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An incomplete list of participants at the Battle of Badr.

Abd al-Rahman ibn Awf Muslim
Abu Bakr Muslim Future Caliph
Abu Hudaifah ibn Utbah Muslim
Abu Sufyan ibn Harb Caravan Leader Meccan Ascended to leadership of Mecca following the battle
Ali ibn Abu Talib Muslim Future Caliph
Amr ibn Hishām Commander Meccan Killed Leader of the Banu Hisham clan
Ammar ibn Yasir Muslim
As ibn Sa'id Meccan Killed
Bashir ibn Sa'ad Muslim Ansar
Bilal ibn Ribah Muslim
Hamza ibn Abd al-Muttalib Muslim
Khabbab ibn al-Aratt Muslim
Khunais ibn Hudhaifa Muslim
Muaaz ibn Amr Muslim Killed Ansar
Muawwaz ibn Amr Muslim Killed Ansar
Mu‘awwadh bin Al-‘Afrâ Muslim Died Ansar
Muhammad Commander Muslim Prophet of Islam
Nawfal ibn Khuwaylid Meccan
Obaidah ibn al-Harith Muslim Killed Ansar
Safwan ibn Umayah Meccan
`Umar ibn al-Khattāb Muslim Future Caliph
Umayah ibn Khalaf Meccan Killed
Umayr ibn Wahb Meccan Prisoner
Uqbah ibn Abu Mu'ayt Meccan Killed
Utba ibn Rabi'ah Meccan Killed
Walid ibn Mughira Meccan Killed
Walid ibn Utba Meccan Killed


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