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Penghu (Chinese: 澎湖; pinyin: pēng hú), also known as Pescadores in occidental documents, where is at eastern side of Taiwan Strait. Since the 17th century, there were 4 battles (or campaigns) involved Penghu.

List of Penghu battles
Year Name of campaign Offense Defense Result
1624 Siege of Fort Fongguei Ming Empire Dutch East India Company The warships of VOC retreated to Formosa.
1683 Naval Battle of Penghu Qing Empire Kingdom of Tungning Qing Empire added Penghu and Taiwan to its domains in 1684.
1885 Pescadores Campaign French 3rd Republic Qing Empire France occupied Pescadores for 4 months.
1895 Pescadores Campaign (1895) Empire of Japan Qing Empire Japan added Penghu to its domains.

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