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This is a list of documentary films about the Korean War.


  • The Crime of Korea (1950)
  • Korea: The Forgotten War (1987)
  • Korea, after the War (1954)
  • The War in Korea (1988)
  • Korea: The Unknown War (1988)
  • Our Time in Hell: The Korean War (1997)
  • The Korean War: Fire and Ice (1999)
  • Korean War Stories (2001)
  • Korean War in Color (2001)
  • The Korean War (2001)
  • Korea: The Unfinished War (2003)
  • Korea: The Forgotten War in Colour (2010)
  • Fading Away (2012)
  • Finnigan's War (2013)

Specific Contingents


  • Kapyong (2011)


  • (French) (Dutch) Korea, the Belgian Legacy (2000)


  • Test of Will - Canada in the Korean War
  • In Korea with Norm Christie


  • (French) Crèvecoeur (1955)


  • (Luxembourgish) (French) (German) (English) Tour of Duty: Luxembourgers of the Korean War (Tour of Duty: Lëtzebuerger am Koreakrich) (2009)

Republic of Korea


  • (Turkish) The Veterans of the Korean War (Kore Gazileri) (1951)

United States

  • Korea: We Called it War (2002)
  • Love Company: Reflections of the Korean War (2010)
  • Uncle Sam Desired Our Presence: Arkansans in the Korean War" (2010)
  • Finnigan's War (2013)

United Kingdom

Prisoners of War

  • They Chose China (2005)

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