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This is a list of Royal Navy submarines, arranged chronologically.

Petro-electric submarines


HMS Holland 1, the first submarine to serve in the Royal Navy

A class submarines, the first British-designed class

Pre-Second World War

HMS G9 at Scapa Flow in 1917

HMS M2 with her sea plane

HMS Thorn

Second World War to mid-1950s

HMS Alliance at Gosport (where she is now part of the submarine museum) in 1987

HMS Voracious in 1945

late 1950s to late 1980s

From HMS Porpoise Royal Navy submarines were given their own "S" pennant numbers.

A Valiant-class nuclear submarine. Whilst HMS Dreadnought had an American reactor, these were fully British-built

HMS Tireless at the North Pole

1990s to present

  • Upholder class (Diesel-electric hunter-killer)

HMS Astute being launched

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