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This list of military aircraft of Japan includes prototype, pre-production and operational types regardless of era. This includes both native Japanese designs, Japanese produced copies of foreign designs, and foreign-produced aircraft that served in the military of Japan.

Wikipedia policy is to use the Japanese names, not the World War II Allied codenames, although these will included here for ease of reference. The prefix "Ki" in this list is an abbreviation of "Kitai", meaning "airframe", and was used only by the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force. "Ki" should be read as one word.

(Note: a " - " means the information is unknown, not yet added, or not applicable.)

Modern (post 1945)

See also: Japan Air Self-Defense Force; the J.A.S.D.F was formed in 1954.


Military aircraft of Japan post–1945
Designation Total In Service Role/Info
North American F-86F "Kyokko" ("Sunrise") 435 1955–1982 Fighter; North American/North American kit/Mitsubishi licence production.
North American F-86D "Kyokko" ("Sunrise") 122 1958–1968 Fighter; North American.
Lockheed F-104J "Eiko" ("Glory") 210 1966–1986 Fighter; Lockheed/Lockheed kits/Mitsubishi licence production.
Lockheed F-104DJ "Eiko" ("Glory") 20 1966–1986 Two-seat version (training); all Lockheed kits.
McDonnell Douglas/Mitsubishi F-4EJ 140 1971–1995 Fighter; (138 Mitsubishi manufactured).
Mitsubishi F-4EJ Kai 96 1989– Improved variant; last 'J' overhauled to Kai standard in 1995; (Kai = 'improved').
Mitsubishi F-1 77 1977–2006 Single-seat fighter version of the T-2; modeled on SEPECAT Jaguar features, but not technical design.
Mitsubishi F-2 98 2000– Fighter; based on the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon, replacing F-1.
Mitsubishi F-15J 223 1981– Fighter; 12 built by McDonnell Douglas, the rest by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.
Mitsubishi F-15DJ 48 1981– Two-seat version (training).

Reconnaissance aircraft

Military aircraft of Japan post–1945
Designation Total In Service Role/Info
North American RF-86F 18 1961–? Unarmed Photo reconnaissance
Beechcraft C90 King Air 1 1974–2010 Photo survey
McDonnell Douglas RF-4E 10 1974– Unarmed reconnaissance
Mitsubishi RF-4EJ 15 1990– F-4EJs modified to replace lost RF-4Es; adapted for reconnaissance pods, including: TACER (electronic reconnaissance pod with datalink), TAC (pod with KS-135A and KS-95B cameras), D-500UR IR detection system, and the LOROP pod (with a KS-146B camera).

Patrol aircraft

Military aircraft of Japan post–1945
Designation Total In Service Role/Info
Grumman S2F-1 "Aotaka" 60 1957–1984 Patrol
Lockheed P2V-7 "Owashi" 64 1959–1981 Patrol
Kawasaki P-2J 82 1966–1998 Patrol, based on the P2V Neptune
ShinMaywa PS-1 21 1971–1989 Patrol & anti-submarine flying boat
ShinMaywa US-1/US-1A 19 1975– Search and rescue flying boat
Lockheed P-3C 110 1981– Patrol
ShinMaywa US-2 3-(14) 2007- Search and rescue flying boat
Kawasaki P-1 (80) (est. 2011) Maritime patrol

Airborne Early Warning aircraft

Military aircraft of Japan post–1945
Airborne Early Warning
Designation Total In Service Role/Info
Grumman E-2C 13 1983– Airborne early warning plane
Boeing E-767 4 1999– Early warning radar aircraft


Military aircraft of Japan post–1945
Designation Total In Service Role/Info
Boeing KC-767J 4 2011– Air-refueling tanker


Military aircraft of Japan post–1945
Designation Total In Service Role/Info
Curtiss C-46 Commando 48 1954–1978 Transport
NAMC YS-11 23 1965– Airliner and cargo transport
Beech King Air C90 LC-90 5 1974– Liaison
Kawasaki C-1 31 1975– Transport
Mitsubishi MU-2 53 1967–2008 Utility transport and search & rescue; includes 20 LR–1 liaison and photo-reconnaissance variants
Lockheed C-130H 16 1983– Transport
Boeing 747-47C 2 1992– VIP transport (see: Japanese Air Force One)
British Aerospace U–125/U–125A (27) 1992– Liaison and search & rescue
Gulfstream U-4 5 1997– Transport
Beechcraft LR-2 6 1998– Communications
Kawasaki C-2 (44) (est. 2012) Transport (Replacing Kawasaki C–1 and Lockheed C–130H)


Military aircraft of Japan post–1945
Designation Total In Service Role/Info
Lockheed T-33 "Wakataka" 287 1954–2000 Trainer
Kawasaki KAL-2 - 1954– Trainer and liaison plane
North American T-6 Texan 232 1954–1970 Trainer
Fuji LM-1 Nikko 134 1955–1983 Trainer and liaison plane; license-built T-34 Mentor
Fuji T-1 "Hatsutaka" 64 1960–2006 Advanced jet trainer
Fuji LM-2/KM-2 66 1962–1998 Trainer and liaison plane (including 2 TL–1 army trainers)
Beechcraft Queen Air "Umibato" 28 1963–2000 Communications and navigation trainer
Beechcraft TC-90 34 1974– Multi-engine trainer
Mitsubishi T-2/T-2A 96 1975–2006 2-seat advanced jet trainer, modeled on SEPECAT Jaguar features, but not technical design.
Fuji T-3 (KM-2B) 50 1978–2007 Trainer
Learjet U-36A 6 1985– Combat support variant of the Learjet 35A
Kawasaki T-4 "Dolphin" 208 1988– Subsonic jet trainer
Fuji T-5 (KM-2D) 36 1988– Turboprop trainer
Beechjet T-400 13 1994– Crew trainer
Fuji T-7 (KM-2F) 49 2002– Turboprop trainer formerly KM-2F.

Research aircraft

Military aircraft of Japan post–1945
Research aircraft
Designation Total In Service Role/Info
SAAB X1G 1 1957–1987 STOL research, flight test assistance, liaison
ShinMaywa UF-XS 1 1963–1967 research
Kawasaki P2V-7 VSA 1 1977–1982 Variable Stability Aircraft research
Mitsubishi T-2 CCV 1 1984–1998 Control Configured Vehicle research
MBB/Kawasaki BK 117 2 1985– Flight test assistance, liaison
Mitsubishi ATD-X Shinshin - - research advanced technology fighter


Military aircraft of Japan post–1945
Designation Total In Service Role/Info
Sikorsky H-19 - 1954 Light helicopter
Bell H-13 - 1954 Light helicopter
Kawasaki KH-4 19 1965 3-seat version of Bell Model 47G
Kawasaki-Vertol KV-107II 120 1966–2009 Medium transport helicopter
Bell UH-1B/H "Hiyodori" 90/133 1962– Light multi-purpose helicopter
Fuji UH-1J 100-(120) 1993- Light multi-purpose helicopter based on UH-1H
Hughes OH-6 Cayuse 332 1969- Light observation helicopter
Hughes TH-55J 38 1971-1995 Trainer
Bell AH-1S Cobra 88 1979- Attack Helicopter
Boeing CH-47J/CH-47JA 32 1988– Large transport helo; Kawasaki Licensed production; JA long range version
Mitsubishi RP-1 - 1994 Transport
Kawasaki OH-1"Ninja" 31 2000– Reconnaissance-light observation helicopter (Kongata Kansoko); first flight in 1996; replacing OH-6
Boeing AH-64D 12 2007– Attack Helicopter; JSDF approved order in 1999
Sikorsky UH-60J/JA 47 1990– Multi-purpose helicopter
Mitsubishi SH-60J 70 1991– Anti-Submarine Helicopter
Mitsubishi SH-60K (50) 2005– Anti-Submarine Helicopter repracing SH-60J
Sikorsky MH-53E 11 1989– Minesweeping
Sikorsky HSS-2/S-61 "Chidori" 185 1963–2008 Anti-submarine warfare, Transport and Search-and-Rescue
AgustaWestland MCH-101/CH-101 14 2007– Minesweeping/Transport replacing MH-53E
Eurocopter TH-135 (15) 2009– Trainer


See also Imperial Japanese Navy and Imperial Japanese Army


Military aircraft of Japan pre-1945
Designation Name Allied codename Year Prod Info
Nakajima Army Type 91 Fighter 1931 450 parasol monoplane fighter
Army Type 92 Model 1 Fighter 1932 385 Kawasaki KDA-5
Kawasaki Ki-10 九五式戦闘機 Perry 1935 588 Army Type 95 fighter
Nakajima Ki-27 九七式戦闘機 Nate 1936 3,368 Army Type 97 Fighter
Nakajima Ki-43 一式戦闘機 隼 Hayabusa Oscar 1939 5,919 Army Type 1 Fighter
Nakajima Ki-44 二式単座戦闘機 鍾馗 Shoki Tojo 1940 1,225 Army Type 2 Single-Seat Fighter
Kawasaki Ki-45 二式複座戦闘機 屠龍 Toryu Nick 1939 1,701 Army Type 2 Two-Seat Fighter
Kawasaki Ki-60 1940 3 Army interceptor powered by DB 601 engine
Kawasaki Ki-61 三式戦闘機 飛燕 Hien Tony 1941 3,078 Army Type 3 Fighter
Kawasaki Ki-64 Rob 1943 1 Army tandem engine fighter
Mitsubishi Ki-73 Steve 1943 0 Army single engine fighter
Mitsubishi Ki-83 1944 4 Army twin-engine escort fighter
Nakajima Ki-84 四式戦闘機 疾風 Hayate Frank 1943 3,514 Army Type 4 Fighter
Nakajima Ki-87 1945 1 Army high-altitide fighter
Rikugun Ki-93 1945 1 Army twin engine fighter
Tachikawa Ki-94-I 1945 1 Army high-altitide fighter
Tachikawa Ki-94-II 1945 1 Army high-altitide fighter
Kawasaki Ki-96 1943 3 Army twin-engine fighter
Kawasaki Ki-100 五式戦闘機 1945 121 Army Type 5 Fighter
Kawasaki Ki-102 - Randy 1944 238 Army Type 4 Two-Engined Fighter/Assault Plane/Night Fighter
Kawasaki Ki-108 1944 4 Army twin engine high-altitude fighter (derivative of Ki-102)
Mitsubishi Ki-109 試作特殊防空戦闘機 1944 22 Army Experimental heavy fighter interceptor
Mitsubishi Ki-200 秋水 Shusui 1945 5 Army experimental rocket interceptor
Nakajima Ki-201 火龍 Karyū 1945 0 Army Jet Fighter Karyū
Mitsubishi Ki-202 秋水改 Shusui-kai 1945 0 Army experimental rocket interceptor
Nakajima A1N 1930 151 Navy Type 3 Carrier Fighter
Nakajima A2N 1930 166 Navy Type 90 Carrier-based fighter
Nakajima A4N 1935 221 Navy Type 95 Carrier-based fighter
Mitsubishi A5M 九六式艦上戦闘機 Claude 1935 1,094 Navy Type 96 Carrier Fighter
Mitsubishi A6M 零式艦上戦闘機 零戦 Reisen Zero; Zeke; Hap 1939 11,000 Navy Type 0 Carrier Fighter
Mitsubishi A7M 烈風 Reppu Sam 1944 8 Navy Experimental 17-shi Ko (A) Type Carrier Fighter Reppu/Navy Experimental 17-shi Otsu (B) Type Carrier Fighter Reppu Kai
Nakajima J1N 月光 Gekko Irving 1941 429 Navy Type 2 Night Fighter
Mitsubishi J2M 雷電 Raiden Jack 1942 621 Navy Interceptor Fighter Raiden
Nakajima J5N 天雷 Tenrai 1944 6 Navy Experimental 18-shi Otsu (B) Type Interceptor Fighter Tenrai
Kyushu J7W 震電 Shinden 1945 1 Kyushu Navy Experimental 18-Shi Otsu (B) Type Interceptor Fighter Shinden
Mitsubishi J8M 秋水 Shusui 1945 5 Navy Experimental 19-shi Rocket-Powered Interceptor Fighter Shusui
Kawanishi N1K1 強風 Kyōfū Rex 1942 Navy Fighter Seaplane Kyofu
Kawanishi N1K1-J 紫電 Shiden George 1943 ca. 600 Navy Interceptor Fighter Shiden, landplane derivative of the N1K
Kawanishi N1K2-J 紫電 Shiden-Kai George 1944 428 Navy Interceptor Fighter Shiden Kai, improved N1K1-J
Aichi S1A 電光 Denko Irving 1945 0 Navy experimental twin engine night fighter
Kawanishi P1Y1-S Byakko Frances 1944 97 Navy night-fighter derivative of the Yokosuka P1Y bomber
Kawanishi P1Y2-S 極光 Kyokko Frances 1944 97 Navy night-fighter derivative of the Yokosuka P1Y1-S Byakko


Military aircraft of Japan pre-1945
Designation Name Allied codename Year Prod Info
Mitsubishi Ki-1 九三式重爆撃機 1933 118 Army Type 93-1 Heavy Bomber
Mitsubishi Ki-1-II 九三式重爆撃機 1933 101 Army Type 93-2 Heavy Bomber
Mitsubishi Ki-2 九三式双発軽爆撃機 Louise 1933 174 Army Type 93-1 Twin-engined Light Bomber
Mitsubishi Ki-2-II 九三式双発軽爆撃機 Louise 1933 174 Army Type 93-2 Twin-engined Light Bomber
Kawasaki Ki-3 九三式単発軽爆撃機 1933 243 Army Type 93-1 Single-engine Light Bomber
Nakajima Ki-19 1937 4 Army Type 97 Heavy Bomber
Mitsubishi Ki-20 九二式重爆撃機 1931 6 Army Type 92 Heavy Bomber
Mitsubishi Ki-21 九七式重爆撃機 Sally/Gwen 1936 2,064 Army Type 97 Heavy Bomber, 'MC-21'
Mitsubishi Ki-30 九七式軽爆撃機 Ann 1937 686 Army Type 97 Light bomber.
Kawasaki Ki-32 九八式軽爆撃機 Mary 1937 854 Army Type 98 Single-engine Light Bomber
Kawasaki Ki-48 九九式双発軽爆撃機 Lily 1939 1,677 Army Type 99 Twin-engined Light Bomber
Nakajima Ki-49 一〇〇式重爆撃機 呑龍 Donryu Helen 1939 763 Army Type 100 Heavy Bomber Model 1
Mitsubishi Ki-51 九九式襲撃機/軍偵察機 Sonia 1939 1,472 Army Type 99 Assault plane/Reconnaissance plane
Tachikawa Ki-54 Hickory 1940   Army Type 1 Patrol Bomber
Kawasaki Ki-66 1942 6 Army dive bomber
Mitsubishi Ki-67 四式重爆撃機 飛龍 Hiryū Peggy 1942 606 Type 4 Heavy Bomber Hiryū
Tachikawa Ki-74 Patsy 1944 14 Army long-range bomber, reconnaissance
Kawasaki Ki-102 四式襲撃機 Randy Army Type 4 Assault plane
Nakajima Ki-115 Tsurugi 1945 105 Shinpu Army Special Attacker Tsurugi
Mitsubishi 1MT 1922 Navy Type 12 Carrier-Borne Attack Plane
Mitsubishi B1M 一三式艦攻 1923 443 Navy Type 13 Carrier-Borne Attack Plane
Mitsubishi B2M1 八九式艦攻 1932 206 Navy Type 89-1 Model 1 Carrier Attack Plane
Mitsubishi B2M2 八九式艦攻 1932 206 Navy Type 89-2 Model 2 Carrier Attack Plane
Yokosuka B4Y 九六式艦攻 Jean 1935 205 Navy Type 96 Carrier Attack Bomber
Nakajima B5N 九七式艦攻 Kate 1937 ~1150 Navy Type 97 No.1 Carrier Attack Bomber
Mitsubishi B5M 九七式二号艦攻 Mabel 1936 270 Navy Type 97 No.2 Carrier Attack Bomber
Nakajima B6N 天山 Tenzan Jill 1941 1268 Navy Carrier Attack Bomber Tenzan
Aichi B7A 流星 Ryusei Grace 1942 114 Navy Carrier Attack bomber Ryusei
Aichi D1A 九四式艦爆 Susie 1934 590 Navy Type 94 Dive Bomber
Aichi D3A 九九式艦爆 Val 1938 1486 Navy Type 99 Dive Bomber
Yokosuka D4Y 彗星 Suisei Judy 1940 2038 Navy Carrier Bomber Suisei
Hiro G2H 1933 8 Navy Type 95 Attack Bomber
Mitsubishi G3M 九六式陸攻 Nell 1934 1048 Navy Type 96 Attack Plane
Mitsubishi G4M 一式陸攻 Betty 1939 2435 Navy Type 1 Attack Plane
Nakajima G5N 深山 Shinzan Liz 1941 6 Navy Experimental 13-shi Attack Bomber Shinzan
Nakajima G8N 連山 Renzan Rita 1944 4 Navy Experimental 18-shi Attack Bomber Renzan
Nakajima G10N 富岳 Fugaku 1944 0 Navy Experimental Super Heavy Bomber Fugaku
Nakajima J9Y 橘花 Kikka 1945 2 Navy jet fighter Kōkoku Nigō Heiki (皇国二号兵器, "Imperial Weapon No.2")
Yokosuka MXY7 桜花 Ohka Baka 1944 850 Navy Suicide Attacker Ohka
Yokosuka P1Y 銀河 Ginga Frances 1943 1002 Navy Bomber Ginga
Kyushu Q1W 東海 Tokai Lorna 1943 153 Navy anti-submarine patrol bomber


Military aircraft of Japan pre-1945
Designation Name Allied codename Year Prod Info
Nakajima Ki-34 九七式輸送機 Thora 1936 318 Army Type 97 Transport
Tachikawa Ki-54 Hickory 1940 Army Type 1 Transport Model C
Kawasaki Ki-56 一式貨物輸送機 Thalia 1940 121 Army Type 1 Cargo aircraft
Mitsubishi Ki-57 一〇〇式輸送機 Topsy 1939 100 Army Type 100 Transport Model 1, 'MC-20', 'L4M'
Mitsubishi Ki-57-II 一〇〇式輸送機 Topsy 306 Army Type 100 Transport Model 2, 'MC-20-II'
Kokusai Ki-59 一式輸送機 Theresa 1939 59 Army Type 1 Transport
Nakajima LXD-1 1939 1 Navy Experimental Type D Transport
Hitachi LXG-1 Liaison and communication
Nakajima L1N 九七式輸送機 Thora 1936 Navy Type 97 Transport
Mitsubishi L4M 一〇〇式輸送機 Topsy 1939 Navy Type 100 Transport Model 2, 'MC-20', 'Ki-57'
Showa L2D1 Tabby 1941 2 Navy Type D1 Transport (Also built by Nakajima)
Showa L2D2 Tabby Navy Type 0 Transport Model 11
Showa L2D3 Tabby Navy Type 0 Transport Model 22
Showa L2D4 Tabby Navy Type 0 Transport Model 23
Showa L2D5 Tabby 1 Navy Type 0 Transport Model 33
Mitsubishi L3Y Tina 1941 Navy Type 96 Transport
Nakajima L1N1 Thora Navy Type AT-2 Transport
Mitsubishi L4M1 1940 Navy Type 0 Transport
Mitsubishi G6M1-L Betty Armed Transport
Mitsubishi G6M2-L Betty Armed Transport
Mitsubishi K3M3-L Pine Light Transport Seaplane
Kawanishi E11K1 2 Navy Type 96 Transport Flying Boat
Kawanishi H6K2-L 九七式大型飛行艇 Mavis 16 Type 97 Navy Transport Flying Boat
Kawanishi H6K4-L 九七式大型飛行艇 Mavis 22 Transport Flying Boat
Kawanishi H6K3 九七式大型飛行艇 Mavis 2 Transport Flying Boat
Kawanishi H8K2-L 二式大型飛行艇 Seiku Emily 36 Navy Type 2 Transport Flying Boat, Model 32
Nakajima G5N2-L Shinzan Liz 4 Shinzan-Kai Model 12 Transport
Nihon L7P1 0 Navy Experimental 13-Shi Small Amphibious Transport

Reconnaissance aircraft

Military aircraft of Japan pre-1945
Observation, Reconnaissance and Liaison
Designation Name Allied codename Year Prod Info
Mitsubishi C1M 1932 159 Navy Type 10 Carrier Reconnaissance Plane (Mitsubishi 2MR1 / 2MR2)
Mitsubishi 2MR7 1932 Army Reconnaissance Plane (derived from The Mitsubishi 2MR)
Mitsubishi 2MR8 九二式偵察機 1932 230 Army Type92 Reconnaissance Plane (NOT related to the Mitsubishi 2MR)
Nakajima Ki-4 九四式偵察機 1934 383 Army Type 94 Direct Co-operation Plane
Mitsubishi Ki-15 九七式司令部偵察機 Babs 1936 ~500 Army Type 97 Army HQ reconnaissance plane
Mitsubishi C5M 九八式陸上偵察機 Babs 1936 ~500 Navy Type 98 Reconnaissance Plane
Tachikawa Ki-36 九八式直接協同偵察機 Ida 1938 1,333 Army Type 98 Direct Co-operation Plane
Mitsubishi Ki-46 一〇〇式司令部偵察機 Dinah 1939 1,742 Army Type 100 Army HQ reconnaissance plane
Tachikawa Ki-70 Clara 1943 3 Army reconnaissance Plane
Kokusai Ki-76 三式指揮連絡機 Stella 1941 - Army Type 3 Command Liaison Plane
Nakajima C3N 1936 2 Type 97 Carrier Reconnaissance Aircraft
Nakajima C6N 彩雲 Saiun Myrt 1943 463 Navy Carrier Reconnaissance Plane Saiun
Yokosuka R2Y 景雲 Keiun 1945 1 Navy Experimental 18-Shi Reconnaissance Plane Keiun


Military aircraft of Japan pre-1945
Designation Name Allied codename Year Info
Aichi M6A1-K 南山 Nanzan 1945 Navy Special Attack Training Bomber Nanzan
Kyushu K10W1 Oak 1943 Navy Type 2 Intermediate Trainer
Kyushu K11W 白菊 Shiragiku 1942 Navy Operations Trainer Shiragiku
Mitsubishi K3M Pine 1930 Navy Type 90 Crew Training Plane
Mitsubishi Ki-7 Pine 1930 Army Experimental Crew Trainer
Tachikawa Ki-9 九五式一型練習機 Spruce 1935 Army Type 95-1 Medium Grade Trainer
Tachikawa Ki-17 九五式三型練習機 Cedar 1935 Army Type 95-3 Basic Grade Trainer Model A
Tachikawa Ki-54 一式双発高等練習機 Hickory 1940 Army Type 1 Twin-engine advanced trainer
Tachikawa Ki-54 Hickory 1940 Army Type 1 Operations Trainer
Tachikawa Ki-55 九九式高等練習機 Ida 1939 Army Type 99 Advanced Trainer
Mansyu Ki-79 二式高等練習機 Army Type 2 Advanced trainer
Yokosuka K2Y 1929
Yokosuka K5Y 九三式中間練習機 Willow 1933 Navy Type 93 Intermediate Trainer
Yokosuka MXY8 秋草 Akigusa 1945 Navy Experimental Training Glider Akigusa
Yokosuka MXY9 秋火 Shuka 1945 Navy Experimental Trainer Shuka

Flying boats/seaplanes

Military aircraft of Japan pre-1945
Flying Boats and Seaplanes
Designation Name Allied codename Year Prod Info
Aichi E3A 1930 Navy Type 90-1 Reconnaissance Seaplane
Aichi E11A Laura 1937 17 Navy Type 98 Night Reconnaissance Seaplane
Aichi E13A 零式水上偵察機 Jake 1940 1,418 Navy Type 0 Reconnaissance Seaplane
Aichi E16A 瑞雲 Zuiun Paul 1942 256 Navy Reconnaissance Seaplane Zuiun
Aichi H9A 二式練習飛行艇 1940 31 Navy Type 2 Training Flying Boat
Aichi M6A 晴嵐 Seiran 1943 28 Submarine-based, Navy Special Attack Bomber Seiran
Hiro H1H 65 Navy Type 15 Flying Boat
Hiro H2H 1932 17 Navy Type 89 Flying Boat
Hiro H4H 1933 47 Navy Type 91 Flying Boat
Kawanishi E7K 九四式水上偵察機 Alf 1933 533 Type 94 Reconnaissance Seaplane
Kawanishi E11K 1937 2 Navy Type 96 Transport Flying Boat
Kawanishi H6K1/5 九七式大型飛行艇 Mavis 1936 217 Navy Type 97 Flying Boat
Kawanishi H6K2-L/4-L Mavis 1940 36 Navy Type 97 Transport Flying Boat
Kawanishi H8K1/4 二式大型飛行艇 Emily 1941 131 Navy Type 2 Flying Boat
Kawanishi H8K2-L 晴空 Seiku Emily 1943 36 Navy Type 2 Transport Flying Boat Seiku
Kawanishi E15K1 紫雲 Shiun Norm 1941 15 Navy Type 2 High-Speed Reconnaissance Seaplane Shiun Model 11
Kawanishi N1K1 強風 Kyofu Rex 1942 97 Navy Fighter Seaplane Kyofu
Mitsubishi F1M 零式水上観測機 Pete 1936 1118 Navy Type 0 Observation Seaplane
Nakajima E2N1/2 一五式水上偵察機 1929 80 Navy Type 15-1/15-2 Reconnaissance Floatplane
Nakajima E4N 1930 153 Navy Type 90-2 Reconnaissance Seaplane
Nakajima E8N Dave 1934 753 Navy Type 95 Reconnaissance Seaplane Model 1
Nakajima A6M2-N Rufe 1942 327 Navy Type 2 Fighter Seaplane
Watanabe E9W Slim 1938 35 Navy Type 96 Small Reconnaissance Seaplane
Yokosuka E1Y 1926 Navy Type 14-1 Reconnaissance Seaplane
Yokosuka E5Y 1930 Navy Experimental Type 14-2 Kai-1 Reconnaissance Seaplane
Yokosuka E6Y 1932 Navy Type 91 Reconnaissance Seaplane
Yokosuka E14Y 零式小型水上偵察機 Glen 1939 126 Submarine-based, Navy Type 0 Small Reconnaissance Seaplane
Yokosuka H5Y 九九式飛行艇 Cherry 1936 50 Navy Type 99 Flying Boat


Military aircraft of Japan pre-1945
Designation Name Allied codename Year Prod Info
Kayaba Ka-1 カ号観測機 1941 50 Ka-Gō Artillery-spotter

Experimental aircraft

Military aircraft of Japan pre-1945
Designation Name Allied codename Year Prod Info
Kawasaki Ki-78 研三高速研究機 1942 1 High-speed Research Plane
Tachikawa Ki-77 A26長距離機 1942 2 Long-range Research Plane
Tachikawa SS-1 ロ式B型高高度研究機 1943 2 High-altitude Research Plane

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