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Afghanistan Afghanistan

Afghan National Army

Albania Albania

Albanian Joint Forces Command

Algeria Algeria

Algerian Army
  • 25eme Regiment de Reconnaissance (25th reconnaissance regiment)
Algerian Navy
  • Batallion des Fusiliers Marins (Naval Commando Battalion)
  • Plongeurs de combat (Combat Divers)
Algerian Air Force
  • 772nd and 782 Regiment des Fusiliers Commandos de l air (RFCA)
Gendarmerie Nationale
  • Détachement Spécial d’Intervention

Angola Angola

Angolan Armed Forces

Argentina Argentina

Argentine Air Force
Argentine Army
Argentine Navy

Armenia Armenia

Armenian Army
  • 23rd Spetsnaz Regiment (6 battalions)
  • Special Forces battalion (ex 797th OtSpN)
  • Counter-terrorism unit "Alpha"

Australia Australia

Special Operations Command[1]
Royal Australian Navy

Austria Austria

Austrian Army

Azerbaijan Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani Navy
  • 641st Special Warfare Naval Unit
  • 555th Spetsnaz brigade
  • independent airborne brigade(stationed in Ganja)
  • 3rd special intelligence/recon brigade

The Bahamas Bahamas

Special Forces of the Bahamas
  • Special operations unit (Naval commando type unit)

Bahrain Bahrain

  • Special Forces Battalion

Bangladesh Bangladesh

Barbados Barbados

  • Special Operations Company

Belarus Belarus

Armed Forces of Belarus
  • 5th Separate Spetznaz Brigade

Belgium Belgium

Belgian Land Component

Belize Belize

  • Belize Special Assignment Group(B-SAG)

Benin Benin

  • 1er Bataillon Commando Parachutiste( 1 BCP)

Bolivia Bolivia

  • Fuerza de Tarea "Diablos Azules" (FTDA) (River commando group)
  • 17th, 24th and 27th Ranger Regiment (Satinadores)

Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina

Botswana Botswana

  • 1st Commando Regiment

Brazil Brazil

Brazilian Air Force
  • Para-SAR – Special Pararescue Unit - Highly trained paratrooper, trained in evasion and extraction, tactical rescue and survival in hostile environment.
Brazilian Army
Brazilian Navy
  • COMANF – Amphibian Commando - Brazilian Marine Corps Commandos who are attached to the Especial Operations Battalion, the Batalhão Tonelero.
  • GRUMEC - Combat Divers Group - Unconventional warfare, counter-terrorism and special reconnaissance at sea and seashore.

Brunei Brunei

Bulgaria Bulgaria

Bulgarian Land Forces
Bulgarian Navy
  • 63rd Maritime Special Reconnaissance Force "Black Sea Sharks"

Burkina Faso Burkina Faso

  • 1er compagnie d infanterie commando (commando coy in Republican Guard)
  • 23e Regiment Infanterie Commando (23e RIC)
  • 25e Regiment Parachutiste Commando (25e RPC)

Cameroon Cameroon

  • Compagnie des palmeurs combat (COPALCO/naval commando coy)
  • Bamenda Fusiliers Commandos de l air (BAFUSCO AIR)

Cambodia Cambodia

Royal Cambodian Army

Canada Canada

Canadian Special Operations Forces Command

Chad Chad

  • Anti Terrorism Unit(Commando Battalion)

Chile Chile

Chilean Air Force
Chilean Army
  • Brigada de Operaciones Especiales "Lautaro"
    • 1º Batallón de Paracaidistas "Pelantaru" (1st Parachute Battalion "Pelantaru")
    • 1º Compañía de Comandos "Iquique" (1st Commandos Company "Iquique")
    • 10º Compañía de Comandos (10th Commandos Company)
    • 13º Compañía de Comandos "Escorpión" (13th Commandos Company "Escorpión")
    • Grupo Especial de Montaña (Special Group Mountain)
Chilean Navy
  • Grupo de Abordaje y Registro de la Armada (GARA)
  • Comando de Fuerzas Especiales (Special Forces Command)
    • Buzos Tácticos de la Armada (Tactical Divers of the Navy)
    • Equipo de Intervención Rápida (Rapid Intervention Team)

China China

People's Liberation Army Marine Corps
  • People's Liberation Army Marine Corps Special Operations Forces
People's Liberation Army Ground Force
  • People's Liberation Army Special Operations Forces[12]
    • Guangzhou Military Region Special Forces Unit
    • Chengdu Military Region Special Forces Unit, nicknamed "Falcon"
    • Beijing Military Region Special Forces Unit
    • Shenyang Military Region Special Forces Unit
    • Nanjing Military Region Special Forces Unit, nicknamed "Flying Dragon"
    • Nanjing Military Region Special Forces Unit, nicknamed "Oscar"
    • Lanzhou Military Region Special Forces Unit
      • Macau Quick Reaction Platoon
  • 1st brigade of naval infantry (SF battalion, recon coy and diver platoon)
  • 2nd brigade of naval infantry (SF battalion, recon coy and diver platoon)
  • Zhong dui (battalion of naval commandos, SEAL type unit)

Colombia Colombia

Colombian Air Force
Colombian Navy
  • Agrupación de Fuerzas Especiales Urbanas (AFEUR) Urban Special Forces Group
  • Batallón de Fuerzas Especiales de Infantería de Marina (BFEIM)
  • Grupo Especial de Reconocimiento y Asalto (GREAS)
  • Grupo de Comandos Submarinos
  • Unidad de Buceos Especiales del Norte (UBEN)
National Army of Colombia
  • Agrupación de Fuerzas Especiales Antiterroristas Urbanas (AFEAU) Anti-Terrorist Urban Special Forces Group. A joint service CT/Hostage rescue unit composed of Army, Navy, Air Force, and National Police Personnel.
  • Agrupacion de Fuerzas Especiales Urbanas (AFEUR) Urban Special Forces Groups
  • Batallon de Comandos (BACOA)
  • Brigada Contra el Narcotráfico
  • Brigada de Fuerzas Especiales
  • Fuerza de Despliegue Rápido (FUDRA)
  • Grupo de Acción Unificada por la Libertad Personal (GAULA). Special anti-kidnapping and anti-extortion units.

Costa Rica Costa Rica

Military of Costa Rica
  • Unidad Especial de Intervención - Special Intervention Unit UEI attached to the Presidency

Republic of the CongoRepublic of the Congo

  • Groupement Para Commando(GPC)
  • Fusiliers Commandos(FUSCO)

Democratic Republic of the CongoDemocratic Republic of the Congo

  • 322e Bataillon de Unite de Reaction Rapide (322nd rapid reaction battalion)
  • 10eme brigade infanterie special(10th SF brigade)
  • 7th commando brigade (Kamina)

Ivory Coast Côte d'Ivoire

Military of Côte d'Ivoire
  • 1er Bataillon de Parachutistes Commandos(1er BPC)
  • Group des Forces Speciales (GFS)
  • Fusiliers Commandos d Air (FUSCOA)
  • Detachement d Intervention Rapide(DIR)
  • Fusiliers Marins Commandos (FUMACO/ naval commandos)

Croatia Croatia

Croatian Army

Military police

  • Special Military Police Company (SSVP) (Satnija specijalne Vojne policije)

Cuba Cuba

Cuban Revolutionary Navy
  • Desembarco de Granma
  • Formacion de Missiones Especial Naval
  • Destacamento de Destino Especial Naval(DDEN)
Cuban Revolutionary Army
  • Black Wasps – Tropas Especiales Avispas Negras

Cyprus Cyprus

Cypriot National Guard
  • Special Forces Command (DKD)
  • 31, 32, 33 and 34 MK(Moira/Monada Katadromon)
  • Tmina Eidikon Omadwa(TEO/ special recon platoon)
Cyprus Navy
  • Underwater Demolition Command (OYK)

Czech Republic Czech Republic

Armed Forces of the Czech Republic (ACR)

Denmark Denmark

Danish Home Guard
Royal Danish Army
Royal Danish Navy

Djibouti Djibouti

  • Parachutiste Compagnie(para reconnaissance company)

Dominican Republic Dominican Republic

  • Fuerza Especializada de Comandos Navales
  • Batallon de comandos
  • Comando de Especial Antiterrorista
  • 6th SF battalion

Ecuador Ecuador

Ecuadorian Army
  • 9th Special Forces Brigade PATRIA
  • Army Counter-terror unit "GEO" Grupo de Operaciones Especiales, based in Quito.
  • 24th, 25th,26th and 27th SFG
  • CFE 5(5th SF company of 2nd division)
  • CFE 1(1st SF coy of 7th division)
  • CFE 7(7th coy of 3rd division)
  • 54th special battalion(part of 19th infantry brigade)
  • 60th special battalion(part of 21st infantry brigade)
  • Ala de Combate No. 22(CSAR unit)

Egypt Egypt

Egyptian Army
Egyptian Navy
  • Egyptian Navy SEALs

El Salvador El Salvador

Salvadoran Army
  • Comando de Fuerzas Especiales (CFE) Special Forces Command
    • Comando Especial Anti-Terrorista (CEAT) Counter-Terrorism Special Command
      • Francotiradores (Snipers)
      • Asalto (Assault)
    • Grupo de Operaciones Especiales (GOE) Special Operations Group
      • Comandos Hacha
      • Patrullas de Reconocimiento y Alcance Largo (PRAL) Long Distance Recon Patrols
    • Comandos Navales
      • Nadadores de Combate (Combat Swimmers)
      • Buzos de Combate (Combat Divers)
    • Batallon de Paracaidistas (BP) Parachute Battalion
      • Paracaidistas (Paratroopers)
      • Caida Libre (Freefall HAHO/HALO)
      • Aparejadores (Riggers)
  • Destacamento Militar No 4 (DM4) 4th Military Detachment
    • Comandos de Montana (Mountain Commandos)
Salvadoran Navy
  • Comandos Anfibios

Eritrea Eritrea

  • 525th commando division

Estonia Estonia

Estonian Army

Ethiopia Ethiopia

  • "Agazi" commando division
  • 103rd commando division
  • 205th/206th commando brigade
  • Anti Terrorism Battalion
  • ESOF(400 men detachment)

Fiji Fiji

Finland Finland

Finnish Army
Finnish Border Guard
  • Southeast Finland Border Guard District
    • Erikoisrajajääkärit Special Border Jaegers
Finnish Navy

France France

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Almost all French special forces are attached to the Commandement des Opérations Spéciales (COS).

First circle:

Second circle:

The COS doesn't recognize the "second circle"; it's a popular expression employed by members of units of that circle. There isn't official text which mentions the second circle.

The Gambia Gambia

  • Special Forces (part of Republican National Guard)

Gabon Gabon

  • 1er Regiment de Parachutistes Gabonais(1er RPG)
  • Commandos Fusiliers Marins(COFUSMA)
  • para commando coy(within Presidentiell Garde Unit)

Georgia (country) Georgia

Germany Germany

German Army
German Navy

Greece Greece

Hellenic Army
  • 13th Special Ops Command including Z' MAK (Zeta Amphibious Raider Squadron)
Hellenic Navy
Hellenic Air Force
  • 31st Special Operations Squadron (31 MEE)

Ghana Ghana

  • Airborne Force(ABF/parachute battalion)
  • Special Forces Unit(SFU/SF detachment)

Guatemala Guatemala

Guatemalan Army
  • Kaibiles
  • Fuerzas Especiales Navales (FEN)

Guinea Guinea

  • Bataillon Special des Commandos(BSC)
  • Bataillon Autonome des Troupes Aeroportees(BATA)
  • Fusiliers de l air guineens(air force commando unit)

Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau

  • Para-Commando Battalion
  • Naval Infantry Battalion

Guyana Guyana

  • 31st SF squadron

Honduras Honduras

  • Primer Batallon de Fuerzas Especiales (1st SF battalion)
  • 2do batallon de infanteria aerotransportada (2nd airborne battalion)
  • Escuadron de Accion Directa (Direct action unit)
  • Fuerza Especial Naval (FEN)

Hungary Hungary

  • HDF 34th ’László Bercsényi’ Special Operations Battalion
  • 5/ 24th "Bornemisza Gergely" reconnaissance battalion
  • 25/88th "Könnyű Vegyes" Zászlóalj(88th mixed/airborne battalion)

India India

Indian Army
Indian Navy
Indian Air Force

Indonesia Indonesia

Indonesian Air Force
Indonesian Army
Indonesian Navy

Iran Iran

Iranian Army
  • Takavar
  • 21st and 22nd parachute commando divisions
  • 23rd and 58th commando divisions
  • 25th, 35th and 45th commando brigades
  • commando brigade(stationed in Gorgan)
  • commando brigade(stationed in Tabriz)
  • 4th commando unit(stationed in Tehran)
  • 65th special brigade(NOHED)

Iraq Iraq

Iraqi Army
  • Iraqi Special Operations Forces (ISOF)
  • Golden Company
  • 1st SF brigade
  • 2nd commando brigade(6th, 7th, 8th and 9th regional commando battalions)
  • 1st naval commando battalion
  • divers coy

Republic of Ireland Ireland

Irish Army

Israel Israel

Israeli Air Force
Israeli Army
Israeli Navy
  • Mista'arvim - alleged Israeli undercover units
  • Kidon - alleged assassination unit

Italy Italy

Italian Air Force
Italian Army
Italian Navy

Jamaica Jamaica

  • Counter Terrorism Operations Group(C-TOG) "Ninja's"
  • Jamaica Defence Force Military Intelligence Unit MIU

Japan Japan

Japan Ground Self-Defense Force
Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
Japan Coast Guard

Jordan Jordan

Joint Special Operations Command
  • 37th King Abdullah II Royal Special Forces Brigade
  • 28th Prince Hussein Royal Rangers Brigade (Al-Saiqa)
  • 5th Prince Hashim Special Operation Aviation Brigade
  • 91st Airborne Orientation Battalion
  • 81st Airborne Battalion
  • 61st Special Reconnaissance Battalion [34]
Royal Jordanian Army
  • 30th Hussein Bin Ali Paratrooper Brigade
    • 15th Khalid Bin Al-Waleed Airborne Battalion
    • 16th King Faisal Airborne Battalion
    • 20th Tariq Bin Zyad Airborne Battalion
Naval Special Forces
  • 77th Marines Reconnaissance Battalion
  • Maritime Assault Team
  • Maritime Counter-terrorism Unit
  • Royal Jordanian Navy Frogman Team
  • Royal Jordanian Navy Special Boat Unit

Kazakhstan Kazakhstan

  • 270th independent coy(VIP - protection)
  • 4th recon battalion
  • 261st Spetsnaz battalion
  • 1st naval infantry battalion 55033(naval commando unit)
  • Kokzhal(Wolves/ CT unit within Republican guard)
  • Arystan(Eagles/ CT unit within KNB)

Kenya Kenya

Kenya Defence Forces
  • Kenya army special operations forces(KSOF)
  • 40th Ranger Strike Force battalion
  • 30th special operations battalion
  • 20th parachute battalion
  • Clearance Diving Unit(CDU)
  • GSU Recce Company (police/paramilitary SF unit)

North Korea Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Korean People's Army
  • Special Operation Forces
  • 17th,60th and 61st "sniper" reconnaissance brigade
  • 7 independent reconnaissance battalions
  • 23rd and 24th amphibious brigade
  • naval commando/seaborne Unit 459, 632, 793 and 755
  • 28th, 48th and 58th airborne brigades
  • 80th, 81st, 82nd and 87th light infantry brigades
  • 11th, 16th, 17th and 21st air force "sniper" brigades
  • one light infantry brigade and one SF battalion per infantry division(27)
  • 5 reconnaissance battalions and 4 light infantry brigades(mechanized corps)
  • 4 reconnaissance battalions, 3 sniper brigades and 3 light brigades(1st,2nd,4th and 5th corps)

South Korea Republic of Korea

Republic of Korea Ministry of National Defense
  • Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
    • Defense Intelligence Command (DIC)
      • Army Intelligence Command (AIC)
      • Underwater Demolition Unit (UDU)
      • 20th Special Service Group
  • Defense Security Command (DSC)

Kuwait Kuwait

  • 25th commando brigade
  • naval infantry battalion
  • combat divers unit
  • SF unit(within National Guard)

Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan

  • "Alpha" (CT specialist unit)
  • 25th Spetsnaz brigade "Scorpions"
  • 24th Spetsnaz brigade "Ilbirs" (Snow Leopards)
  • "Cher"(Щер) (SF detachment of MIA[Clarification needed])
  • "Panthers" (SF detachment of National Guard)

Latvia Latvia

Latvian Army
  • Speciālo uzdevumu vienība (SUV)

Lebanon Lebanon

Lebanese Army
  • Lebanese Commando Regiment (The Maghaweer)
  • Lebanese Airborne Regiment
  • Counter-Sabotage (Moukafaha) Branch and the Strike Force (Kouwa el-Dareba) Anti-Terrorism Branch
Lebanese Navy

Lesotho Lesotho

  • Commando company

Libya Libya

  • 36th commando battalion(stationed in Benghazi) and commando battalion(Tripolis)
  • naval commando detachment

Lithuania Lithuania

Lithuanian Special Operations Force
  • Anti-terrorism Force squad (ARAS)
  • Combat Divers Service (CDS)
  • Special Operations Element (SOG)
  • Special Purpose Service (YPT)
  • Vytautas the Great Jaeger Battalion (VGJB)

Republic of Macedonia Macedonia

  • Special operations regiment(SF and Ranger battalion)
  • 501st para commando detachment

Madagascar Madagascar

  • 1er Regiment Forces d Intervention(RFI1/ parachute battalion)
  • 2eme Regiment Forces d Intervention(RFI2/ naval commando coy)

Malaysia Malaysia

Badge of the Malaysian Army.svg Malaysian Army
Badge of the Royal Malaysian Navy.svg Royal Malaysian Navy
Badge of the Royal Malaysian Air Force.svg Royal Malaysian Air Force
Crest of Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency.svg Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency / Agensi Penguatkuasaan Maritim Malaysia
Royal Johor Military Force

Mali Mali

  • L Echelon Tactique Interarme(ETIA/ SF battalion)
  • 33eme Regiment Commando Parachutiste(33 RPC)
  • Fusiliers de l air(air force commando detachment)
  • Groupe Commando Volontaire(GCV/Commando detachment)

Maldives Maldives

Maldives National Defence Force
  • Special Forces(CT unit)
  • MNDF Marine Corps(rapid reaction coys)

Malta Malta

Armed Forces of Malta
  • C (Special Duties) Company
  • Rapid Deployment Team

Mauritania Mauritania

  • 1er Bataillon de Commandos Parachutistes(1er BCP)
  • 2eme Bataillon de Commandos Parachutistes(2eme BCP)
  • Bataillon de la Securite Presidentielle(BASEP)
  • Bataillon Special d Intervention(BSI)
  • Group Special d Intervention(GSI)

Mexico Mexico

Mexican Army

*Fuerzas Especiales del Alto Mando(FEAM). Santa Fe,Distrito Federal

Cuerpo de Fuerzas Especiales(CFE). Temamatla, Estado de México

*Primera Brigada de Fuerzas Especiales. Puebla, Puebla

  • Primer Batallón de Fuerzas Especiales(1/BFE). Puebla, Puebla
  • Segundo Batallón de Fuerzas Especiales(2/BFE). San Miguel de los Jagüeyes, Estado de México
  • Tercer Batallón de Fuerzas Especiales(3/BFE). San Miguel de los Jagüeyes, Estado de México
  • Décimo Batallón de Fuerzas Especiales(10/BFE). Temamatla, Estado de México
  • Decimoprimer Batallón de Fuerzas Especiales(11/BFE). Temamatla, Estado de México

*Segunda Brigada de Fuerzas Especiales. Tijuana, Baja California

  • Quinto Batallón de Fuerzas Especiales(5/BFE). Tijuana, Baja California
  • Sexto Batallón de Fuerzas Especiales(6/BFE). Nogales, Sonora
  • Séptimo Batallón de Fuerzas Especiales(7/BFE). Nogales, Sonora
  • Octavo Batallón de Fuerzas Especiales(8/BFE). Nogales, Sonora
  • Primer Grupo Anfibio de Fuerzas Especiales(1/GANFE). San Felipe, Baja California
  • Segundo Grupo Anfibio de Fuerzas Especiales(2/GANFE). Guerrero Negro, Baja California Sur
  • Tercer Grupo Anfibio de Fuerzas Especiales(3/GANFE). Esperanza, Sonora

*Tercera Brigada de Fuerzas Especiales. Cd.Ixtepec, Oaxaca

  • Cuarto Batallón de Fuerzas Especiales(4/BFE). Cd.Ixtepec, Oaxaca
  • Noveno Batallón de Fuerzas Especiales (9/BFE). San Juan Copular, Chiapas
  • Fuerza de Intervención Rápida(FIR). San Juan Copular, Chiapas
  • Cuarto Grupo Anfibio de Fuerzas Especiales(4/GANFE). Cancún, Quintana Roo
  • Quinto Grupo Anfibio de Fuerzas Especiales(5/GANFE). Dzilam de Bravo, Yucatán

Fuerza Especial de la Brigada de Fusileros Paracaidistas (FE BFP). Lomas de Sotelo, Distrito Federal

Fuerza Especial de la Policia Militar(FE PM). Lomas de Sotelo, Distrito Federal

Primer Batallon de Operaciones Especieles de la Polica Militar (1/BOE). Lomas de Sotelo, Distrito Federal

Segundo Batallon de Operaciones Especieles de la Polica Militar (2/BOE). Lomas de Sotelo, Distrito Federal

Mexican Navy

Fuerzas Especiales (FES/Fuerza, Espitu y Sabiduria)

  • Fuerza Especial Del Golfo
  • Fuerza Especial Del Pacifico

Mongolia Mongolia

Mongolian Army
  • 084th Special Task Battalion

Montenegro Montenegro

  • SF company
  • Naval detachment(naval commando unit)

Morocco Morocco

  • Land Army:
    • 3 Commandos : Units Cobra, Aigle and Tigre
  • Royal Navy:
    • 2 Battalions : Al Hoceima and El Ayoune
  • Groupe d Intervention de la Marine Royale(GIMR)
  • Royal Gendarmerie:
    • Groupe d'intervention de la Gendarmerie royale (G.I.G.R)

Mozambique Mozambique

  • 3 commando battalions

Myanmar Myanmar

  • Para Commando Division
  • Special Operations Regiment (Naval Infantry Corps)
  • 27 Intelligence Companies

Namibia Namibia

  • SF company(?)

Nepal Nepal

Nepalese Army
  • Shree Singha Nath Battalion (Commandos)
  • Shree Bhairavnath Battalion (Para Commandos)
  • Shree Mahabir Battalion (Rangers)
  • Shree Yuddha Bhairav Battalion (Special Forces)
  • Shree Yuddha Kavach Battalion (Special Forces C.T. Wing)

Netherlands Netherlands

Royal Netherlands Army

Royal Netherlands Marine Corps
Royal Netherlands Air Force
  • Vlucht 5 Special group of pilots that transport the KCT and NLMARSOF.
Royal Marechaussee

New Zealand New Zealand

New Zealand Army

Niger Niger

  • 122e compagnie parachutiste(122nd para coy stationed in Niamey)
  • 322eme compagnie parachutiste(322nd para coy stationed in Maradi)
  • Rapid reaction company(?)

Nigeria Nigeria

  • Nigerian Navy Special Boat Service (NNSBS)
  • Nigerian Army 72 Special Forces Battalion
  • Nigerian Army 176 Special Forces Battalion
  • Nigerian Air Force Quick Response Force (QRF)

Nicaragua Nicaragua

  • Comando de Operaciones Especiales(COE)"General de Division Pedro Altamirano"(SF brigade)
  • Destacamento de Operaciones Especiales de la Fuerza Naval(naval commando detachment)

Norway Norway

Ministry of Defence

Oman Oman

  • Sultans Special Forces
  • Combat divers unit
  • Parachute regiment
  • 1st SF battalion

Pakistan Pakistan

Pakistan Air Force
Pakistan Army
  • Special Service Group (SSG)
  • Special Response Force (SRF) was inducted in April 2012 to strengthen the security of strategic nuclear assets.[38]
Pakistan Navy

Panama Panama

Panamanian Public Forces
  • Institutional Protection Service

Paraguay Paraguay

  • Batallon de Tropas Especiales
  • Batallon Conjunto de Fuerzas Especiales(BCFE)
  • CT coy(within Regimiento Guardia Presidencial)

Peru Peru

Peruvian Army
  • 1st Special Forces Brigade (1ra Brigada de Fuerzas Especiales)
  • 3rd Special Forces Brigade (3ra Brigada de Fuerzas Especiales)Cuartel General del BCFE, Base Militar del Campo Grande, Asuncion, Paraguay
  • 26th Special Forces Group "Quevedo"
  • Special Forces Group "Puma"
Peruvian Navy
  • Fuerza de Operaciones Especiales

Philippines Philippines

Armed Forces of the Philippines
Philippine Air Force
Philippine Army Special Operations Command
Philippine Coast Guard
Philippine Marine Corps
Philippine Navy
Philippine CAFGU
  • Civilian Para-Military Forces

Poland Poland

  • Wojska Specjalne
    • Dowództwo Wojsk Specjalnych

[45] [46][47] [48] [49]

Portugal Portugal

Portuguese Army
Portuguese Navy


Qatar Qatar

  • 1st Special Forces Battalion
  • Naval Special Forces Detachment

Romania Romania

Ministry of Defense

Russia Russia

Federal Security Service
Ministry of Defense

Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

Armed Forces of Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabian Army
  • 1st Special Brigade
  • 64th Brigade
  • 66th Battalion
  • 85th Battalion
  • 88th Battalion
  • 91th[Clarification needed] Battalion
  • 99th Battalion
  • 1st Airborne Brigade
Royal Saudi Navy
  • Royal Saudi Navy SEALs
Saudi Arabian General Security

Senegal Senegal

  • Bataillon des Parachutistes (Para battalion)
  • Batallion des Commandos (Commando battalion)
  • Compagnie des fusiliers marins commandos (COFUMACO/naval commando coy)
  • Groupement des fusiliers commandos d air (GROUFUAIR)
  • Compagnie des forces speciales (CFS)

Seychelles Seychelles

  • Tazar Force (CT unit)

Somalia Somalia

  • Commando battalion
  • Alpha commando detachment

Serbia Serbia

Serbian Armed Forces

Sierra Leone Sierra Leone

  • Force Reconnaissance Group(FRG)

Singapore Singapore

Singapore Army
Republic of Singapore Navy

Slovakia Slovakia

Slovak Army

Slovenia Slovenia

  • Enota za specialno delovanje (ESD/Special purpose unit)
  • Vod protidiverzantskih potapljačev(Antidiversionary diver platoon,part of special underwater detachment)

South Africa South Africa

South African National Defence Force

Spain Spain

Spanish Army
Spanish Navy
  • Fuerza de Guerra Naval Especial (FGNE) [59]
Spanish Air Force
  • Escuadrón de Zapadores Paracaidistas (EZAPAC)

Sri Lanka Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Army
Sri Lanka Navy
Sri Lanka Air Force

Sudan Sudan

  • Special forces brigade(143rd and 144th SF battalion)

South Sudan South Sudan

  • Commando brigade

Suriname Surinam

  • Korps Special Troepen(KST/ SF coy)

Sweden Sweden

Swedish Armed Forces
Swedish Army
Swedish Royal Navy

Switzerland Switzerland

Swiss Army

Kommando Spezialkräfte KSK (Special Forces Command)

Professional units

Militia units

  • Grenadier Battalion 20
  • Grenadier Battalion 30
  • Grenadier Battalion 40 (Reserve)
  • Fallschirmaufklärer Kompanie 17 (Parachute Reconnaissance Company 17)

Syria Syria

Syrian Army
  • 14th "As Saiqa"division(1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th SF regiment)
  • 15th SF division(35th,41st,45th,46th,47th and 53rd SF regiment)
  • 555th parachute commando regiment(part of 4th division)
  • 7 independent para SF regiments(HQ in Zabadani)
  • 3 independent SF regiments(HQ in Damascus)

Tajikistan Tajikistan

  • CT detachment "Alpha"
  • 7th air assault brigade of mobile forces
  • Spetsnaz detachment(within National Guard)

Thailand Thailand

Royal Thai Army
  • Special Warfare Division
Royal Thai Navy
Royal Thai Marine Corps
  • Marine Reconnaissance Battalion
Royal Thai Air Force
  • Royal Thai Air Force Commando Company
  • Royal Thai Air Force Pararescue

Taiwan Republic of China (Taiwan)

Republic of China Army
  • 101st Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion (ARB 101)
  • Special Operation Command (862nd and 871st Special Operations Groups)
  • Army Special Services Company (ASSC/CT unit)
Republic of China Marine Corps
  • Amphibious Reconnaissance and Patrol Unit (ARPU)
  • Underwater Demolition Unit (UDU)
  • Special Service Company (SSC)
Republic of China Air Force
  • Paratrooper Special Tactics unit

Tanzania Tanzania

  • Maritime Special Forces

Togo Togo

  • Regiment Commando de la Garde Presidentielle(RCGP)
  • Regiment Parachutiste Commando(RPC)
  • Fusiliers Marins Commandos(FUMACO/ naval commando coy)

Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago

  • SF section
  • Naval SF section(size of platoon)

Tunisia Tunisia

Tunisian Army

  • Groupement Forces Spéciales (G.F.S/ "Army's Special Brigade")
    • Groupement d'Intervention Militaire (G.I.M/ G.F.S's Elites)
    • GFS Naval Commandos Unit
    • GFS Combat Divers
    • GFS Paratroopers

Tunisian Navy

  • Marine Corps Commandos

Tunisian National Guard

  • Department of Anti-terrorism
    • Unité Spéciale de la Garde Nationale (U.S.G.N/ "BS3")
    • Unités Commandos de la Garde Nationale (U.C.G.N/ "BS2" and "BS1")
    • Countering Terrorism Squad

Tunisian Presidency

  • Groupe d'Intervention Présidentielle (G.I.P)
  • Soutien Oppérationelle Présidentielle (S.O.P/ Also called "Groupes d'Appui")
  • Groupe d'Intervention Maritime (diver, navy commandos)

Turkey Turkey

Turkish General Staff

Turkish Air Force

  • Combat Search and Rescue (MAK)
  • AKİP commandos

Turkish Navy

Turkish Gendarmerie

Turkmenistan Turkmenistan

  • CT detachment(within national security agency)
  • 152nd air assault brigade(Spetsnaz brigade)

United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates

  • UAE Special Operations Command

Uganda Uganda

  • "Black Cobra" Commando Squad(CT platoon)
  • Anti Terror Crack Unit
  • Paratroop Unit(400 men)
  • UPDF Marines

18 (UKSF) Signals Regiment

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Ukraine Ukraine

  • 3rd Separate Spetsnaz Regiment (stationed in Kirovograd)
  • 8th Separate Spetsnaz Regiment (stationed in Khmelnitskyi)
  • 10th Separate Spetsnaz Detachment (stationed in Kyiv)
  • 801st Anti-diversionary Detachment (stationed in Sevastopol)
  • 73rd Special Naval Center (73 MTSSN) (stationed in Ochakiv)
  • "A" CT unit(within SBU)

Uruguay Uruguay

  • 14th parachute infantry battalion(SF unit)
  • Compania de Operaciones Especiales(COE/CT coy)

United States United States

Joint Special Operations Command

Joint Special Operations Command

United States Army

United States Navy

United States Air Force

United States Marine Corps

Uzbekistan Uzbekistan

  • Rapid Reaction Brigade 7332
  • Spetsnaz battalion(Within eastern military district)
  • 17th air assault brigade 64411
  • Spetsnaz detachment(Tashkent)
  • Rapid reaction detachment "C"(CT unit)
  • 4th parachute brigade
  • 2nd Spetsnaz brigade(actually coy within National Guard)

Venezuela Venezuela

  • Special Operations Brigade "Generalísimo Francisco de Miranda"
Venezuelan Army
  • 106 Special Operations Battalion
  • 506 Special Operations Battalion
Venezuelan Navy
  • Infanteria de Marina (Marine Infantry)

8th Special Operations Command Brigade Generalissimo

Venezuelan Air Force
  • Special Operations Squadron
Venezuelan National Guard
  • Special Actions Group (Grupo de Acciones Especiales)
  • Counter Extortion and Hostage Groups (Grupos Anti-Extorsión y Secuestros – GAES -)

Vietnam Vietnam

Vietnam People's Army
  • Vietnam Commando (Đặc công Việt Nam)
  • M1 (FIBUA and CT operations)
  • M13 (operations in jungle and mountains)
  • K3 (Đoàn Trinh sát - Đặc nhiệm K3)
  • 2 naval commando groups (Đoàn Đặc Công M26 và 126)
  • M44 (within 2nd infantry division)
  • DC20 (within 1st military zone)
  • Đoàn Đặc Công 41/B1 (4th military zone)
  • Đoàn Trinh Sát 12 (recon unit in 4th military zone)
  • Đoàn Đặc Công 409 (5th military zone)
  • Đoàn Trinh Sát 1 (2nd army corps)
  • Đoàn Đặc Công 198 (3rd army corps)
  • Đoàn Đặc Công 129 (4th army corps)
  • M5, M113, M429 commando units

Yemen Yemen

  • 2 para commando brigades
  • SF brigade

Zambia Zambia

  • 1st commando battalion

Zimbabwe Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe National Army
  • Boat Squadron
  • Combat Diving Unit
  • Special Air Service
  • 1st Zimbabwe Parachute battalion
  • Commando regiment


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Miscellaneous Notes
  1. ^ The Japanese Special Forces Group is the current name of the former Japanese Special Operations Group, following a name change.

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