants near the Afghan border after days of clashes in which 60 militants were killed.[9]
February 10 Assassination 1 0 State of PalestineKfar Tapuach, West Bank A Palestinian Authority police officer stabbed to death a Druze Arab IDF soldier while he was sitting in a jeep stopped at a traffic light at the Tapuah junction.[10]
February 13 Bombing 16 60 India Pune, India A bomb exploded at the German Bakery in Pune, a famous and touristic eatery.[11]
February 14 Possible bombing 0 4 Serbia Bujanovac, Serbia An ethnic Albanian policeman was injured by an explosion in Bujanovac, Serbia.[12][13]
February 26 Suicide bombing; possible offensive fighting 17 32 Afghanistan Kabul, Afghanistan A suicide bomber detonated in an area including a shopping centre, guest house and hotel in the Afghan capital, with gunfire heard after at least two blasts.[14]


Date Type Dead Injured Location and description
March 1 Attempted assassination 0 1 Israel Kfar Hashiloah, Jerusalem. An Israeli security guard was lightly injured in his leg when gunshots were fired at a jeep in which he was travelling near Beit Yehonatan in Kfar Shiloah, a village in southeastern Jerusalem.[15]
March 4 Bombing 17 35 Iraq Baghdad, Iraq Three attacks occurred in Baghdad. The first incident involved a mortar attack on a crowded market. Two suicide bombers then detonated in different areas of the city. It is known that polling stations were the target in both of these suicide attacks. These attacks come as voting occurs on the first day of voting in Iraq's parliamentary elections.[16]
March 5 Bombing 0 16 Rwanda Kigali, Rwanda Two near-simultaneous grenade explosions at a car-washing yard and at a bus station injured 16 people. Hutu militia was blamed.[17]
March 8–12 Suicide bombing 72+ 190+ Pakistan Lahore, Pakistan Three suicide bombings occurred on two separate days, in which a car bomb struck a Federal Investigation Agency's office, and the other two suicide bombers detonated simultaneously whilst targeting a passing military convoy within the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore, which is located in eastern Pakistan.[18]
March 16 Offensive fighting 6 8 India Indian-administered Kashmir, India Suspected militants conducted two attacks on markets in Indian-administered Kashmir. The first attack occurred in Srinagar, whereas the second assault however took place within the northern town of Sopore.[19][20]
March 16 Defensive fighting/ assassination 1 0 France Dammarie-lès-Lys, France Ten ETA members shot dead a French gendarme, Jean Serge Nerin, 53 years old, in Dammarie-lès-Lys, near Paris. Spanish government confirmed the shooting took place after a patrol of the local police found several people robbing a garage of vehicles. One suspect was arrested on the spot and identified himself as a member of ETA. This is the first time that ETA, which had always targeted Spanish officials and policemen, kills a French national policeman.[21]
March 18 Bombing 1 0 Israel Netiv Ha’asara area, Israel A Thai greenhouse worker was killed when a Kassam rocket fired by Gaza militants exploded in the moshav where he was working. An al-Qaida-inspired small Islamist faction called Ansar al-Sunna claimed responsibility for the attack.[22]
March 24 Bombing 6 30 Colombia Buenaventura, Colombia A car bomb detonated in the centre of the Colombian pacific port of Buenaventura, near the mayor's office and the local public prosecutor's building. No group has claimed responsibility for this attack although left-wing FARC rebels are suspected.[23]
March 26 Bombing/ defensive fighting 2 3 Palestinian territories Israel-Gaza border, Gaza Strip Two Israelis were killed and three were wounded when a team of soldiers from Golani's Battalion entered Gaza after several men were seen placing explosive devices near the Israeli border fence. Then the soldiers were ambushed and attacked with mortar shells and gunfire from inside the Strip. Hamas and Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack.[24]
March 29 Suicide bombing 40 100+ Russia Moscow, Russia Two female Shahidka suicide bombers detonated their explosive-belts on the Moscow Metro system at the peak of the morning rush hour.[25]
March 31 Suicide bombing 12 25 Russia Kizlyar, Russia A suicide car bomber detonated outside the offices of the local interior ministry and the FSB intelligence agency. Another suicide bomber impersonating as a police officer then detonates 20 minutes later on the same street as a crowd gathered.[26]
March 31 Suicide bombing 6 15 Pakistan Khyber, Pakistan Militants attacked a Pakistani Frontier Corps camp in the tribal region of Khyber in north-western Pakistan. It has been reported that dozens of militants assaulted the camp after a suicide car bomber blew a hole in one of its walls.[27][28]


Date Type Dead Injured Location and description
April 2 Bombing derailment 0 0 India Kashmir, India Rail service in the Pulwama district was attacked by Separatist militants, using a bomb which destroyed nearly two feet of track, disrupting service.[29]
April 4 Bombing derailment 0 0 Russia Dagestan, Russia A train was partially derailed by an explosion.[30] The train was on its way from the Azerbaijani capital of Baku to Moscow. No casualties were reported. The attack was carried out by the Caucasus Mujahideen.
April 4 Suicide car bombing 42 224 Iraq Baghdad, Iraq Three suicide car bombers hit in the centre of Iraq's capital city, Baghdad. One explosion reportedly occurred near to the Iranian embassy whereas the other two explosions were detonated in the west-central Mansour district within the city. The Islamic State of Iraq claimed responsibility for the attacks. It has also been reported that at least one of these blasts struck near to the offices of a pro-Iranian politician, Ahmed Chalabi.[31][32]
April 9 Suicide bombing 2 0 Russia Ingushetia, Russia A female suicide bomber attacked police officers, killing the head of a district police department in the southern Russian republic of Ingushetia.[33]
April 10 Bombing 0 0 Thailand Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province, Thailand Three bombs were hidden at a high voltage electricity pole in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province. Only two of the bombs exploded. No one was injured in the bombings and little damage was done by the bombs.[34]
April 13 Bombing; kidnapping attempt 10 13 Philippines Isabela, Philippines Rebels from Abu Sayyaf were blamed for an attempted kidnapping in Isabela city in which 10 were killed and 13 injured, at least 3 of the dead were Marines and 5 were rebels. At least six people were killed in a first explosion near a sports field, while another explosion wounded 13 civilians near a Roman Catholic cathedral before a third bomb was detonated by soldiers. Lieutenant-General Ben Dolorfino said the attackers "were Abu Sayyaf members wearing army and police uniforms. Based on our initial assessments, these people were out to kidnap somebody and the explosions were part of the diversion, but our troops quickly responded to foil their plan." Major General, Juancho Sabban, head of the marines, said "I think (the attack) is meant to create havoc.... Definitely it falls under terrorism."[35][36][37]
April 15 Bombing 9 170 Myanmar Yangon, Burma Three explosions went off at a park in the former capital of Yangon, Myanmar's commercial hub. These explosions happened as revellers gathered for a New Year water festival. Most of the pavilions on the U Htaungbo Road are run by companies said to be close to the governing authorities. Previous explosions were also blamed on dissident or ethnic rebels.[38][39]
April 17 Offensive fighting/ assassination 2 0 Turkey Samsun, Turkey Unidentified gunmen targeted a patrol car in the Ladik district of Samsun. Huseyin Koc was killed instantly in the crossfire, while his colleague, Malik Soysal, succumbed to injuries at a hospital. The Governor of Samsun, Hasan Basri Guzeloglu, said initial findings indicate the attack was a "terrorist ambush." Adding that an operation had been launched by security forces to find the perpetrators.[40]
April 19 Suicide bombing 25+ 30+ Pakistan Peshawar, Pakistan A suicide bomber detonated his explosives at a marketplace during a public protest in the Pakistani city of Peshawar, which is located in north-western Pakistan.[41]
April 23 Bombing 85 145+ Iraq Anbar Governorate, Baghdad, Iraq A wave of bomb attacks occurred across the Iraqi capital of Baghdad. Most of these attacks were near Shia mosques during prayers; it was affirmed that one bomb went off near the offices of a prominent Shia cleric. Another attack outside the capital involved a series of co-ordinated bombs being detonated in Khaldiya in Anbar province. Reports claimed the attacks were retaliation for the killings of three senior Al-Qaeda leaders by Iraqi security forces.[42]
April 26 Suicide bombing; assassination attempt 0 2 Yemen Sana'a, Yemen A suicide bomber disguised as a schoolboy attempted to kill the British ambassador to Yemen, Tim Torlot, when he threw himself into the path of the convoy Tim was travelling in.[43]


Date Type Dead Injured Location and description
May 1 Bombing 1 30 Russia Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia A bomb exploded in the VIP lodge of a hippodrome during horse races within the city of Nalchik.[44]
May 1 Car bombing attempt 0 0 United States New York City, New York, United States New York's Times Square was evacuated after the discovery of a car bomb.[45] US government believes radical Islamists in the Pakistani Taliban directed the plot, and may have financed it
May 8 Bombing 2 0 Turkey Hakkari Province, Sirnak Province, Turkey Two separate bomb explosions killed two Turkish soldiers, whilst they were on patrol in the border districts of both the Hakkari and Sirnak provinces within the country.[46]
May 9 Suicide car bombing 0 4 Russia Dagestan, North Caucasus, Russia Two suicide bombers in a car attempted to target a military base in the city of Dagestan, but detonated when they were stopped by a policeman 100 meters away from the base.[47]
May 10 Bombing 0 0 United States Jacksonville, Florida, United States A man used a pipe bomb to attack a mosque. The bomb exploded while about 60 Muslims were praying in the mosque. The attack caused no injuries.[48][49]
May 12 Offensive fighting 0 0 Serbia Žač, Serbia Serbian refugees who returned to the village of Žač near Istok and KFOR soldiers were fired at during the night.[50][51][52]
May 14 Bombing 0 1 Greece Thessaloniki, Greece A bomb exploded inside court house in Thessaloniki. One person was injured in the blast and there was some damage to the building.[53]
May 14 Offensive fighting 1 2 India Hyderabad, India Two man on a motorcycle opened fire at a group of police in Hyderabad, India. One officer was killed and two others wounded in the shooting.[54]
May 18 Bombing (incendiary) 0 0 Canada Ottawa, Ontario, Canada A firebombing occurred around 3:30 a.m. in The Glebe neighbourhood at a Royal Bank of Canada branch. The anarchist[55] group responsible cited the sponsorship of the 2010 Winter Olympics as its motive and warned of further attacks against the upcoming G8 and G20 meetings. Police are confident of containing the threat and some officers called the attack "domestic terrorism".[56]
May 23 Defensive fighting 2 0 Russia Chechnya, Russia Two terrorist militants are found disillusioned in a Woods near Serzhen-Yurt, in the Shali district of Chechnya. The militants refused to surrender and put up armed resistance, opening fire on law enforcement officers.[57]
May 26 Bombing 8 42 Russia Stavropol, Russia A bomb explosion occurred inside a cafeteria, in the center of the city of Stavropol within southern Russia.[58]
May 27 Bombing 0 0 Russia Malgobek, Ingushetia, Russia This terrorist attack took place on May 27, near the cafe on the edge of town. No one injured.[59]
May 30 Offensive and defensive fighting 6 3 Turkey Şırnak Province, Siirt Province, Antakya, Turkey PKK rebels launched a series of attacks against security forces and village guardsmen within three Turkish provinces.[60]
May 31 Suicide car bombing 19 23 Afghanistan Khost Province, Afghanistan A suicide car bomber struck an Afghan military building in Khost Province killing 19 and wounded 23.[61]


Date Type Dead Injured Location and description
June 2 Offensive fighting 1 3 Turkey Hakkari Province, Turkey PKK militants clashed with Turkish soldiers near the town of Cukurca, within the Hakkari Province, in the south-east of the country.[62]
June 8 Bombing 0 15 Turkey Istanbul, Turkey A bomb attack injured 15 policemen. The attack was claimed by TAK.[63]
June 9 Suicide bombing 2 5 Iraq Diyala, Iraq A suicide bomber on a motorcycle blew himself up near a U.S military vehicle, in the central Iraqi province of Diyala.[64]
June 11 Fighting 0 2 Israel, Jerusalem A Palestinian militant attempted to run over two border policemen in the Wadi Joz neighborhood, close to the Old City Walls. Other members of the border police force that were at the scene shot and critically wounded the driver as he tried to escape. The two policemen were lightly injured and received medical treatment on the spot.[65]
June 11 Bombing 4 20 Algeria Lakhdaria, Algeria A truck bomb exploded next to a police roadblock in city of Lakhdaria. The bombing killed four and wounded 20 people and police.[66]
June 14 Fighting 1 3 State of PalestineAl Fawar Junction, south of Hebron, West Bank Command Sgt.Maj. Yehoshua (Shuki) Sofer 39, of Beersheba, was killed and three policemen wounded when Palestinian militants opened fire on their vehicle on route 60.[67]
June 15 Bombing 1 3 Turkey Sirnak Province, Turkey A bomb explosion targeting Turkish military personnel, occurred within the Sirnak Province of eastern Turkey.[68]
June 17 Car bombing attempt (large) 0 0 United Kingdom Aughnacloy, Northern Ireland Dissident republicans were believed to be responsible for a 300 lb van bomb that was left outside a police station in the town of Aughnacloy. The bomb was defused.[69]
June 19 Offensive fighting/ rescue 13 12 Yemen Aden, Yemen Gunmen opened fire at the Yemeni security service HQ and stormed into the complex, releasing several prisoners in the city of Aden, as well as killing thirteen people and wounded a dozen others in the process.[70]
June 19 Offensive fighting 10 14 Turkey Semdinli, Turkey PKK rebels killed ten Turkish soldiers in an attack in the city of Semdinli.[71]
June 22 Bombing 5 12 Turkey Istanbul, Turkey A bomb explosion occurred next to a military bus carrying Turkish soldiers and their relatives in Turkey's largest city of Istanbul. PKK militants are being suspected for carrying out this latest attack.[72]
June 22 Bombing attempt/ arson 0 0 United Kingdom Keady, Northern Ireland A bomb was found inside a beer keg in Keady. The Army made the bomb safe. It is believed that the bomb was planted there to ambush police on June 18 as a number of fires were started .[73]
June 24 Bombing 1 0 Greece Athens, Greece A bomb explosion occurred near to the offices of Greece's public order ministry within the Greek capital city of Athens.[74]
June 25 Offensive fighting 3 5 Turkey Elazig Province, Turkey PKK militants assaulted a group of villagers who were on their way home, killing and wounding both Turkish soldiers and civilians in the process.[75]
June 27 Car bombing 1 5 Bosnia and Herzegovina Bugojno, Bosnia and Herzegovina A police officer was killed and five officers injured after a car bomb exploded inside a police headquarters in Bugojno. At 05:00(CET) when over 25 police officer was inside the building when the bomb exploded.[76]


Date Type Dead Injured Location and description
July 1 Suicide bombing 50 200+ Pakistan Lahore, Pakistan Two suicide bombers blew themselves up in Lahore.[77]
July 2 Bombing 1 11 Serbia Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia A bomb exploded during a demonstration against the opening of a government office in the Serbian enclave in the North of Mitrovica. The dead man was a Bosniak who lived in the Bosnian Mahal.[78]
July 5 Assassination attempt 0 1 Serbia Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia A Serbian politician, named Petar Miletic, who is an elected Mp for Serbs in Kosovo was shot 4 times on the leg outside his apartment in Northern Mitrovica. He may have been shot because he is one of the few Serbs who collaborate with Kosovan institutions.[79]
July 7 Suicide bombing 70+ 400+ Iraq Baghdad, Iraq A Suicide bombing killed more than 70 people and some 400 have been wounded in bomb attacks on Shia pilgrims converging on a shrine in northern Baghdad.[80]
July 9 Suicide bombing 105 120+ Pakistan Mohmand Agency, Pakistan A suicide bomb attack at a tribal meeting killed at least 104 people and wounded more than 120. This was the deadliest attack in the country so far in 2010.[81]
July 10 Bombing 0 0 United Kingdom Belleeks, Northern Ireland A bomb exploded on a stone bridge in South Armagh. No one was injured or killed in the attack.[82]
July 12 Bombing 74 70 Uganda Kampala, Uganda Several suicide bombings were carried out in Kampala around crowds watching the World Cup. July 2010 Kampala attacks[83]
July 13 Bombing 1 0 Argentina Cipolletti, Rio Negro Province In an incident labelled as a "terrorist act" by Interior Ministry, a home-made bomb exploded in a police academy school and killed a municipal employee. A second bomb was defused at the scene.[84]
July 15 Suicide bombing 28 300+ Iran Zahedan, Sistan and Baluchistan Province, Iran Two suicide bombers at Shi'ite mosque by Sunni-Baloch group Jundullah, whose leader was executed in 2010 in Tehran.[85]
July 27 Suicide bombing (alleged) 1 1 Oman Strait of Hormuz, Oman A Japanese tanker was damaged in an explosion, one person was injured. Militant islamist Abdullah Azzam Brigades claimed one of its suicide bombers was responsible for the attack.[86]


Date Type Dead Injured Location and description
August 3 Car bombing 0 0 United Kingdom Derry, Northern Ireland A car bomb explodes outside PSNI station.[87]
August 4 Car bombing attempt 0 0 United Kingdom Bangor, Northern Ireland A bomb was found under a soldier's car in Bangor. The army carried out a controlled explosion. No one was killed or injured in the attack. It came a day after a car bomb exploded at a police station in Derry.[88]
August 10 Car bombing 0 0 United Kingdom Cookstown, Northern Ireland A car-bomb partially exploded under a PSNI civilian worker's car. He escaped uninjured. Nearby residents, a creche and a supermarket were evacuated until the device was made safe.[89]
August 12 Car bombing (apparent) 0 9 Colombia Bogota, Colombia A suspected car bomb has exploded near the studios of a major radio station in the north of the Colombian capital, Bogota. Television pictures showed a bus with shattered windows and panicked residents in the streets following the explosion, which happened at around 0530 (1130 GMT), as the Caracol Radio morning show began.[90]
August 14 Bombing 0 3 United Kingdom Lurgan, Northern Ireland Three children are injured when a "no-warning" bomb exploded in a bin, in what the PSNI claim was an attempt to "kill police or injure police officers providing a service to this community as they responded to a neighbouring area following a very vague warning that a device had been left at a local school."[91]
August 17 Suicide bombing 3 3 Russia Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia Two policeman were killed and three others injured by a suicide bomber.[92]
August 17 Suicide bombing 69+ 170+ Iraq Baghdad, Iraq At least 69 people killed and more than 170 injured in a suicide attack on an army recruitment centre.[93]
August 25 Suicide bombings/Car bombings/IEDs 53+ 270+ Iraq Iraq A series of suicide bombings, car bombings and IED attacks occurred across various cities and towns across the country of Iraq.[94]
August 31 Fighting 4 0 Israel/State of Palestine Kiryat Arba, West Bank, August 2010 West Bank shooting, 4 Israeli civilians, including a pregnant woman, were killed by Hamas militants while driving on route 60. Witnesses say the victims were gunned down in their seats. Israeli sources described the incident as one of the "worst" acts of terror in recent years by Palestinian militants.[95]


Date Type Dead Injured Location and description
September 1 Suicide bombing 38 250 Pakistan Three bombings kill 25 and injure 170 in Lahore, Pakistan.[96]
September 1 Fighting 0 2 Israel/State of Palestine Kiryat Arba, West Bank, 2 Israeli civilians were wounded after their vehicle came under fire by Palestinian militants while driving between Kokhav Ya'akov and Rimonim Junction.[97]
September 3 Suicide bombing 73+ 200+ Pakistan Quetta, Pakistan Two suicide bombings against a Shiite's Quds Day procession and an Ahmadi mosque kill several people.[98]
September 6 Car bombing (large) 19 40+ Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan Nineteen people died when a suicide bomber rammed an explosives-laden truck into a police station when there were many school children passing by. The Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack.[99]
September 10 Bombing (alleged) 0 1 Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark In an incident suggested to be terror-related aimed at Danish newspaper Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten's office in Aarhus,[100] a man of Chechnyan origin[101] allegedly caused an explosion in the basement of a Copenhagen hotel. After the unsuccessful attack, the perpetrator fled to the nearby Ørstedsparken, where he was caught by the Danish police. The police feared the that man had an undetonated bomb in his backpack and avoided coming near the man, until the detonation machine known as "Rullemarie", shot at the backpack to confirm that the content was harmless.[102]
September 16 Bombing 12 3 Turkey Hakkâri Province, Turkey. The attack occurred when a remote-controlled device explodes, on a minibus in the Turkish village of Gecitlidisambiguation needed in southeastern Hakkari near the borders with Iraq and Iran. 12 people have died, and another 3 were injured.[103]
September 28 "Mumbai style" plot 0 0 France United Kingdom Germany The 2010 European terror plot was an alleged Pakistan-based Al-Qaeda plot to launch "commando-style" terror attacks on France, Britain, and Germany.[104] The existence of the plot was revealed in late September 2010 after it was disrupted by intelligence agencies.[105][106][107]


Date Type Dead Injured Location and description
October 1 Bombing 12 17 Nigeria Abuja, Nigeria: Two car bombings in the capital city occurred during celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of the nation's independence.[108]
October 4 Bombing 0 2 United Kingdom Derry, Northern Ireland: A carbomb left by the Real IRA explodes outside an Ulster Bank branch, injuring two police officers and causing extensive damage.[109]
October 7 Offensive fighting 5 9 Iran Sanandaj, Iran The gunmen connected to counter-revolutionary cells opened fire on a police petrol vehicle and pedestrians in the Azadi square of Sanandaj in Kurdistan province, said police official Ebrahim Kazeminejad on Thursday.[110]
October 19 Offensive fighting/Suicide bombing 6~20+ 17~40+ Russia Grozny, Chechnya, Russia Three suicide militant commandos attacked and stormed into the Chechen Parliament, killing police officers and employees, before detonating their explosive-belts in the capital city of Grozny, which is located within the southern Russian republic of Chechnya, of southern Russia.[111]
October 29 Suicide bombing 0 32 Turkey The 2010 Istanbul bomb blast was a suicide bombing which took place on Taksim Square in Istanbul, Turkey on October 31, 2010 at 10:34.[112][113]


Date Type Dead Injured Location and description
November 11 Bombing, offensive fighting 18 100+ Pakistan A truck laden with explosives was blasted at the CID building killing at least 18 and injuring more than 100 in one of the most sensitive locations of Karachi, Pakistan. The blast was preceded by a gunfight between the militants and law enforcement officials.[114]
November 18 Bombing attempt or security test 0 0

Namibia Police discover a detonator, batteries and a ticking clock in Namibia's Windhoek Airport apparently due to be loaded on an aircraft bound for Munich, Germany.[115][116] It was assumed that its intention was to test airport security.[117]


Date Type Dead Injured Location and description
December 11 Car Bombing, Suicide bombing 1 2 Sweden Two explosions occurred in the capital city of Stockholm, one triggered by a car bomb and another suicide bomb which likely killed the assailant. The bombings have been linked to e-mail threats over Swedish involvement in the War in Afghanistan and the ongoing Muhammed cartoon controversy.[118]
December 25 Suicide bombing 46 100+ Pakistan A female suicide bomber blows herself up in the middle of a crowd at a United Nations food center in the Bajaur region.[119]

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