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Medieval weapons varied from simple tools, like arrows, to complex engines of emerging medieval warfare technology, like cannons. The most used weapons were daggers, axes, clubs and spears, while swords were typically only used by knights and their retainers or by men wealthy enough to afford them.

Medieval Daggers and Knives

  1. Baselard
  2. Cinquedea
  3. Ear dagger
  4. Großes Messer
  5. Katar
  6. Mercygiver
  7. Poniard
  8. Rondel
  9. Scramasax
  10. Sgian
  11. Stiletto
  12. Dirk
  13. Anelace
  14. Sai (weapon)


Swords can be single or double-bladed edges. The blade can be straight or curved.

Blunt or Cleaving Weapons

Pick weapons

Spear and other Polearm and Poleaxe Weapons


Siege engine



Medieval fortifications also developed in connection with the weapons that opposed them.

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