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This is a list of missions, operations, and projects. Missions in support of other missions are not listed independently.

World War I

See also List of military engagements of World War I

  • Albion (1917) German Empire — German capture of Oesel, Dagö and Moon Islands (now Saaremaa, Hiiumaa and Muhu)
  • Hush United Kingdom France planned Allied amphibious landing on the Belgian coast.
  • Kaiserschlacht ('Kaiser's battle') (1918) German Empire — German Spring offensive using armies released from the Eastern Front.
  • Strafexpedition (Punitive Expedition) (1916) War flag of Austria-Hungary (1918).svg — operation by the Austro-Hungarian Army against Italy (Italian northern front): the largest mountain battle ever fought.

World War II

See List of World War II military operations

Cold War Era



  • Berlin Airlift of 1948:
    • Vittles United States— US part of the Berlin Airlift
    • Planefare United Kingdom— British part of the Berlin Airlift.
  • Gladio (?) — Stockpiles of weapons in Switzerland, Austria and other countries for resistance to Soviet occupiers.
  • Gold (1954) United States — covert American tunnel under the Berlin Wall
  • Neptune (1964) Soviet Union — Soviet-led counterintelligence operation.
  • Reforger United States — Annual American exercise to "return forces to Germany".
  • Silver (1949) United Kingdom — covert British communications tap in Austria
  • Banner (1969 - 2007) Deployment of British troops to Northern Ireland. To prevent sectarian killings and support the Police (RUC). Op Banner resulted in over 700 British Armed Forces deaths and 303 Police deaths at the hands of the Irish Republicans

Central America and the Caribbean

  • Anadyr Soviet Union — Soviet plan to base nuclear weapons in Cuba; the cause of the Cuban Missile Crisis
    • Kama — Soviet plan to forward-base seven Soviet ballistic missile submarines in Mariel, Cuba (part of Anadyr)
  • Fortune (1951) United States — 1951 CIA plan for a coup in Guatemala. Executed as Success
  • Golden Pheasant (1988) United States — US deployment in Honduras
  • Just Cause (1989) United States — US invasion of Panama
  • Mongoose (1962) United States — plan for information gathering, sabotage, civil insurrection and the overthrown of the Cuban government.
  • Northwoods (1960s) United States — plan to incite war between the United States and Cuba.
  • Waverider (1972) United States — *Peter Pan (1960s) — transfer of Cubans to the US
  • Phibriglex (1962) United States — US plan and mock invasion by its armed forces of a Caribbean island. The exercise took place on Vieques and the purpose of the mock invasion was to overthrow a fictitious leader called "Ortsac", whose name was, in fact, Castro spelled backwards. It occurred in August, shortly before the Cuban Missile Crisis. It is also known by the names Operation Ortsac, Operation Swift Strike II and Exercise Phibriglex-62.
  • Power Pack (1965) United States — US deployment in the Dominican Republic
  • Success (1954) United States — 1954 CIA coup in Guatemala.
  • Urgent Fury (1983) United States — US invasion of Grenada

Southern Africa

  • Hurricane (1972-1980) Rhodesia/Zimbabwe-Rhodesia — Operations by Rhodesian security forces against ZIPRA and ZANU guerillas in Mashonaland.
  • Operation Overload (1974) Rhodesia — Rhodesian security forces operation to establish protected villages.
  • Savannah (1975–76) South Africa — South African intervention in Angola in support of the FNLA.
  • Carlota (1977) Cuba — Cuban Deployment to counter South African attacks to Angola.
  • Dingo (1977) Rhodesia — Rhodesian attack on camps in Mozambique.
  • Tangent (1977-1980) Rhodesia/Zimbabwe-Rhodesia — Operations by Rhodesian security forces against insurgents in Matabeleland.
  • Favour (1978-1980) Rhodesia/Zimbabwe-Rhodesia — Training of former insurgents to serve as security force auxiliaries in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia.
  • Reindeer (1978) South Africa — South African airborne attack on SWAPO base at Cassinga, Angola.
  • Rekstok (1979) South Africa — South African attack on SWAPO bases in Angola.
  • Safraan (1979) South Africa — South African attack on SWAPO bases in Zambia.
  • Klipklop (1980) South Africa — South African disruption of SWAPO logistics in Angola.
  • Sceptic (1980) South Africa — South African attack on SWAPO bases in Angola.
  • Protea (1981) South Africa — South African attack on SWAPO bases near Ongiva and Xangongo, Angola.
  • Carnation (1981) South Africa — South African skirmishes with SWAPO forces along the Angolan border.
  • Meebos (1982) South Africa — South African destruction of SWAPO's "East Front" HQ at Mupa, Angola.
  • Askari (1983) South Africa — South African attack on SWAPO and FAPLA forces in Angola.
  • Phoenix (1983) South Africa — South African response to mass SWAPO infiltration of South-West Africa
  • Alpha Centauri (1986) South Africa — South African operation in support of UNITA in Angola.
  • Modular (1987) South Africa — South African operation to reverse the FAPLA advance on Mavinga and Jamba.
  • Hooper (1988) South Africa — South African operation followup to Modular in pursuit of retreating FAPLA forces.
  • Packer (1988) South Africa — South African operation to push FAPLA and Cuban forces north of the Cuito river following Hooper.

Chad Civil War (1965–1993)

  • Bison (1969–72) France (French intervention to counter FROLINAT insurgency)
  • Tacaud (1978–80) France (Operation to avoid FROLINAT rebels taking Chad's capital)
  • Manta (1983–84) France (Intervention in the Chad-Libyan conflict)
  • Épervier (1986–) France (ongoing mission, originated to counter Libyan expansion in Chad)

Falklands War (1982)

  • Rosario Argentina — Argentine joint operation
    • Algeciras Argentina — Planned Argentine sabotage raid.
    • Azul Argentina — Argentine invasion
  • Corporate United Kingdom — British liberation
    • Paraquet United Kingdom — British recapture of South Georgia.
    • Black Buck United Kingdom — British long-range bombing raid
    • Keyhole United Kingdom — British commando raid
    • Purple Warrior — British training exercise incorporating lessons from the Falklands War
    • Sutton United Kingdom — British amphibious landings


  • Argus (1959) United States — test of nuclear bombs in the upper atmosphere.
  • Blowdown (1963) Australia United States United Kingdom — Australia/US/UK simulated nuclear explosion in a rain forest.
  • El Dorado Canyon (1986) United States — US strikes against Libya
  • Morning Light (1978) Canada United States — Joint Canadian-US effort to recover Cosmos 954, a nuclear powered Soviet RORSAT.
  • Operation Alpha Tango Walrus (1979) Canada Effort by Canadian military efforts to retrieve the covert 'walrus' codes.
  • Operation Morris Dance (1987) Australia — Australian response to the first of the 1987 Fijian coups d'état.
  • Mount Hope III (1988) United States — covert recovery of a crashed Soviet-made helicopter from Africa.
  • Nuclear testing List of all known named nuclear tests.
  • Orion (1960) United States — DARPA project to design a nuclear pulse propulsion system.

Vietnam (pre-Vietnam War)

  • Castor (1953) France South Vietnam — French resupply attempts by paradrop at Dien Bien Phu
  • Condor (1954) France — French relief of Dien Bien Phu
  • Lea (1947) France — Unsuccessful French attempt to capture the leaders of the Viet Minh
  • Vulture (1954) — or Operation Vautour, proposed American-French air operations against the Viet Minh around Dien Bien Phu

Korean War

  • Blue Hearts (1950) United Nations — UN amphibious landings at Pohang.
  • Courageous (1951) United Nations — Movement of UN infantry units up the Imjin River.
  • Commando (1951) United Nations — Attack to the Jamestown Line.
  • Chromite (1950) United Nations — UN invasion at Inchon.
  • Little Switch (1953) United Nations North Korea China — Exchange of sick and wounded prisoners of war between United Nations and North Korean/Chinese forces.
  • Ripper (1951) United Nations — UN movements towards the 38th parallel to recapture Seoul.

Vietnam War

  • Arc Light (1965) United States — US B-52 bombing campaign in Vietnam
  • Attleboro (1967) United States South Vietnam — U.S. and Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) air mobile operations in Tay Ninh.
  • Babylift (1975) United States — mass evacuation/airlift of orphans from South Vietnam to the U.S. and other countries
  • Barrel Roll (1964–73) United States South Vietnam Laos — the bombing of Laos by U.S. forces, to support the Royal Laotian Army and CIA-trained Hmong.
  • Bolo (1967) United States — Decoy mission to disguise the electronic signature of combat aircraft.
  • Chopper (1962) United States South Vietnam — Major air mobile offensive near Saigon.
  • Cedar Falls (1967) United States South Vietnam — Attack on National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam (NVA or Viet Cong) positions in Ben Cat (the Iron Triangle)
  • Dewey Canyon (1971) United States — Offensive against NVA communication lines in Laos.
  • Enhance Plus (1972) United States — Resupply of military equipment and consumables to the government of South Vietnam.
  • Flaming Dart (1965) United States — Reprisal bombing attacks by the U.S. Air Force against NVA units.
  • Frequent Wind (1975) United StatesHelicopter evacuation of U.S. citizens before the fall of Saigon.
  • Game Warden (1965) United States — first major U.S. riverine patrol operation. Later Swift Boat operations included:
  • Hastings (1966) United States South Vietnam — U.S. and ARVN counter-offensive operations in Quang Tri
  • Homecoming (1973) United States — repatriation of U.S. prisoners of war from Vietnam
  • Leap Frog (1968) United States — Systematic canvassing of the opinions of senior ARVN officers by U.S. military intelligence on likely NLF actions.
  • Menu (1969) United States — U.S. bombing of Cambodia
  • Malheur (1967) United States South Vietnam — Twin phased Search and destroy operations in Quang Ngai
  • Pegasus (1968) United States South Vietnam — Resupply and relief operations to U.S. Marines besieged at Khe Sanh
  • Phoenix (1968) United States South VietnamCIA-organized assassination campaign against influential NLF operatives in South Vietnam
  • Rich (1968) — Combined arms assault near the Ben Hai River in the Vietnamese Demilitarized Zone
  • Linebacker (1972) United States South Vietnam — Strategic bombing of Hanoi and Haiphong, and mining of Haiphong harbour.
  • Ranch Hand (1961–71) United States — Spraying of herbicides (including Agent Orange) by aircraft and ground forces.
  • Rolling Thunder (1967–68) United States South Vietnam — Bombing of North Vietnam
  • Sealords (1968) United States South Vietnam — Mekong River delta and inland waterways campaign by the U.S. Navy in Vietnam
  • Starlight (1965) United StatesUnited States Marine Corps actions near Chu Lai.
  • Sunrise (1962) South Vietnam — Relocation of Vietnamese peasantry around Saigon to "strategic hamlets."
  • Tailwind (1970) United States — Alleged use of nerve gas against U.S. defectors in Laos.
  • Toan Thang 42 (1970) South Vietnam — ARVN incursion into Cambodia
  • Union I and II (1967) United States — American Marines in the Que Son Valley.

Post-Cold War



  • Amphibian (2001) South Africa — South African deployment to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda of observers to verify implementation of the Pretoria Agreement.
  • Clean Corridor (1994) United Nations — escort of Tutsi military forces to Kigali by the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda (UNAMIR).
  • Ippocampo (1994) Italy — Italian codename for evacuation of Italian civilians from Rwanda
  • Silver Back (1994) — International codename for civilian evacuation in Rwanda
  • Tamar (1994) Australia United Nations — Australian contribution to peacekeeping in Rwanda.
  • Turquoise (1994) France — French led intervention in Rwanda to protect displaced persons.

Other Africa

  • Addition (2000) Canada United Nations — Canada's contribution to the United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE)
  • Albatros (1993–94) Italy United Nations — Italian contribution to UN peace keeping mission in Mozambique (UNOMOZ)
  • Azure (2005) Australia United Nations — Australian name for UN peace keeping mission in Sudan (UNMIS) [1]
  • Barras (2000) United Kingdom — British SAS destruction of a rebel group in Sierra Leone.
  • Boleas (1998) South Africa Botswana — South African and Botswanan military intervention in Lesotho
  • Caravan (2003) Canada — Canadian contribution to the French-led Interim Emergency Multinational Force in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Cordite (2004) South Africa — South African observer mission to the African Union mission in Darfur
  • Deliverance (1993) Canada United Nations — Canadian mission to Somalia
  • Eastern Exit (1991) United States — US evacuation of its embassy in Somalia
  • Espresso (2002) South Africa United Nations — South African contribution to the United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE)
  • Fibre (2003) South Africa — South African mission to Burundi
  • Liberation (2002) Zimbabwe — Seizure of Asian-owned assets in Zimbabwe.
  • Licorne (2002) France — The French contribution to the United Nations Operation in Côte d'Ivoire.
  • Mistral (2003) South Africa United Nations — South African contribution to the Mission of the United Nations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUC)
  • Montego (2003) South Africa United Nations — South African contribution to United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL)
  • Murambatsvina (2005) Zimbabwe — Zimbabwe government's attack on residential district loyal to opposition groups.
  • Nilo (2005) Italy United Nations — Italian name for UN peace keeping mission in Sudan (UNMIS)
  • Phillis (2004) United Kingdom — evacuation of British citizens from Côte d'Ivoire
  • Restore Hope (1992) United States United Nations — American name for UNITAF, humanitarian intervention in Somalia
  • Sharp Edge (1990–91) United States — evacuation of Americans from Liberia
  • Shining Express (2003) United States — evacuation of Americans from Liberia
  • Solace (1992) Australia United Nations — Australian deployment in Somalia
  • Tanker Two (2002) South AfricaSouth African Navy mission to shadow Greenpeace's MV Esperanza and prevent interception of the Pacific Teal, a plutonium transport.
  • Teutonic (2005) South AfricaSANDF assistance to DRC transitional government.

East Timor

  • Astute (2006) Australia — Deployment of Australian military forces to East Timor following the May 2006 civil unrest.
  • Citadel Australia United Nations — Australia's contribution to the United Nations Mission of Support in East Timor (UNMISET). Later ongoing peacekeeping actions were known as Operation Tanager.
  • Chiron Australia East Timor — Training of East Timorese military forces by the Australian Defence Force.
  • East Timor New Zealand — Deployment of New Zealand military forces to East Timor.
  • Faber United Nations — Deployment of United Nations military observers to East Timor in support of the UNAMET-monitored popular consultation.
  • Poinciana (1975) Indonesia — Or Operasi Flamboyan (a name of a tropical tree); seaborne capture of Dili in 1975.
  • Seroja (1975) Indonesia — Indonesian invasion of East Timor in 1975.
  • Stabilise Australia — Also spelled as Operation Stabilize; Australian Defence Force's involvement in the multinational force United Nations International Force in East Timor (INTERFET) in East Timor
  • Scorched Earth — Or Operasi Sapu Bersih in Indonesian, also known as Operation Clean Sweep; campaign of violence and arson allegedly committed by the TNI-supervised pro-integration militias following the 1999 United Nations supervised plebiscite.
  • Spitfire Australia — Evacuation of foreign nationals from East Timor by Australian defence assets, as a result of post-referendum violence.
  • Toucan Canada United Nations — Canada's contribution to the United Nations' International Force in East Timor (INTERFET) and the United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET)
  • Warden United Nations — Military operation involving all contributing forces conducted under the multinational peacekeeping mission known as United Nations' International Force in East Timor (INTERFET)

Croatian War of Independence 1991-1995

  • Operation Otkos 10 (end Oct-Nov 1991) — Croatian actions against rebel Serbs and regular Serbian forces on area from Mount Bilogora to Mount Papuk (on west of Slavonia)
  • Operation Orkan 91 (1991) — Follow-up offensive after Otkos 10.
  • Harmony — Canada's contribution to the United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR), which was created in February 1992 to ensure the protection and demilitarization of three UN Protected Areas in Croatia
  • Operation Tigar (July 1992) — Croatian military actions in occupied Dubrovnik hinterland, held by Serbomontenegrin regulars.
  • Medački džep (September 1993) Croatian offensive against rebel Serbs with aim of relieving the city of Gospić from Serb shelling attacks.
  • Bljesak ("Flash") (March 1995) — Croatian offensive against rebel Serbs, with aim of liberating occupied western Slavonia
  • Oluja ("Storm") (August 1995) — Croatian major offensive against most areas under control of rebel Serbs.

War in Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992-1995

  • Maritime Monitor (July 1992 - November 1992) — in support of UN resolutions 713 and 757, operation which subsequently became:
  • Sky Monitor (October 1992 -) — NAEW orbit over the Adriatic. On 31 October an additional NAEW orbit was commenced over Hungary
  • Deny Flight (April 1993 - December 1995) — to prevent the violation of the Bosnia-Herzegovina airspace, declared "No-Fly Zone"
  • Neretva '93 (1993) Bosnia and Herzegovina — offensive of Bosnian Muslim forces against Bosnian Croats in northern and eastern Herzegovina
  • Bøllebank ("Hooligan-bashing" in Danish) (April 1994) United Nations — UN-forces' use of tanks against Bosnian Serbian forces.
  • Amanda (1994) United Nations — Danish UN-forces' second engagement against Bosnian Serb forces.
  • Summer '95 (July 1995) Croatia — Croatian offensive in west Bosnia
  • Sword '95 (1995) Bosnia and Herzegovina — Bosnian-Serb offensive against Bosnian-Moslem forces in west Bosnia
  • Koridor '92 (1995) Bosnia and Herzegovina — One of the most successful Bosnian-Serb operations against Moslem and Croatian military forces
  • Deliberate Force (August - September 1995) — NATO air campaign in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Tiger (1995) Bosnia and Herzegovina — offensive of pro-government Bosnian Muslim forces against forces of Fikret Abdić
  • Maestral (September 1995) Croatia — Major Croatia offensive in western Bosnia
  • Južni Potez (October 1995) Croatia — Croatia offensive in area around Mrkonjić Grad
  • Sana (1995) Bosnia and Herzegovina — Bosnian offensive in northwest Bosnia
  • Pauk (1995) Bosnia and Herzegovina — Bosnian-Serb and rebel Croatian Serb offensive in northwest Bosnia
  • Una (1995) Croatia — Failed Croatian operation against Bosnian-Serb Army. Bosnian-Serb victory
  • Joint Endeavor (December 1995) — NATO peace-keeping operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Joint Guard (December 1996 - 1998) — NATO peace-keeping operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina which established SFOR
  • Joint Forge (1998) — NATO peace-keeping operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina following Operation Joint Guard

Kosovo War 1999

  • Allied Force (1999) — NATO's air campaign in Yugoslavia
  • Megaphone Canada — Canada's return of equipment used in Kosovo
  • Potkova ("Horseshoe") (1999) Federal Republic of Yugoslavia — Yugoslav army offensive against the KLA
  • Quadrant Canada — Canada's mission in Kosovo


  • Able Sentry (1993–94) United States — Berlin Brigade deployed as part of Multi-National United Nations Protection Forces (UNPROFOR) to the Republic of Macedonia to establish Camp Able Sentry and monitor sanctions imposed by NATO against Serbia/Kosovo.
  • Essential Harvest (2001) — month-long NATO mission of disarming ethnic Albanians in Macedonia
    • Forage Canada — Canadian contribution to NATO's Essential Harvest
  • Kinetic Canada — Canada's contribution to NATO's mission KFOR to secure Kosovo and Macedonia and to provide humanitarian needs to displaced persons
  • Echo Canada — Canada sending air forces to Aviano, Italy to enforce a no-fly zone over Balkan region (UNSFOR and UNKFOR)
  • Mountain Storm Republic of Macedonia — Macedonian special police operation against Albanian extremists (2007).


Persian Gulf War

  • Desert Shield (1990–91) United States — American buildup prior to Gulf War
  • Desert Storm (1991) — Gulf War
    • Granby United Kingdom — British codename for operations during Gulf War
    • Daguet France — French codename for operations during Gulf War
    • Damask AustraliaRoyal Australian Navy deployment to the Persian Gulf.
    • Tempesta nel Deserto Italy — Italian codename for operation during Gulf War
    • Desert Sabre United States — Proposed Marine landing on the coast of Iraq.
    • Determination (early 1998) Canada — Canadian deployment in the Persian Gulf to force Iraq to comply with United Nations inspection agreements.
  • Ace Guard (1991) — The (NATO) Allied Command Europe Mobile Force for Turkey South Border Reinforcement (based at Diyarbakir AFB)
  • Record (1991) Canada — Canadian mission to secure Iraqi-Kuwaiti border

Iraq (post-Gulf War)

  • Provide Comfort (1991–96) France Turkey United Kingdom United States — security and humanitarian aid to Kurds in northern Iraq and No-Fly Zone North of 36°N over Iraq.
    • Airone (1991) Italy — Italian codename for Operation Provide Comfort.
  • Southern Watch (1991-2003) France Saudi Arabia United Kingdom United States United Nations — No-Fly Zone South of 33°N over Iraq.
  • Desert Strike (1996) United States — retaliation attacks on Iraq.
  • Northern Watch (1997-2003) Turkey United Kingdom United States United NationsNo-Fly Zone North of 36°N over Iraq
  • Desert Fox (1998) United Kingdom United States — bombing campaign on Iraqi targets

Arab-Israeli Conflict

Global War on Terror and other associated activity

Afghanistan War

Iraq War

Other military counter-terrorist operations

Terrorist operations

  • Bojinka (1995) — aborted Al-Qaeda plot to bomb eleven aircraft over Asia, and/or assassinate Pope John Paul II in the Philippines.
  • Jibril (2001) — aborted Jemaah Islamiah plan to bomb US, Australian, Israeli and British targets in Singapore. Also known as Operation C.
  • Death Trains (2004) — unverified name given by Al-Qaeda for the Madrid train bombings.
  • Wagon (2003) — unverified name given by Al-Qaeda for an aborted plan to bomb the London Underground and attack Heathrow Airport.

Preventive counter-terrorist operations

  • Active Endeavour NATO naval forces in the Mediterranean.
  • Asparagus Investigation and arrest into suspected Islamist terrorists in Belgium by Belgian police.
  • Atlas (2003) — counter-terrorism initiatives implemented by the New York Police Department.
  • Crevice (2004) — British counterterrorism action.
  • Green Quest (2001) — US Customs anti-money laundering operations targeting Al-Barakat transactions.
  • Kratos (2002) — Development and implementation of "shoot-to-kill" anti-terrorist policies by the London Metropolitan Police.
  • Laverda (2003) — London Metropolitan Police surveillance operations against Islamist demonstrations.
  • Liberty Shield (2003) — Department of Homeland Security operations to enhance security at US installations, and to detain selected foreign nationals.
  • NYShield (2003) — New York state plan to secure transport centres and nodes.
  • Safe Commerce (2004) — Implementation of new measures and technology to improve maritime cargo screening.
  • Sirius (2005) — Canadian military participation in Operation Active Endeavour.
  • Vigilance (2001) — Counter-terrorist operations conducted by the state of Arizona.

Reactive counter-terrorist operations

  • Alliance (2002) — Australian and Indonsian joint investigations into the 2002 Bali bombings.
  • Bali Assist (2002) — Australian evacuation of killed and injured foreign nationals from Indonesia after the 2002 Bali bombings.
  • Seal (2004) — Arrest of suspected Islamist militants in Spain following the Madrid train bombings.
  • Support (September 11–14, 2001) — Canadian Forces operations after the September 11, 2001 attacks
  • Tigris (2004) — Spanish investigations into Islamist organisations in Spain.
  • Yellow Ribbon (2001) — Transport Canada's operations after the September 11, 2001 attacks


  • Abacus — Plan to use the Canadian Forces to maintain and restore vital public services in the event of disruption by the Year 2000 problem.
  • Artisan — Canadian Forces contribution to the Rinas Airfield Rehabilitation Project in Tirana, Albania
  • Breakwater [2] (????) — Australian air and sea operation targeting border incursions by foreign fishing boats off its northern coastline.
  • Bright Star — (1981) American exercise to reinforce allies in the middle east.
  • Chaperon — Canada's contribution to the United Nations of one military observer (UNMO).
  • Celesta — Australian naval surveillance in Australia's southern waters against illegal fishing.
  • Condor (1974) — Joint-operations by various South American countries, and supported by the United States, against dissidents in each other's borders.
  • Cranberry — Australian naval surveillance in Australia's northern waters against smuggling and illegal fishing.
  • Eclipse — deployment of Canadian soldiers to east Africa in support of the United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE)
  • Ezra and Nehemiah (aka Ali Baba) (1950-1952) — mass migration/airlift of Iraqi Jews to Israel
  • Flavius (1988) — SAS action against the IRA in Gibraltar
  • Fusion — Canada's combined contribution to Allied Harmony and Concordia
  • Garden Plot — US Army plan for assistance to civil authorities.
  • Highjump (1947) — US Naval expedition to Antarctica.
  • Nunalivut (2006) — Canadian naval deployment in the Arctic.
  • Parabellum (2007) Italian Mafia-Iraq arms deal investigation.
  • Power Geyser (2005) — Military security support to the 2005 Presidential inauguration.
  • Prudence — Canada's participation in the Mission des Nations Unies dans la République Centrafricaine (MINURCA)
  • Relex (2001) — Australian defence force operations to secure Australia's northern maritime approaches against illegal immigration. Reactivated in 2004 as Operation Relex II.
  • Sure Victory (1997) — Sri Lankan counter-insurgency operations against the Tamil Tigers.
  • Exercise Unified Spirit — large NATO exercise held every two years to train the armed forces of member nations in joint and combined operations.
  • Operation Vijay (1999) — Indian operations against Pakistan during the Kargil war that took place between May and July 1999 at Kargil district, Jammu & Kashmir, India.

Law Enforcement

Other operations

  • Ill Wind (1986–89) — FBI investigation into defense contractor bribery and fraud.
  • Midnight Jackal (2009) Pakistani coup attempt
  • Swamp 81 (1981) Metropolitan police operation that may have sparked the Brixton riots.

Humanitarian Operations

  • Central (1998) — Canada's assistance to Central America after the devastation of Hurricane Mitch
  • Anode (2000) — Australian military contribution as part of the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands.
  • Assistance (1997) — Canadian assistance to Manitoba after major flooding.
  • Hajji Baba (1952) — United States assistance to Hajj pilgrims.
  • Helpem Fren (2000) — Pidgin for helping friend, multinational assistance to the Solomon Islands under the aegis of RAMSI.
  • Hawkeye (20 September 1989 - 17 November 1989) — Canada's assistance to St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands after the devastation of Hurricane Hugo
  • Navy Help Darwin (1974) — Australian Naval assistance to Darwin after Cyclone Tracy.
  • Pakistan Assist (2005) — Australian Defence Force humanitarian operations providing support after the 2005 Kashmir earthquake.
  • Peregrine — British Columbia forest fire fighting assistance by soldiers
  • Persistence (1998) — Canadian operation at Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia to recover bodies after crash of SwissAir Flight 111
  • Recuperation (1998) — Canadian assistance after major snowstorms in eastern Canada
  • Sumatra Assist (2005) — Australian Defence Force humanitarian operations following the 2005 Sumatra earthquake.
  • Torrent (1999) — Canadian assistance after earthquake in Turkey
  • Lichi (2000) — South African rescue operations in Mozambique after major flooding due to Cyclone Eline
  • 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake
    • Australia
    • India
      • Sea Wave Which included:
        • Mother (mainland relief)
        • Mandat (Andaman and Nicobar Islands)
        • Rainbow (Sri Lanka)
        • Castor (Maldives)
        • Ghambir (Indonesia)
  • Dorca French assistance in Darfur in 2004
  • Unison Canadian response to Hurricane Katrina


Non-military operations

  • Bojinkaterrorist plot by al-Qaida members Ramzi Yousef and Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, foiled in 1995
  • Clambake — anti-Scientology
  • Red Dog — Foiled invasion of Dominica

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