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The following list of colonel generals denotes those who have held the rank of colonel general in the respective military forces of their countries.


  • Sir Arthur Aston, colonel-general of the Yorkshire Trained Bands (1640)
  • Sir Thomas Baskerville, colonel-general of land forces accompanying Sir Francis Drake's expedition to the West Indies (1595–1596); colonel-general of English forces in Picardy (1596–1597)
  • John Berkeley, 1st Baron Berkeley of Stratton, Royalist colonel-general of Devon and Cornwall (1645–1646)
  • Richard Bonython, colonel-general of the Saco Militia (1645–?)
  • Sir Nicholas Byron, Royalist colonel-general of Cheshire (1643–1644)
  • Charles Cavendish, Royalist colonel-general of Lincolnshire (1642–1643)
  • Thomas Cecil, 1st Earl of Exeter, colonel-general of the London Foot (1601)
  • Sir John Corbet, Parliamentarian colonel-general of Shropshire (1642)
  • Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, colonel-general of the English Horse in the Netherlands (1586–1587)
  • John Frescheville, 1st Baron Frescheville of Staveley, Royalist Colonel-General of Derbyshire (1644–1645)
  • Sir Thomas Glemham, Royalist colonel-general of Northumberland (1643–1646)
  • Henry Hastings, 1st Baron Loughborough, Royalist colonel-general of the East Midlands (1643)
  • Bussy Mansell, Royalist colonel-general of Wales (1645)
  • Sir Charles Morgan, colonel-general of His Majesty's Forces in the service of the King of Denmark
  • Sir John Norris, colonel-general of the Dutch Army in Friesland (1580–1583); colonel-general of the English Army in the Netherlands (1585–1586); colonel-general of the English Foot in the Netherlands (1586–1587)
  • Sydenham Poyntz, Parliamentarian colonel-general of the Northern Association (1645–1647)
  • Robert Radcliffe, 5th Earl of Sussex, colonel-general of Foot (1599)
  • Colonel-General Ruthin, Parliamentarian Governor of Plymouth
  • Sir Thomas Scott, colonel-general of Kent, Spanish Armada campaign (1588)
  • Sir William Vavasour, Royalist colonel-general of the Welsh Marches (1643–1644)
  • Sir Francis Vere, colonel-general of English Foot in the Netherlands (?–1604)
  • Sir Richard Willys, Royalist colonel-general of Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Rutland (1645)


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