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This is a list of components units of British 1st Infantry Division during World War II.

Divisional Troops

Scouting Forces

  • 13th/18th Hussars 03/09/39-31/03/40
  • 1st Reconnaissance Battalion 08/01/41-05/06/42
  • 1st Reconnaissance Regiment 06/06/42-31/12/43
  • 1st Reconnaissance Regiment 01/01/44-31/08/45


  • 17th Field Company, Royal Engineers 03/09/39-02/11/39
  • 23rd Field Company, Royal Engineers 03/09/39-31/08/45
  • 26th Field Company, Royal Engineers 03/09/39-28/04/40
  • 248th Field Company, Royal Engineers 02/11/39-31/08/45
  • 238th Field Company, Royal Engineers 29/02/40-31/04/45
  • 6th Field Park Company, Royal Engineers 03/09/39-31/08/45
  • 1st Bridging Platoon, Royal Engineers 18/10/43-31/08/45



  • 2nd Field Regiment, Royal Artillery 03/09/39-31/08/45
  • 19th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery 03/09/39-31/08/45
  • 24th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery 03/09/39-31/01/40
  • 67th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery 31/01/40-31/08/45
  • 21st Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery 03/09/39-10/10/41
  • 81st Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery 05/11/40-08/04/45
  • 93rd Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery 09/05/45-31/08/45
  • 90th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery 27/01/42-07/11/44
  • 11th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery 19/11/44-17/01/45
  • 1st Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery 22/03/45-31-08/45

Divisional Infantry

Machine Gun Battalions

Support Battalions


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