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This is a list of submarines of the United States Navy, listed by hull number and by name.

Hull number Name Notes
Intelligent Whale
SSK-1 Barracuda
SSK-2 Bass
SSK-3 Bonita
SST-1 Mackerel/T-1
SST-2 Marlin/T-2
SF-1 AA-1/T-1 Also SS-52
SF-2 AA-2/T-2 Also SS-60
SF-3 AA-3/T-3 Also SS-61
SF-4 V-1
SF-5 V-2
SF-6 V-3
SF-7 V-4
SM-1 Argonaut
SS-1 Holland
SS-2 Plunger/A-1
SS-3 Adder/A-2
SS-4 Grampus/A-3
SS-5 Moccasin/A-4
SS-6 Pike/A-5
SS-7 Porpoise/A-6
SS-8 Shark/A-7
SS-9 Octopus/C-1
SS-10 Viper/B-1
SS-11 Cuttlefish/B-2
SS-12 Tarantula/B-3
SS-13 Stingray/C-2
SS-14 Tarpon/C-3
SS-15 Bonita/C-4
SS-16 Snapper/C-5
SS-17 Narwhal/D-1
SS-18 Grayling/D-2
SS-19 Salmon/D-3
SS-19½ Seal/G-1
SS-20 Carp/F-1
SS-21 Barracuda/F-2
SSN-21 Seawolf
SS-22 Pickerel/F-3
SSN-22 Connecticut
SS-23 F-4
SSN-23 Jimmy Carter
SS-24 E-1
SS-25 E-2
SS-26 G-4
SS-27 G-2
SS-28 Seawolf/H-1
SS-29 Nautilus/H-2
SS-30 Garfish/H-3
SS-31 G-3
SS-32 K-1
SS-33 K-2
SS-34 K-3
SS-35 K-4
SS-36 K-5
SS-37 K-6
SS-38 K-7
SS-39 K-8
SS-40 L-1
SS-41 L-2
SS-42 L-3
SS-43 L-4
SS-44 L-5
SS-45 L-6
SS-46 L-7
SS-47 M-1
SS-48 L-8
SS-49 L-9
SS-50 L-10
SS-51 L-11
SS-52 AA-1/T-1 Also SF-1
SS-53 N-1
SS-54 N-2
SS-55 N-3
SS-56 N-4
SS-57 N-5
SS-58 N-6
SS-59 N-7
SS-60 AA-2/T-2 Also SF-2
SS-61 AA-3/T-3 Also SF-3
SS-62 O-1
SS-63 O-2
SS-64 O-3
SS-65 O-4
SS-66 O-5
SS-67 O-6
SS-68 O-7
SS-69 O-8
SS-70 O-9
SS-71 O-10
SS-72 O-11
SS-73 O-12
SS-74 O-13
SS-75 O-14
SS-76 O-15
SS-77 O-16
SS-78 R-1
SS-79 R-2
SS-80 R-3
SS-81 R-4
SS-82 R-5
SS-83 R-6
SS-84 R-7
SS-85 R-8
SS-86 R-9
SS-87 R-10
SS-88 R-11
SS-89 R-12
SS-90 R-13
SS-91 R-14
SS-92 R-15
SS-93 R-16
SS-94 R-17
SS-95 R-18
SS-96 R-19
SS-97 R-20
SS-98 R-21
SS-99 R-22
SS-100 R-23
SS-101 R-24
SS-102 R-25
SS-103 R-26
SS-104 R-27
SS-105 S-1
SS-106 S-2
SS-107 S-3
SS-107 S-3
SS-108 cancelled
SS-109 S-4
SS-110 S-5
SS-111 S-6
SS-112 S-7
SS-113 S-8
SS-114 S-9
SS-115 S-10
SS-116 S-11
SS-117 S-12
SS-118 S-13
SS-119 S-14
SS-120 S-15
SS-121 S-16
SS-122 S-17
SS-123 S-18
SS-124 S-19
SS-125 S-20
SS-126 S-21
SS-127 S-22
SS-128 S-23
SS-129 S-24
SS-130 S-25
SS-131 S-26
SS-132 S-27
SS-133 S-28
SS-134 S-29
SS-135 S-30
SS-136 S-31
SS-137 S-32
SS-138 S-33
SS-139 S-34
SS-140 S-35
SS-141 S-36
SS-142 S-37
SS-143 S-38
SS-144 S-39
SS-145 S-40
SS-146 S-41
SS-147 H-4
SS-148 H-5
SS-149 H-6
SS-150 H-7
SS-151 H-8
SS-152 H-9
SS-153 S-42
SS-154 S-43
SS-155 S-44
SS-156 S-45
SS-157 S-46
SS-158 S-47
SS-159 S-48
SS-160 S-49
SS-161 S-50
SS-162 S-51
SS-163 Barracuda
SS-164 Bass
SS-165 Bonita
SS-166 Argonaut Never formally held this classification
SS-167 Narwhal
SS-168 Nautilus
SS-169 Dolphin
SS-170 Cachalot
SS-171 Cuttlefish
SS-172 Porpoise
SS-173 Pike
SS-174 Shark
SS-175 Tarpon
SS-176 Perch
SS-177 Pickerel
SS-178 Permit
SS-179 Plunger
SS-180 Pollack
SS-181 Pompano
SS-182 Salmon
SS-183 Seal
SS-184 Skipjack
SS-185 Snapper
SS-186 Stingray
SS-187 Sturgeon
SS-188 Sargo
SS-189 Saury
SS-190 Spearfish
SS-191 Sculpin
SS-192 Squalus/Sailfish
SS-193 Swordfish
SS-194 Seadragon
SS-195 Sealion
SS-196 Searaven
SS-197 Seawolf
SS-198 Tambor
SS-199 Tautog
SS-200 Thresher
SS-201 Triton
SS-202 Trout
SS-203 Tuna
SS-204 Mackerel
SS-205 Marlin
SS-206 Gar
SS-207 Grampus
SS-208 Grayback
SS-209 Grayling
SS-210 Grenadier
SS-211 Gudgeon
SS-212 Gato
SS-213 Greenling
SS-214 Grouper
SS-215 Growler
SS-216 Grunion
SS-217 Guardfish
SS-218 Albacore
SS-219 Amberjack
SS-220 Barb
SS-221 Blackfish
SS-222 Bluefish
SS-223 Bonefish
SS-224 Cod
SS-225 Cero
SS-226 Corvina
SS-227 Darter
SS-228 Drum
SS-229 Flying Fish
SS-230 Finback
SS-231 Haddock
SS-232 Halibut
SS-233 Herring
SS-234 Kingfish
SS-235 Shad
SS-236 Silversides
SS-237 Trigger
SS-238 Wahoo
SS-239 Whale
SS-240 Angler
SS-241 Bashaw
SS-242 Bluegill
SS-243 Bream
SS-244 Cavalla
SS-245 Cobia
SS-246 Croaker
SS-247 Dace
SS-248 Dorado
SS-249 Flasher
SS-250 Flier
SS-251 Flounder
SS-252 Gabilan
SS-253 Gunnel
SS-254 Gurnard
SS-255 Haddo
SS-256 Hake
SS-257 Harder
SS-258 Hoe
SS-259 Jack
SS-260 Lapon
SS-261 Mingo
SS-262 Muskallunge
SS-263 Paddle
SS-264 Pargo
SS-265 Peto
SS-266 Pogy
SS-267 Pompon
SS-268 Puffer
SS-269 Rasher
SS-270 Raton
SS-271 Ray
SS-272 Redfin
SS-273 Robalo
SS-274 Rock
SS-275 Runner
SS-276 Sawfish
SS-277 Scamp
SS-278 Scorpion
SS-279 Snook
SS-280 Steelhead
SS-281 Sunfish
SS-282 Tunny
SS-283 Tinosa
SS-284 Tullibee
SS-285 Balao
SS-286 Billfish
SS-287 Bowfin
SS-288 Cabrilla
SS-289 Capelin
SS-290 Cisco
SS-291 Crevalle
SS-292 Devilfish
SS-293 Dragonet
SS-294 Escolar
SS-295 Hackleback
SS-296 Lancetfish
SS-297 Ling
SS-298 Lionfish
SS-299 Manta
SS-300 Moray
SS-301 Roncador
SS-302 Sabalo
SS-303 Sablefish
SS-304 Seahorse
SS-305 Skate
SS-306 Tang
SS-307 Tilefish
SS-308 Apogon
SS-309 Aspro
SS-310 Batfish
SS-311 Archerfish
SS-312 Burrfish
SS-313 Perch
SS-314 Shark
SS-315 Sealion
SS-316 Barbel
SS-317 Barbero
SS-318 Baya
SS-319 Becuna
SS-320 Bergall
SS-321 Besugo
SS-322 Blackfin
SS-323 Caiman
SS-324 Blenny
SS-325 Blower
SS-326 Blueback
SS-327 Boarfish
SS-328 Charr
SS-329 Chub
SS-330 Brill
SS-331 Bugara
SS-332 Bullhead
SS-333 Bumper
SS-334 Cabezon
SS-335 Dentuda
SS-336 Capitaine
SS-337 Carbonero
SS-338 Carp
SS-339 Catfish
SS-340 Entemedor
SS-341 Chivo
SS-342 Chopper
SS-343 Clamagore
SS-344 Cobbler
SS-345 Cochino
SS-346 Corporal
SS-347 Cubera
SS-348 Cusk
SS-349 Diodon
SS-350 Dogfish
SS-351 Greenfish
SS-352 Halfbeak
SS-353 Dugong
SS-354 Eel
SS-355 Espada
SS-356 Jawfish
SS-357 Ono
SS-358 Garlopa
SS-359 Garrupa
SS-360 Goldring
SS-361 Golet
SS-362 Guavina
SS-363 Guitarro
SS-364 Hammerhead
SS-365 Hardhead
SS-366 Hawkbill
SS-367 Icefish
SS-368 Jallao
SS-369 Kete
SS-370 Kraken
SS-371 Lagarto
SS-372 Lamprey
SS-373 Lizardfish
SS-374 Loggerhead
SS-375 Macabi
SS-376 Mapiro
SS-377 Menhaden
SS-378 Mero
SS-379 Needlefish
SS-380 Nerka
SS-381 Sand Lance
SS-382 Picuda
SS-383 Pampanito
SS-384 Parche
SS-385 Bang
SS-386 Pilotfish
SS-387 Pintado
SS-388 Pipefish
SS-389 Piranha
SS-390 Plaice
SS-391 Pomfret
SS-392 Sterlet
SS-393 Queenfish
SS-394 Razorback
SS-395 Redfish
SS-396 Ronquil
SS-397 Scabbardfish
SS-398 Segundo
SS-399 Sea Cat
SS-400 Sea Devil
SS-401 Sea Dog
SS-402 Sea Fox
SS-403 Atule
SS-404 Spikefish
SS-405 Sea Owl
SS-406 Sea Poacher
SS-407 Sea Robin
SS-408 Sennet
SS-409 Piper
SS-410 Threadfin
SS-411 Spadefish
SS-412 Trepang
SS-413 Spot
SS-414 Springer
SS-415 Stickleback
SS-416 Tiru
SS-417 Tench
SS-418 Thornback
SS-419 Tigrone
SS-420 Tirante
SS-421 Trutta
SS-422 Toro
SS-423 Torsk
SS-424 Quillback
SS-425 Trumpetfish
SS-426 Tusk
SS-427 Turbot
SS-428 Ulua
SS-429 Unicorn
SS-430 Vendace
SS-431 Walrus
SS-432 Whitefish
SS-433 Whiting
SS-434 Wolffish
SS-435 Corsair
SS-436 Unicorn
SS-437 Walrus
438 to 474 cancelled
SS-475 Argonaut
SS-476 Runner
SS-477 Conger
SS-478 Cutlass
SS-479 Diablo
SS-480 Medregal
SS-481 Requin
SS-482 Irex
SS-483 Sea Leopard
SS-484 Odax
SS-485 Sirago
SS-486 Pomodon
SS-487 Remora
SS-488 Sarda
SS-489 Spinax
SS-490 Volador
SS-491 Pompano
SS-492 Grayling
SS-493 Needlefish
SS-494 Sculpin
SS-495 to SS-521 cancelled
SS-522 Amberjack
SS-523 Grampus
SS-524 Pickerel
SS-525 Grenadier
SS-526 Dorado
SS-527 Comber
SS-528 Sea Panther
SS-529 Tiburon
SS-530 to SS-549 cancelled
SS-550 Barracuda
SS-551 Bass
SS-552 Bonita
SS-553 Kinn offshore procurement of KNM Kinn (S316)
SS-554 Springeren offshore procurement of HDMS Springeren (S329)
AGSS-555 Dolphin
SS-556 offshore procurement for Norway
SS-557 to SS-562 cancelled
SS-563 Tang
SS-564 Trigger
SS-565 Wahoo
SS-566 Trout
SS-567 Gudgeon
SS-568 Harder
AGSS-569 Albacore
AGSS-570 completed as SST-1
SSN-571 Nautilus
SSR-572 Sailfish
SSR-573 Salmon
SSG-574 Grayback
SSN-575 Seawolf
SS-576 Darter
SSG-577 Growler
SSN-578 Skate
SSN-579 Swordfish
SS-580 Barbel
SS-581 Blueback
SS-582 Bonefish
SSN-583 Sargo
SSN-584 Seadragon
SSN-585 Skipjack
SSRN-586 Triton
SSGN-587 Halibut
SSN-588 Scamp
SSN-589 Scorpion Lost 1968
SSN-590 Sculpin
SSN-591 Shark
SSN-592 Snook
SSN-593 Thresher Lost 1963
SSN-594 Permit
SSN-595 Plunger
SSN-596 Barb
SSN-597 Tullibee
SSBN-598 George Washington
SSBN-599 Patrick Henry
SSBN-600 Theodore Roosevelt
SSBN-601 Robert E. Lee
SSBN-602 Abraham Lincoln
SSN-603 Pollack
SSN-604 Haddo
SSN-605 Jack
SSN-606 Tinosa
SSN-607 Dace
SSBN-608 Ethan Allen
SSBN-609 Sam Houston
SSBN-610 Thomas A. Edison
SSBN-611 John Marshall
SSN-612 Guardfish
SSN-613 Flasher
SSN-614 Greenling
SSN-615 Gato
SSBN-616 Lafayette
SSBN-617 Alexander Hamilton
SSBN-618 Thomas Jefferson
SSBN-619 Andrew Jackson
SSBN-620 John Adams
SSN-621 Haddock
SSBN-622 James Monroe
SSBN-623 Nathan Hale
SSBN-624 Woodrow Wilson
SSBN-625 Henry Clay
SSBN-626 Daniel Webster
SSBN-627 James Madison
SSBN-628 Tecumseh
SSBN-629 Daniel Boone
SSBN-630 John C. Calhoun
SSBN-631 Ulysses S. Grant
SSBN-632 Von Steuben
SSBN-633 Casimir Pulaski
SSBN-634 Stonewall Jackson
SSBN-635 Sam Rayburn
SSBN-636 Nathanael Greene
SSN-637 Sturgeon
SSN-638 Whale
SSN-639 Tautog
SSBN-640 Benjamin Franklin
SSBN-641 Simon Bolivar
SSBN-642 Kamehameha
SSBN-643 George Bancroft
SSBN-644 Lewis and Clark
SSBN-645 James K. Polk
SSN-646 Grayling
SSN-647 Pogy
SSN-648 Aspro
SSN-649 Sunfish
SSN-650 Pargo
SSN-651 Queenfish
SSN-652 Puffer
SSN-653 Ray
SSBN-654 George C. Marshall
SSBN-655 Henry L. Stimson
SSBN-656 George Washington Carver
SSBN-657 Francis Scott Key
SSBN-658 Mariano G. Vallejo
SSBN-659 Will Rogers
SSN-660 Sand Lance
SSN-661 Lapon
SSN-662 Gurnard
SSN-663 Hammerhead
SSN-664 Sea Devil
SSN-665 Guitarro
SSN-666 Hawkbill
SSN-667 Bergall
SSN-668 Spadefish
SSN-669 Seahorse
SSN-670 Finback
SSN-671 Narwhal
SSN-672 Pintado
SSN-673 Flying Fish
SSN-674 Trepang
SSN-675 Bluefish
SSN-676 Billfish
SSN-677 Drum
SSN-678 Archerfish
SSN-679 Silversides
SSN-680 William H. Bates
SSN-681 Batfish
SSN-682 Tunny
SSN-683 Parche
SSN-684 Cavalla
SSN-685 Glenard P. Lipscomb
SSN-686 L. Mendel Rivers
SSN-687 Richard B. Russell
SSN-688 Los Angeles
SSN-689 Baton Rouge
SSN-690 Philadelphia
SSN-691 Memphis
SSN-692 Omaha
SSN-693 Cincinnati
SSN-694 Groton
SSN-695 Birmingham
SSN-696 New York City
SSN-697 Indianapolis
SSN-698 Bremerton oldest American nuclear submarine still in service
SSN-699 Jacksonville
SSN-700 Dallas
SSN-701 La Jolla
SSN-702 Phoenix
SSN-703 Boston
SSN-704 Baltimore
SSN-705 City of Corpus Christi
SSN-706 Albuquerque
SSN-707 Portsmouth
SSN-708 Minneapolis-Saint Paul
SSN-709 Hyman G. Rickover
SSN-710 Augusta
SSN-711 San Francisco
SSN-712 Atlanta
SSN-713 Houston
SSN-714 Norfolk
SSN-715 Buffalo
SSN-716 Salt Lake City
SSN-717 Olympia
SSN-718 Honolulu
SSN-719 Providence
SSN-720 Pittsburgh
SSN-721 Chicago
SSN-722 Key West
SSN-723 Oklahoma City
SSN-724 Louisville
SSN-725 Helena
SSGN-726) Ohio
SSGN-727) Michigan
SSGN-728) Florida
SSGN-729) Georgia
SSBN-730 Henry M. Jackson
SSBN-731 Alabama
SSBN-732 Alaska
SSBN-733 Nevada
SSBN-734 Tennessee
SSBN-735 Pennsylvania
SSBN-736 West Virginia
SSBN-737 Kentucky
SSBN-738 Maryland
SSBN-739 Nebraska
SSBN-740 Rhode Island
SSBN-741 Maine
SSBN-742 Wyoming
SSBN-743 Louisiana
744 to 749 unassigned
SSN-750 Newport News
SSN-751 San Juan
SSN-752 Pasadena
SSN-753 Albany
SSN-754 Topeka
SSN-755 Miami
SSN-756 Scranton
SSN-757 Alexandria
SSN-758 Asheville
SSN-759 Jefferson City
SSN-760 Annapolis
SSN-761 Springfield
SSN-762 Columbus
SSN-763 Santa Fe
SSN-764 Boise
SSN-765 Montpelier
SSN-766 Charlotte
SSN-767 Hampton
SSN-768 Hartford
SSN-769 Toledo
SSN-770 Tucson
SSN-771 Columbia
SSN-772 Greeneville
SSN-773 Cheyenne
SSN-774 Virginia
SSN-775 Texas
SSN-776 Hawaii
SSN-777 North Carolina
SSN-778 New Hampshire
SSN-779 New Mexico
SSN-780 Missouri
SSN-781 California
SSN-782 Mississippi
SSN-783 Minnesota
SSN-784 North Dakota
SSN-785 John Warner
SSN-786 Illinois
SSN-787 Washington
SSN-788 Colorado
SSN-789 Indiana
SSN-790 South Dakota
SSN-791 Delaware
SST-1 (AGSS-570) Mackerel
SM U-111 U-111 captured World War I U-boat, used for publicity and testing purposes
SM U-117 U-117 captured World War I U-boat, used for publicity and testing purposes
SM U-140 U-140 captured World War I U-boat, used for publicity and testing purposes
SM UB-88 UB-88 captured World War I U-boat, used for publicity and testing purposes
SM UB-148 UB-148 captured World War I U-boat, used for publicity and testing purposes
SM UC-97 UC-97 captured World War I U-boat, used for publicity and testing purposes
U-2513 U-2513 captured World War II U-boat, used for publicity and testing purposes
U-3008 U-3008 captured World War II U-boat, used for publicity and testing purposes


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