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The following is a list of massacres that occurred during the Bosnian War.

Name Date Location Deaths Description
Sijekovac killings March 1992 Sijekovac, near Bosanski Brod 20[1]-47[2]-59[3] Bosniak and Croat military units clashed with Bosnian-Serb soldiers and civilians. Republika Srpska reported 47 killed, but 59 bodies were later found, including 18 children.[3] Helsinki Watch reported that 20 were killed in March 1992, while other bodies were killed later in the war.
Bijeljina massacre 1–2 April 1992 Bijeljina 48–1,000 Up to 1,000 Bosniaks killed by Arkan's Tigers, under the command of the Serb-controleld JNA[4]
Foča massacres 7 April 1992 – January 1994 Foča 2,704 Thousands of Bosniak civilians killed by Serb military, police and paramilitary forces. In a 1997 judgement against Novislav Đajić, the Bavarian Appeals Chamber ruled that the killings in which he was involved in June 1992 were acts of genocide.[5]
Višegrad massacres 1992 Višegrad 3,000 Mass murder of 1,000-3,000 Bosniaks during the ethnic cleansing of eastern Bosnia by Serb police and military forces.
Prijedor massacre 1992 Prijedor 5,200 After the Srebrenica genocide, it is the second largest massacre committed during the Bosnian War.
Zvornik massacre 1992-1995 Zvornik 700-900 Mass murder and violence committed against Bosniaks and other non-Serb civilians by Serb paramilitary groups
Snagovo massacre 29 April 1992 Snagovo 36 Serbs capture and kill 36 Bosniak civilians who were hiding in the woods. The corpses were burned in an effort to conceal the crime.
Glogova massacre 9 May 1992 Glogova 64 Serbs kill 64 Bosniak civilians.
Čemerno massacre 10 June 1992 Čemerno, Ilijaš (near Sarajevo) 29-32 Bosnian Croats killed 29-32 Serb civilians in Čemerno[6]
Ahatovići massacre 14 June 1992 Ahatovići 47 Serbs[Clarification needed] kill 47 captured Bosniak soldiers.
Barimo massacre 2 August 1992 Barimo 26 The entire village of Barimo was razed by the Serbs; 26 Bosniaks were killed.
Sjeverin massacre 22 October 1992 Višegrad 16 16 Bosniak citizens of Serbia from the village of Sjeverin abducted from a Serbian bus in the village of Mioče, on Bosnian territory. The abductees were taken to the Vilina Vlas hotel in Višegrad where they were tortured before being taken to the Drina River and executed.
Duša massacre 15 January 1993 Duša near Gornji Vakuf 10 Croatian Defence Council (HVO) artillery bombardment kills 10 Bosniak civilians[7]
Štrpci massacre 27 February 1993 Priboj 19 Massacre of 19 non-Serbs (18 Bosniaks, one Croat) taken from a Belgrade-Bar train at Štrpci station near Višegrad, on Bosnian territory.
Srebrenica Children Massacre 12 April 1993 Srebrenica 62 62 children among the victims when the elementary school in Srebrenica, eastern Bosnia, was shelled by the Army of Republika Srpska in April 1993.
Trusina killings 16 April 1993 Trusina 22 Bosnian Army killed 22 Croats
Ahmići massacre 16 April 1993 Ahmići 116 Bosnian Croats kill 116 Bosniak civilians.[8]
Doljani Massacre 17 April 1993 Doljani and Sovići n/a Bosnian Croat forces kill a number of Bosniaks in the villages of Doljani and Sovići.[9]
Miletići massacre 24 April 1993 Travnik 5 BiH Army kills 5 Croats
Mokronoge Massacre 10 August 1993 Mokronoge, near Tomislavgrad 9 Bosnian Croats kill 9 Bosniaks in Mokronoge.[10][11]
Grabovica massacre 8 September 1993 Grabovica 13 13 Croat civilians killed by the Bosnian Army.[12]
Uzdol massacre 14 September 1993 Uzdol 60 BiH Army kills 60 Croats
Stupni Do massacre 23 October 1993 Stupni Do 37 Croatian Defence Council (HVO) kills 37 Bosniak civilians.[13]
Križančevo selo massacre 22 December 1993 Vitez 74 BiH Army kills 74 Croats
Buhine Kuće massacre 9 January 1994 Vitez 26 BiH Army kills 26 Croats
Tuzla Massacre 25 May 1995 Tuzla 71 71 killed, 240 injured
Srebrenica massacre 11–13 July 1995 Srebrenica 8,373 The Preliminary List of People Missing or Killed in Srebrenica compiled by the Bosnian Federal Commission of Missing Persons contains 8,373 names.[14] While the overwhelming majority of them were men, some 500 were under 18,[15] and victims include several dozen women and girls.[16][17]

As of July 2011, 6,598 victims have been identified through DNA analysis of body parts recovered from mass graves[18] and 5,138 victims have been buried at the Memorial Centre of Potočari.[19][20]


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