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Modern equipment of the Royal Moroccan Army is a list of equipment currently in service with the Moroccan Army. Sources are the United States Excess Defense Articles (EDA) Database [1] INSS Israel's Middle East Military Balance,[2] World Small Arms Inventory,[3] SIPRI Trade registres[4] and the Military Balance in the Middle East by CSIS,[5] and Army-Guide.

Infantry Equipment

Royal Moroccan Army honor platoon

Moroccan jeeps, armed with anti-tank weapons (UNOSOM II)

Moroccan Soldiers with Olive Drab Battle Uniform and SPECTRA helmet.


Moroccan soldiers pose for a photograph during African Lion 2007.

M109A5 Howitzer from the Moroccan 15th Royal Artillery Group

M109A5 Howitzer Crews from the Moroccan 15th Royal Artillery Group.

Moroccan M60A3 during a 2006 Army expo

M163 VADS of the Royal Moroccan Army during a 2006 Army Expo

The Royal Moroccan Army employs various individual weapons to provide light firepower at short ranges. The main weapons used by the army are the AK-47 variants (Chinese Type 56, Romanian AIM/AIMS, Egyptian Misr, Finnish Valmet M76, Yugoslav Zastava M70AB2) in the Southern Sector, and the G3A3, FN FAL/FN CAL and M16A1/A2/A4 in the Northern Sector. The AK-74/ AKS-74U, SAR 21, AK-103, Steyr AUG A1/A2/A3 and MP5A3 are used by different units as the Paratroopers, the Royal Guard, Security Forces and others units in the Navy and Air force.

The sidearms in the RMA are the MAB PA-15 for Active service, and Beretta 92 for specialized forces (Paratroopers, SpecForces, Security Forces, etc.)

Many units are supplemented with a variety of specialized weapons, those are the M249, HK11A1, FN Minimi, FALO-50-41, Ultimax 100, PK/PKM, RPD and RPK-74 to provide suppressive fire at the fire-team level. The M14NM and EBR are used by long-range marksmen, and the M82A1, the FR-F2, and the PGM Ultima Ratio are used by snipers. The Army also uses Automatic grenade launchers (AGLs) such as the CIS 40 AGL or the Mk 47 Striker[6] both used on VAMTACs LUVs (Light Utility Vehicles) and handled by infantry units.

Other weapons used for training, exercises or parades are :

Crew served weapons

Coaxial Machine Guns and Automatic cannons:

The army uses different types of mortars for indirect fire support when heavier artillery may not be appropriate or available. The smallest of these are the 60mm M2 and MO 60. At the next higher echelon, the support can come from the 107mm M30 mortar, the 120mm M120 and MO-120-RT, or the 160mm Mortar M1943. A hundred of self-propelled mortars are also in RMA's inventory (See Below)

Anti-Tank Weapons

The Royal Moroccan Army employs a variety of anti-tank weapons, ranging from disposable, man-portable rockets to armored tank destroyers equipped with guided missiles.

Portable anti-tank rockets are employed by the infantry. Recoilless rifles are still in use, often mounted on trucks or other military vehicles, but they are being replaced by more effective anti-tank guided missiles. Tank destroyers represent the most mobile and best protected anti-tank weapons in service. Older gun-armed vehicles are being replaced by missile-equipped vehicles. Several of the army's infantry fighting vehicles are likewise equipped with anti-tank missiles, adding to the anti-tank weaponry available in the field.[7][8]

Anti-tank weapons of the Royal Moroccan Army
System Type Origin Qty Notes
9M14 Malyutka anti-tank guided missile  Soviet Union 50 [7]
9M113 Konkurs anti-tank guided missile  Russia vehicle-mounted
9M133 Kornet anti-tank guided missile  Russia [9]
9K115-2 Metis-M anti-tank guided missile  Russia [10]
APILAS anti-tank rocket  France 1000+ [8]
B-10 recoilless rifle  Soviet Union obsolescent
BGM-71 TOW anti-tank guided missile United States +2000 [7]
HJ-8L anti-tank guided missile  People's Republic of China
LRAC-89 anti-tank rocket  France 2000+ [8]
M20 Super Bazooka anti-tank rocket United States limited use; obsolescent[11]
M40A1 recoilless rifle United States 350 [7]
M47 Dragon anti-tank guided missile United States 440 [7]
M56 Scorpion tank destroyer United States 28 [7]
M72 LAW anti-tank rocket United States 500+ [11]
M901 ITV tank destroyer United States 80 [7]
MILAN anti-tank guided missile  France
80 [7]
RPG-7V anti-tank rocket  Soviet Union [11][12]
SU-100 tank destroyer  Soviet Union 8 [7]
Type 69 anti-tank rocket  People's Republic of China bipod launcher[8]

Other equipment


Utility vehicles

The RMA's high-mobility multipurpose vehicles serves as cargo/troop carrier, weapons platform, and ambulance, among many other roles. 1500 HMMWV[13] in different versions, 1,200 URO VAMTACs and 800 URO VAM-TL [14] are part of RMAs inventory, which also includes various CUCVs. 378 GM Defense CUCVs (138 M1008, 188 M1009 and 52 M1028) and 278 M151s were received, and an unknown number of Santana Motor's Land Rover Model 88/106, Toyota FJ40, Jeep Auverland and Nissan Patrol ML-6 are also in service. An unknown number of ACMAT ALTV has also been purchased.[15]

Military logistics‘ missions are the storage, distribution, maintenance, evacuation, and disposition of materiel, the transport of personnel, the acquisition or construction, maintenance, operation, and disposition of facilities, the acquisition or furnishing of services and Medical and health service support. It is the most important part and considered the base for the main mission of the RMA. Due to its topography and extensive range of action, the transport and resupply of troops posted in the Wall and East Frontier, where aerial transport is impossible or counterproductive, the use of land transport is primordial. The number of active equipment it's unknown, but estimations are possible. The number of medium and heavy trucks, HETs and Palletized Load Systems (PLS) purchased or in service were 250 IVECO M3-21.14 TT, ~3500 M35 and Variants, 387 M54 and variants, ~1,000 M800 series, 195 M816 Wrecker, ~160 M900 series, ~1000 TRM10000/9000 BMH and 600 ACMAT VLRA. An unknown number of Pegaso 3055, Mercedes-Benz Actros and Unimog are also in RMA's inventory. The Heavy Equipment Transport Systems (HETS) received were an unknown number of M746, 6 M747, 23 M1070, 133 M911 HETS and 100 IVECO TRACTOR. Two M1075 & M1076 Palletized load systems were also purchased.

Armoured recovery vehicles (ARV) are used to repair damaged as well as broken-down armoured vehicles during combat, or to tow them out of the danger zone for more extensive repairs. For this mission 86 M578, 10 SK-105 ARV, 4 VT1A ARV and 81 M88 Recovery Vehicles were acquired.

Military engineering vehicles are vehicles built for the construction work or for the transportation of combat engineers on the battlefield. Bulldozers are extensively used, all along with 6 M728 Combat Engineer Vehicle.[16]


More than 600 tanks are in service: 150 VT-1A, 148 T-72B and 427 M60A3/A3TTS Patton. M48 Pattons were retired from active service and stored as reserve with the 1991 cease-fire, the SK-105 Kürassiers had the same fate. In Addition, 200 ex-US M1 Abrams Abrams are expected to be delivered after refurbishment and modernization to the M1A1SA "Special Armor" Configuration.

Model Type Quantity Notes
M1A1SA 3rd Generation MBT 222 Special Armor Configuration.[17][not in citation given]
VT-1A 3rd Generation MBT 150 [18][19] 54 Received in 2011 [20]
T-72B/BK 2nd Generation MBT 148 136 T-72B and 12 T-72BK [21][22]
M60 Patton 2nd Generation MBT 427 260 M60A3TTS and 167 M60A3 [23][24][25]
M48 Patton 1st Generation MBT 224 224 M48A5 Some retired from active service or stored.
SK-105 Kürassier Light tank 105 Some retired from active service or stored.

APCs/IFVs/Support vehicles

Model Type Quantity Notes
M113 APC ~1,900 [26] Some M113's were indigenously fitted with a ZPU 2-14.5 Anti-Aircraft Gun, and others equipped with a TOW launcher mounted on a tripod on top of the vehicle.
Cougar HE MRAP UN Used in a Chinese Movie shot in Rabat,Morocco
Ratel IFV IFV 60 30 Ratel 20 + 30 Ratel 90
VAB VCI/VTT APC 395 75 VAB VCI+ 320 VAB VTT. 140 To be upgraded
AIFV IFV 110 19 AIFV-B-.50 + 90 AIFV-B-C25 + 1 AIFV-B-CP
AML 60/90 LAV 195 140 AML-90, 20 AML-90 Lynx and 35 AML-60
AMX-10P IFV 10
BMP-3 IFV 35-40 35-40 BMP-3 on order
Tank destroyers
AMX 10 RC Tank destroyer 110
M901A1 Tank destroyer 23


The Artillery, grouped in GARs, includes Self-Propelled Howitzers, towed Howitzers, MRLS and Air Defense Systems, mortar carriers are part of the RIMZ.

The equipment includes: 213 155mm M109 SPH in different versions, 60 203mm M110A2 SPH, received as EDA from USA, and 100 155mm Mk F3 remain in service. Only 155mm towed howitzers are deployed all along the Moroccan Wall, that includes 140 155mm (M198, FH-70, M-1950, M114), 18 130mm (M1954) . Besides this 54 105mm (M101 and L118) are deployed in different regions.

2 Battalions of MRLS are also listed as part of RMAs inventory, the first with 36 122mm BM-21 and the second with 36 300mm AR2.

Surface to surface artillery

Model Type Quantity Notes
Self-Propelled Howitzer
203mm M110A2 Self-Propelled Artillery 60
155mm Mk F3 Self-Propelled Artillery 100
155mm M109 Self-Propelled Artillery ~300 [27]
155mm 2S19M1 MSTA-S Self-Propelled Artillery U/N [28][29]
Towed Howitzer
155mm M198 Howitzer 35
155mm FH-70 Howitzer 30
155mm M-1950 Howitzer 35
155mm M114 Howitzer 20
130mm M1954 Howitzer 18
105mm L118 Howitzer 36
105mm M101 Howitzer 18
Multiple rocket launcher
BM-21 MRLS 36 122mm
PHL03/AR2 MRLS 36 [30][31] 300mm
Mortar carriers
M106A1/A2 Mortar carrier 36 With a 107 mm M30 mortar
M125A1 Mortar carrier 20 With a 81 mm M29 mortar
AML-60 Mortar carrier 35 With a Brandt Mle CM60A1
M1064 Mortar carrier 91 With a 120mm M120 mortar
VAB-VTM Mortar carrier 12 With a towed 120mm MO-120-RT mortar.

Air Defense Systems

Moroccan Anti-Aircraft system is based basically on Self Propelled Air Defense Systems, waiting the arrival of MIM-23 Hawk XXI HIMAD SAM. The MANPADS used by the infantry are the 9K32 “Strela-2” (SA-7 Grail), 9K38 “Igla” (SA-18 Grouse).

Other systems include AAG as M1939 (61-K), ZU-23-2 or M167 VADS, usually mounted on LUVs and CUCVs.

For base protections 100 Type-90 (PG99) were purchased from China, and recently, vehicles part of the AF902 FC5/35mm AA Gun Air Defence System has been seen.

Model Type Quantity Notes
Surface-to-air missiles
MIM-23 Hawk XXI HIMAD SAM 36 to be delivered [10]
9K32 Strela-2 MANPADS UN
Self-propelled anti-aircraft weapons
MIM-72 Chaparral SPAD 72
Tunguska M1 SPAD 12
ZSU-23-4 SPAAG 90
M163 SPAAG 115
anti-aircraft guns
Type 90 anti-aircraft gun 100 Part of the AF902 FCS/35 Air Defence System
ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft gun 160
M167 VADS anti-aircraft gun 42


Model Type Quantity Notes
AF902 FC Air radar UN Chinese copy of Skyguard [32]
AN/TPS-70 Air Radar U/N
AN/MPQ-64 Sentinel Air radar 8 [33]
AN/TPS-43 Air radar 8
AN/TPS-63 Air radar 8 to be upgraded to TPS-63M (+250%)
MSSR Air radar U/N
RATAC Ground radar 12
BOR-A 550 Ground radar U/N
RASIT Ground radar U/N
AN/PPS-5A Ground radar U/N
Stentor battlefield radar Ground radar 20
AN/MPQ-61 Air radar 9 [11]
AN/MPQ-57 Air radar 3 [12]
AN/MPQ-55 Air radar 9 [13]
AN/MPQ-62 Air radar 3 [14]
AN/MPQ-49 Air radar U/N
ARSS-1 Ground radar 12 [15]
AN/TPS-79 Air radar 3 [16]
Ground Master 403 Air radar 3 Potential purchase of 12, 15 or 18 units [34]


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