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This is a list of military aircraft used by the Central Powers in World War I

Fighters and interceptors

Bomber and ground attack

Patrol and reconnaissance



Aircraft producers

Aircraft designation codes

A Artilleriebeobachtungsflugzeug artillery observation aircraft, single seat monoplane trainer or reconnaissance aircraft
B Beobachtungsflugzeug reconnaissance aircraft, two-seat, unarmed, after 1915 used as trainers only
C reconnaissance aircraft, two-seat, armed, occasionally used as bomber, usually biplanes
CL light, two-seat biplane, used as fighter, trainer or ground attack aircraft
D Doppeldecker biplane, single engined, single seat fighter (later, for all fighter aircraft)
Dr. Dreidecker triplane, single engined, single seat fighter
E Eindecker monoplane, single engined, single seat fighter (use abandoned after Fokker E.V)
G Großflugzeug big aircraft, twin engined, multi-seat bomber
R Riesenflugzeug giant aircraft, four engined, multi-seat long range bomber
J (I) Infanterieflugzeug Close-support/ground attack aircraft meant to support army movements, usually with an armored fuselage
N Nachtflugzeug aircraft for operation at night
W Wasserflugzeug seaplane, single seat fighter
LW leichtes Wasserflugzeug light seaplane, single seat fighter

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