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The list of ship launches in 1998 includes a chronological list of all ships launched in 1998.

Country Builder Location Ship Class / type Notes
1 February  Spain Astilleros Españoles Puerta Real Finnclipper Seapacer-class RoPax-ferry For Finnlines[1]
20 February  Finland Finnyards Rauma Botnica Icebreaker
February  Spain Astilleros Espanoles SA Sevilla Dawn Merchant RoRo-Ferry For Cenargo International Ltd.[2]
12 March  Australia Australian Submarine Corporation Osborne, South Australia Dechaineux Collins-class submarine
27 March  United Kingdom Appledore Shipbuilders Appledore, North Devon Clansman Ferry For Caledonian MacBrayne
28 March United States Bath Iron Works Bath, Maine O'Kane Arleigh Burke-class destroyer
4 April  Germany Deggendorfer Werft und Eisenbau Primadonna river cruise ship
23 May  Australia Tenix Defence Williamstown, Victoria Warramunga Anzac-class frigate
18 April  Spain Astilleros Españoles Puerta Real Finneagle Seapacer-class RoPax-ferry For Finnlines[3]
24 April  Australia Australian Defence Industries Newcastle, New South Wales Hawkesbury Huon-class minehunter
27 May  United Kingdom Yarrow Shipbuilders Glasgow, England Kent Type 23 frigate
28 May  Spain Astilleros Espanoles SA Sevilla Brave Merchant RoRo-Ferry For Cenargo International Ltd.[4]
23 June  Australia NQEA Ltd Cairns, Queensland Melville Leeuwin-class survey vessel
25 June United States Avondale Shipyard Avondale, Louisiana Seay Bob Hope-class vehicle cargo ship
10 August  United Kingdom Vosper Thornycroft Woolston, Hampshire Grimsby Sandown-class minehunter
August  Spain Astilleros de Huelva SA Huelva Varbola Ro-Ro ferry for Estonian Shipping Company
9 September  Japan Inazuma Murasame-class destroyer
19 September  United Kingdom Vickers Shipbuilding and Engineering Ltd Barrow-in-Furness Vengeance Vanguard-class submarine
24 September  Japan Samidare Murasame-class destroyer
14 October  Finland Kværner Masa-Yards Helsinki Arcticaborg Platform supply vessel
17 October  Finland Kværner Masa-Yards Helsinki Antarcticaborg Platform supply vessel
7 November United States Bath Iron Works Bath, Maine Oscar Austin Arleigh Burke-class destroyer
26 November  Japan Uzushio Oyashio-class submarine
27 November  Finland Kvaerner Masa-Yards Turku Voyager of the Seas Voyager-class cruise ship For Royal Caribbean International
30 November  Russia Yantar Shipyard Kalinigrad Jade survey vessel For Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure
15 December  Japan NKK Corporation Tsu Moscow University Tanker For Novoship, Russia
23 December  Germany Meyer Werft Papenburg SuperStar Virgo Cruise ship For Star Cruises
Unknown date  Taiwan China Shipbuilding Corporation Keelung Alva Maersk Container ship For A. P. Moller-Maersk Group

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