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Ths is a list of recoilless rifles (RCL) intended to catalogue these lightweight infantry support weapons that allow the firing of a heavier projectile than would be practical with a recoiling artillery guns. Technically, only devices that use a rifled barrel are recoilless rifles. The smoothbore variants (those devoid of rifling) are termed recoilless guns. This distinction is often lost, and both are often called recoilless rifles.

Normally used for anti-tank roles, the first effective system of this kind was developed during World War II to provide infantry with light, cheap and easily deployable weapon that does not require extensive training in gunnery. The near complete lack of recoil allows some versions to be shoulder-fired, but the majority are mounted on light tripods and are intended to be easily carried by a soldier. Carl Gustav m/42

Caliber (mm) Weapon name Country of origin Period
20 mm Carl Gustav m/42  Sweden World War II
30 mm Rheinmetall RMK30  Germany modern
50 mm Jagdfaust  Nazi Germany World War II
57 mm M18 Kromuskit United States World War II / Cold War
73 mm SPG-9  Soviet Union Cold War /Modern
74 mm Miniman  Sweden Cold War
75 mm LG 40  Nazi Germany World War II
75 mm M20 United States World War II / Cold War
80 mm Breda Folgore  Italy Cold War / Modern
82 mm BzK vzor 59  Czechoslovakia Cold War
82 mm B-10  Soviet Union Cold War
82 mm M-60  Yugoslavia Cold War
84 mm M3 Carl Gustav  Sweden Cold War /Modern
84 mm AT4  Sweden Modern
88 mm 55 S 55  Finland Cold War
88 mm RCL 3.45 inch Gun  United Kingdom World War II
90 mm Pvpj 1110  Sweden Cold War / Modern
90 mm M67 United States Cold War
94 mm RCL 3.7 inch Gun  United Kingdom World War II / Cold War
95 mm 95 S 58-61  Finland Cold War
105 mm LG 40  Nazi Germany World War II
105 mm LG 42  Nazi Germany World War II
105 mm LG 43  Nazi Germany World War II
105 mm Modelo 1968  Argentina Cold War
105 mm M27 United States Cold War
105 mm M-65  Yugoslavia Cold War
106 mm M40 United States Cold War
107 mm B-11  Soviet Union Cold War
120 mm L4 Mobat  United Kingdom Cold War
120 mm L6 Wombat  United Kingdom Cold War
120 mm L7 Conbat  United Kingdom Cold War
105 & 155 mm M28/M29 Nuclear Recoilless Rifle United States Cold War

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