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This list of aviation shootdowns and accidents during the Iraq War includes incidents with Coalition and civilian aircraft during the Iraq War.

129 helicopters and 24 fixed-wing aircraft have been reported by media to be lost in Iraq since the 2003 invasion till February 2009. 45 of these incidents have been attributed to hostile fire such as anti-aircraft artillery and surface-to-air missiles. In March 2007, Brig. Gen. Stephen Mundt said that 130 helicopters had been lost in both Iraq and Afghanistan, about a third to hostile fire, and he was concerned that they were not being replaced fast enough.[1] Unmanned aircraft of any type are not included in the list.

At least 283 personnel have been killed in helicopter crashes since the invasion, and 19 have died in fixed-wing crashes.

Since the beginning of the invasion helicopters were the target of attacks with "aerial improvised explosive devices", home-made bombs.[2] In early 2007 the US Army announced that the Iraqi resistance has a strategy of attacking to US helicopters.[3] This was confirmed by documents captured from Iraqi insurgents.[4][5] A deputy commanding general in Iraq of the U.S. military said that the average month in 2006 and 2007 saw about 17 attacks against helicopters.[6] Efforts to prevent more deaths included more training for helicopter pilots. They continue to improve tactics and aircraft defenses to reduce losses. In fall 2007, the military deployed the more advanced V-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft. According to the military this aircraft which flies much higher and faster than helicopters has six to seven times more survivability than the CH-46.[7]

US Army started taking more precautions that resulted in reducing the number of shootdowns.[8]



  • Iraq July 28 - An Iraqi military Mil Mi-17 helicopter crashes in a sandstorm. Five-member crew is killed.[9]
  • USAF Roundel April 17 - UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter goes down about 12 miles (19 km) north of Tikrit. One U.S. service member is killed and 3 others are injured .[10][11]
  • USAF Roundel February 21 - OH-58 Kiowa helicopter crashes in northern Iraq killing the two pilots on board.[12][13][14]


  • USAF Roundel November 8 - OH-58 Kiowa experiences a hard landing north of Baghdad in the Salah ad Din Province. Two U.S. Army pilots are killed.[15][16] They were assigned to the 2nd Squadron, 6th Cavalry Regiment, 25th Combat Aviation Brigade, 25th Infantry Division, Schofield Barracks.[17]
  • USAF Roundel September 20 - One U.S. service member was killed and 12 others are injured when a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter goes down inside of Joint Base Balad.[18]
  • USAF Roundel January 26 - Two OH-58 Kiowas collide near Kirkuk while evading enemy fire, killing four soldiers.[19][20][21][22][23]


  • USAF Roundel November 15 - An OH-58 Kiowa Warrior strikes a tower near Mosul killing the 2 pilots.[24][25]
  • USAF Roundel October 4 - Two American UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters collide while trying to land in Baghdad. An Iraqi soldier was killed, while two Iraqis and three Americans were injured.[26][27][28] Incident was due to mechanical failure.[29]
  • USAF Roundel September 18 - A CH-47 Chinook enroute to Balad from Kuwait crashes 62 miles (100 km) west of Basrah International Airport, killing seven U.S. soldiers.[30][31][32][33]
  • USAF Roundel June 1 - A U.S. helicopter crashes south of Baghdad, injuring two soldiers. The type of helicopter has not been revealed.[34][35]
  • Iraq March 27 - An Iraqi military Mil Mi-17 helicopter is shot down during heavy fighting in northern Basra.[36]
  • Iraq March 4 - An Iraqi military Mil Mi-17 helicopter crashes south of Baiji due to a sandstorm, about 90 miles (140 km) south of Mosul in northern Iraq, killing an American soldier and seven other people.[37][38][39]


  • RAF Roundel November 20 - A RAF HC.1 Puma ZA938 crashes. 2 SAS troopers die after the Puma troop transporter goes down in an urban area during a covert mission over Baghdad. Two other men from 22 Special Air Service Regiment were seriously injured in the crash although their condition is not thought to be life threatening. A further seven SAS and three RAF survived the impact and were later rescued by Coalition forces.[40][41][42]
  • USAF Roundel August 22 - UH-60L Black Hawk 06-27077 crashes in northern Iraq, killing all 14 U.S. soldiers. The military said initial indications showed the aircraft experienced a mechanical problem.[43][44][45][46]
  • USAF Roundel August 14 - CH-47D Chinook 89-00171 from B Company, 1-52 Aviation Regiment crashes near the al-Taqaddum air base west of Baghdad, killing five crew on board.[47][48][49]
  • USAF Roundel August 10 - A US Navy HH-60 "Rescue Hawk" make a forced landing in Yusufiyah. The two crew members sustained non-life threatening injuries.[50]
  • USAF Roundel July 31 - An AH-64 Apache goes down after coming under fire in eastern Baghdad. The two crew members were safely extracted.[51][52]
  • USAF Roundel July 4 - OH-58 Kiowa 95-0002 crashes into power lines in Mosul, killing the pilot and injuring the copilot.[53]
  • USAF Roundel July 2 - OH-58D Kiowa 91-0560 from 3-17 Cavalry Regiment is shot down along a canal south of Baghdad in Babil province with small arms, both pilots were rescued by strapping themselves onto the stub wings of an AH-64 Apache. Helicopter was later destroyed.[54][55]
  • USAF Roundel May 29 - OH-58D(R) Kiowa 93-0978 from B Troop, 2-6 Cavalry Regiment is shot down between Baquba and Muqdadiyah with small arms, killing the chopper's two pilots.[56][57][58]
  • RAF Roundel April 15 - Two British Aérospatiale Puma helicopters are involved in a mid-air collision near Taji, north of Baghdad. Both aircraft crash, with two personnel killed and one seriously injured.[59]
  • USAF Roundel April 5 - A UH-60 Black Hawk carrying nine is shot down in Latifiya using anti-aircraft heavy machine guns, 4 were wounded.[60][61][62]
  • USAF Roundel March 1 - An OH-58D makes a hard landing south of Kirkuk, injuring both crewmembers, and becomes entangled in overhanging wires before hitting the ground.[63] Reports had varied whether the crash was due to a mechanical[64] or electronic failure[65] and whether it is shot down.[66]
  • USAF Roundel February 22 - A UH-60 Black Hawk crashed in an area north of Baquba City. The helicopter went down in a clash between gunmen and U.S. troops.[67]
  • USAF Roundel February 21 - A UH-60 Black Hawk is hit by RPG and small arms fire north of Baghdad and makes a hard landing; all nine military personnel on board were rescued.[68][69]
  • USAF Roundel February 7 - CH-46E Sea Knight from HMM-364 is shot down, by a shoulder-fired missile, in al-Karma, outside Fallujah, killing all 7 on board. (see picture above) [70][71][72]
  • USAF Roundel February 2 - AH-64D Apache 02-5337 from A Company, 1st Battalion, 227th Aviation Regiment, 1st Air Cavalry Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division shot down by a combination of gunfire and a shoulder-fired missile, near Taji, killing the two pilots.[73][74][75]
  • USAF Roundel January 28 - AH-64D Apache from 4th Battalion, 227th Aviation Regiment, 1st Air Cavalry Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division shot down by hostile fire during the Battle of Najaf, killing the two pilots.[76]
  • USAF Roundel January 25 - A UH-60 Black Hawk shot down by gunfire near Hit. All aboard survive the incident.[77]
  • USAF Roundel January 20 - A US AH-64 Apache helicopter crashed near Najaf. One solder killed.[78]
  • USAF Roundel January 20 - A UH-60 Black Hawk from C Company, 1-131 Aviation Regiment[79] shot down by a combination of several heavy machine guns and a shoulder-fired missile north-east of Baghdad. All 12 crew and passengers on board are killed in the incident.[79][80]


  • USAF Roundel December 11 - CH-53E Super Stallion 164785 from HMH-465 carrying 21 personnel crashes in Al Anbar Province. The helicopter experienced a brownout killing 1 and injuring 17.[81] Helicopter was written off.[82]
  • USAF Roundel December 3 - CH-46E Sea Knight from HMM-165 carrying 16 personnel made an emergency landing on Lake Qadisiyah in Al Anbar Province. Four of the passengers drowned in the incident.[83][84]
  • USAF Roundel November 6 - AH-64D Apache from A Company, 1-82nd Attack Reconnaissance Battalion (ARB) attached to 25th Combat Aviation Brigade crashes north of Baghdad, killing the two pilots.[85]
  • USAF Roundel September 7 - CH-53D Sea Stallion (157146) from HMH-463 made nighttime hard landing in Al Anbar Province and later was written off.[86]
  • USAF Roundel August 8 - A UH-60 Black Hawk 86-24535 from 82nd AAC (MEDEVAC) attached to 3rd MAW crashes in Anbar, killing two crew members and injuring four.[87][88]
  • PAF Checkerboard July 18 - A PZL W-3WA Sokół (Polish Air Force) crashes in Air Base in Al Diwaniyah, injuring 4 crew and 3 passengers.[89]
  • USAF Roundel July 13 - AH-64D Apache from 4-4th Aviation Regiment shot down south of Baghdad. The two pilots survive.[90]
  • USAF Roundel May 27 - AH-1W SuperCobra 164591 from HMLA-169 crashes into Lake Habbaniyah, killing the pilot and a maintenance ground crew member on board.[91]
  • USAF Roundel May 14 - AH-6M Little Bird (OH-6 Cayuse) from 1-160th SOAR shot down during combat operations in Yusufiyah, southwest of Baghdad, killing the two crewmen.[92]
  • RAF Roundel May 6 - A Westland Lynx AH.7 (Royal Navy) from 847 Squadron is shot down with a SA-14 over Basra, killing five crewmen and crashing into a house.[93][94]
  • USAF Roundel April 1 - AH-64D Apache from 4-4th Aviation Regiment shot down southwest of Baghdad, killing the two crewmen.[85]
  • USAF Roundel January 16 - AH-64D Apache 03-5385 from B Company, 1-4th Aviation Regiment shot down north of Baghdad, killing the two pilots.[85][95]
  • USAF Roundel January 13 - OH-58D Kiowa 95-0021 from 1-10th Aviation Regiment shot down outside Forward Operating Base Courage, outside Mosul, killing the two pilots.[96]
  • USAF Roundel January 7 - UH-60L Black Hawk 91-26346 from B Company, 1-207th Aviation Regiment crashes near Tal Afar in bad weather, killing 12 people on board. Reports suggest it was not shot down.[97]



The UH-60 Black Hawk that crashed on September 21, 2004

  • PAF Checkerboard December 15 - A PZL W-3WA Sokół 0902 from 25 BKP crashes near Karbala due to pilot error; three Polish soldiers are killed and four injured.[113]
  • USAF Roundel December 9 - AH-64A Apache 91-0012 from A Company, 1-151st Aviation Regiment hit a UH-60L Black Hawk 82-23668 from N Company/4-278th ACR on the ground at a Mosul base, killing the two Apache pilots and wounding four soldiers on board the Black Hawk. Both helicopters destroyed.[85]
  • USAF Roundel November 12 - UH-60A Black Hawk from 1-106th Aviation Regiment shot down northeast of Baghdad, wounding three of the four crew members.[114]
  • USAF Roundel November 11 - AH-1W SuperCobra 161021 from HMLA-169 is shot down by RPG and small arms fire near Fallujah. It is destroyed by Iraqi rebel forces, crew recovered intact.[115]
  • USAF Roundel November 9 - US OH-58D Kiowa shot down by rocket fire over Fallujah.[116]
  • USAF Roundel October 16 - Two OH-58D Kiowas 94-0172 and 97-0130 from 1-25th Aviation Regiment collide near Baghdad, killing two pilots aboard the first craft, and wounding two aboard the other.[117]
  • USAF Roundel September 23 - AH-64D Apache 02-5292 from B Company, 1-227th Aviation Regiment, 4th BCT, 1st Cavalry Division crashes near Tallil AB, Iraq when pilot loses control following tail rotor problem.[102]
  • USAF Roundel September 21 - UH-60A Black Hawk 87-24579 from A Company, 1-244th Aviation Regiment crashes near Nasiriyah, wounding four crew members.[118]
  • USAF Roundel September 8 - CH-46E Sea Knight 153372 crashes and is burned out near Al-Buaisa probably because of enemy fire; all four crew members injured.[119][120]
  • USAF Roundel September 4 - OH-58D Kiowa (3-17 CAV) shot down over Tal Afar, Iraq; both pilots safe. Incident highlighted in TV Documentary Kiowa Down.[121]
  • USAF Roundel August 11 - CH-53E Super Stallion 164782 from HMM-166 (Reinforced) crashes in the Al-Anbar province, killing two Marines and wounding three others.[122]
  • USAF Roundel August 8 – OH-58D(I) Kiowa 96-0015 made emergency landing north of Baghdad after being hit by RPG. Crew unhurt.[123]
  • USAF Roundel August 5 - UH-1N Huey 160439 from HMM-166 shot down near Najaf; crew wounded.[124] Helicopter was later written off.[125]
  • RAF Roundel July 19 - near Basra, a British HC.1 Aérospatiale Puma XW221 of 33 RAF Squadron crashes, killing one crewman and injuring two others.[126]
  • USAF Roundel June 24 - AH-1W SuperCobra 163939 shot down in Fallujah; pilots safe.[127]
  • USAF Roundel June 12 - OH-58D(R) Kiowa 94-0171 from A Company, 1-25th Aviation Regiment crashes north of Baghdad; both pilots safe.[128]
  • USAF Roundel April 26 - OH-58D(I) Kiowa 91-0567 from P Troop, 4th Squadron, 2d ACR made emergency landing at Kut after engine problem and burned out. Both crewmembers safe.[55]
  • USAF Roundel April 16 - CH-47D Chinook 92-0301 from C Company/193rd Aviation Brigade (Hawaii Army National Guard) makes hard landing during sandstorm and was later destroyed. Crewmemers safe.[129]
  • USAF Roundel April 12 - MH-53M Pave Low 69-5797 of 16th SOW/20th SOS shot down by RPG near Fallujah, three on board are wounded. Helicopter was later destroyed.[130][131]
  • USAF Roundel April 11 - An AH-64D Apache 02-5301 from C Company, 1-227 Aviation Regiment, 4th BCT, 1st Cavalry Division shot down west of Baghdad, killing both pilots.[122]
  • USAF Roundel April 7 - OH-58D Kiowa crashes near Baquba after being hit by ground fire; pilots rescued.[122]
  • USAF Roundel March 30 - Two AH-1W SuperCobras 163947 and 164595 of HMLA-775 collide near Al Taqaddum, Iraq; pilots rescued. Both helicopters destroyed.[82][127]
  • USAF Roundel March 11 – CH-46E Sea Knight 153389 from HMM-161 makes hard landing in brownout conditions in Al Anbar province; took additional damage during transportation and later was written off.[119]
  • USAF Roundel February 25 - OH-58D(R) Kiowa 97-0124 crashes in Iraq with 4th Squadron, 3d ACR, after striking electrical wires west of Baghdad, killing the two pilots.[58][132]
  • USAF Roundel January 25 - A OH-58D Kiowa (93-0957) from 3-17 Cavalry Regiment crashes into the Tigris River during a rescue mission, after hitting electrical wires, killing both pilots.[58]
  • USAF Roundel January 23 - A OH-58D Kiowa (93-0950) from 3-17 Cavalry Regiment crashes just after take-off outside Mosul, killing both pilots.[58]
  • USAF Roundel January 13 - AH-64 Apache from 4th Squadron, 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment shot down near Habbaniyah, pilots rescued.


  • USAF Roundel January 8 - A UH-60 Black Hawk (86-24488) from 571st Medical Company (Air Ambulance) shot down near Fallujah, killing 9 crew and passengers.[135][136][137]
  • USAF Roundel January 2 - An OH-58D Kiowa 90-0370 from 1-17 Cavalry Regiment (assigned to 1-82 Aviation Brigade) shot down near Fallujah, killing a pilot.[58]
  • USAF Roundel January 1 – UH-60L Black Hawk 93-26514 from 4-101st Aviation Regiment makes hard landing.[138]


US Army Apache crashed in central Iraq on November 2003

  • USAF Roundel December 11 - AH-64D Apache from 1-101st Aviation Regiment crash-lands due to the APU clutch failing and starting a fire in flight and subsequently is burned to the ground 15 miles (24 km) south of Mosul. The pilots survived.[139]
  • USAF Roundel December 9 - An OH-58 Kiowa helicopter is hit by a rocket-propelled grenade, forcing a crash landing. Both crewmembers survive.[140][141]
  • USAF Roundel November 25 - OH-58D Kiowa 96-0040 crashes after its tail rotor struck ground.[123]
  • USAF Roundel November 21 – OH-58D Kiowa 92-0605 from D Troop, 1-17 Cavalry Regiment written off, reason unknown.[129]
  • USAF Roundel November 15 - Mosul, two UH-60L Black Hawks from 4-101st Aviation Regiment(93-26531) and 9-101st Aviation Regiment(94-26548) collide and crash after one aircraft coming under fire; 6 and 11 soldiers (crew and passengers) on board are killed, respectively, and 5 others on board the first AC are injured.[142][143]
  • USAF Roundel November 7 - UH-60L Black Hawk 92-26413 (or 92-26431) from 5-101 Aviation Regiment shot down by a MANPAD near Tikrit; all four crew, and both passengers from the Department of the Army are killed.[144]
  • USAF Roundel November 2 - near Fallujah, CH-47D Chinook 91-0230 of Detachment 1/F Company/106th Aviation Brigade shot down with an SA-7 missile; 16 soldiers killed, 26 wounded.[145][146]
  • USAF Roundel October 30 - AH-64D Apache 00-5211 (ex AH-64A 86-9009) of 6-6th Cavalry Regiment crashes near Balad AAF, Iraq, and burned out. Both crewmembers are safe.[147]
  • USAF Roundel October 25 - UH-60L Black Hawk crashes and burns out after reportedly being hit by an RPG near Tikrit, 5 soldiers injured.[148]
  • USAF Roundel October 23 - AH-64D Apache 00-5219 (ex AH-64A 86-8972) from 1-101st Aviation Regiment crashes in Iraq while approaching to land at Kirkuk. The APU clutch failed and started a fire in flight. Aircraft landed safely but fuselage was almost completely burnt through.[147]
  • USAF Roundel October 13 - OH-58D Kiowa (93-0991) from C Troop, 1-17th Cavalry Regiment crashes inside Iraq, pilots survive.[149]
  • USAF Roundel October 7 - OH-58D Kiowa (92-0578) crashes inside Iraq, pilots survive.[129]
  • USAF Roundel September 2 - A soldier is killed as a UH-60L Black Hawk from 2-501st Aviation Regiment rolls over during a nighttime troop insertion southwest of Baghdad.[150]
  • USAF Roundel August 28 - CH-47D Chinook 88-0098 from F Company/159th Aviation Brigade written off in Iraq.[151]
  • USAF Roundel August 14 - AH-64D Apache 01-5241 (ex AH-64A 87-0507) of 1-14th Aviation Regiment crashes in Iraq.[152]
  • USAF Roundel June 19 - AH-64A Apache 87-0498 of R Troop, 4th Squadron, 3d ACR makes hard landing following inflight fire. Helicopter is written off.[118]
  • USAF Roundel June 12 - AH-64D Apache of 101st Aviation Brigade helicopter shot down near Baghdad, both crewmembers survive.[153]
  • USAF Roundel May 19 - CH-46E Sea Knight 156424 of HMM-364 crashes in Al-Hilla, killing four Marines; another Marine drowns trying to rescue the crew.[154]
  • USAF Roundel May 9 - UH-60A Black Hawk 86-24507 of 571st Medical Company (AA) crashes into Tigris River, the vicinity of Samarrah, Iraq killing two pilots and crew chief. One more soldier was injured.[155]
  • USAF Roundel May 6 - OH-58D Kiowa 94-0163 of N Troop, 4th Squadron, 3d ACR crashes near Al Asad and burns out. One crewmember injured.[128]
  • USAF Roundel April 30 - A Marine CH-53E Super Stallion 162486 of HMH-465 crashes near Najaf and burns out. Crew escaped.[124]
  • USAF Roundel April 14 - A Marine AH-1W SuperCobra 163940 of HMLA-169 crashes near Samarra, injuring both pilots. Helicopter was later destroyed.[127]
  • USAF Roundel April 6 - UH-60 Black Hawk 93-26522 from B Company, 4-101st Aviation Regiment crashes inside Iraq, crew survive.[156]
  • USAF Roundel April 5 - AH-1W SuperCobra 161020 of HMLA-267 crashes, killing both pilots.[157]
  • USAF Roundel April 2 - A UH-60A Black Hawk (94-26557) of B Company, 2-3rd Aviation Regiment is shot down near Karbala, killing 7 soldiers and injuring 4 more.[158]
  • USAF Roundel March 31 - AH-64D Apache 84-24201 of C Company, 1-3rd Aviation Regiment crashes on landing in Iraq, injuring the two pilots. Helicopter was written off.[159]
  • USAF Roundel March 30 - UH-1N Huey 160620 of HMLA-169 crashes; three die.[160]
  • USAF Roundel March 28 - Two AH-64D Apaches, 97-5032 of A Company and 98-5068 of B Company, 2-101st Aviation Regiment crash in Iraq; one pilot injured.[161]
  • USAF Roundel March 28 - OH-58D Kiowa 95-0006 from A Troop, 2-17th Cavalry Regiment crashes in Iraq, pilots survive.[162]
  • USAF Roundel March 27 - OH-58D Kiowa 95-0024 from C Troop, 2-17th Cavalry Regiment crashes in Iraq, pilots survive.[162]
  • USAF Roundel March 26 - UH-1N Huey 160444 of HMLA-269 makes hard landing in sandstorm and is written off.[124]
  • USAF Roundel March 23 - AH-64D Apache 85-25407 from C Company, 1st Battalion, 227th Aviation Regiment, 4th BCT, 1st Cavalry Division shot down during attack on Republican Guard; two pilots taken prisoner.[163] Helicopter was supposedly destroyed by Coalition forces, but Iraqi TV showed an AH-64 being taken to Baghdad on a low loader.[159]
  • RAF Roundel March 22 - Two Royal Navy ASaC.7 Sea Kings XV650 'CU-182' and XV704 'R-186' of 849 Squadron/A Flight collide over the Persian Gulf, killing six British crew members and one American.[164]
  • USAF Roundel March 20 - CH-46E Sea Knight 152579 of HMM-268 crashes in Kuwait 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) from Iraqi border, killing eight British Marines of 42 CDO and four American Marines.[148]


  • USAF Roundel March 19 - MH-53M Pave Low 67-14993 of 20th SOS carrying special forces crashes in southern Iraq. No one is killed. The craft was later destroyed to prevent capture.[166]

Fixed-Wing Aircraft

A C-23B Sherpa, similar to the one that crashed on November 26, 2008.


  • USAF Roundel November 26, 2008 - A US Army C-23 Sherpa from 2-641 Aviation Brigade made a wheels up landing at al-Kut, while operating with Task Force 34. None of the four man crew and seven passengers were injured.[167]
  • USAF Roundel November 12, 2008 - A USAF F-16 caught fire on takeoff. The pilot survived.[168]
  • USAF Roundel June 27, 2008 - A C-130 Hercules is damaged beyond repair in an emergency landing northeast of Baghdad International Airport. All 38 on board were transported to nearby Sather Air Base for medical evaluation. The aircraft was significantly damaged in the landing, and was deemed a write-off and destroyed.[169][170]
  • USAF Roundel January 7, 2008 - Two F/A-18 fighter jets operation from USS Harry S. Truman crashed during an Iraq-related mission in the Gulf. All three pilots rescued[171][172]


  • USAF Roundel July 16, 2007 - A US F-16 crashed. The pilot survived. The crash was an accident.[173]
  • USAF Roundel June 15, 2007 - A US F-16 crashed on takeoff. The pilot was killed and the cause is under investigation.[174][175]
  • RAF Roundel February 11, 2007 - A British C-130 Hercules is destroyed by coalition forces after being heavily damaged in a night landing in southern Iraq; two are injured. The aircraft was struck by two improvised explosive devices placed by insurgents, upon landing at a temporary runway in Maysan Province.[176][177]


  • USAF Roundel November 27, 2006 - F-16C/J (90-0776) from the 524th Fighter Squadron crashes near Fallujah while on a low-altitude ground-strafing run. The pilot, Major Troy Gilbert, was killed.[178]



  • USAF Roundel December 29, 2004 - An American Special Forces MC-130H Hercules (c/n 382-5054, 16th SOW, 15th SOS) is written off while landing on Q-West airfield near Mosul, Iraq, though no one was hurt. The pilot was unaware a large pit had been dug in the runway.[182]


Other aircraft

Several civilian and other aircraft have crashed in Iraq as well:


  • United States July 17, 2009 - An MD-530F contracted to Xe (formerly Blackwater) crashes at Butler Range outside Baghdad. Two pilots died. The cause was not known.[195][196]


  • United Kingdom November 13, 2008 - An Antonov An-12 crashes after takeoff from Al Asad Air Base, killing all 7 crew members.[197] Six members of the crew and one passenger died, three of them were Russians. The crew also consisted of a Belarusian, two Ukrainians and an Indian citizen.[198]


  • Georgia (country) March 7, 2007 - A privately-contracted Mil Mi-8 helicopter from the Republic of Georgia crashes due to technical failures, injuring its three Ukrainian crewmembers, and several Iraqi passengers.[199]
  • United States January 31, 2007 - A Blackwater USA Bell 412 helicopter is downed under hostile fire near Karma during a flight between Al Hillah and Baghdad. A US military helicopter rescues the passengers and crew.[200][201]
  • United States January 23, 2007 - A Blackwater USA MD 530F helicopter participating in Coalition operations is shot down by hostile fire in Baghdad. All of the 5 man crew are killed in the incident, likely executed after surviving the crash. The remaining survivor is also killed under unclear circumstances, when another Blackwater helicopter descends to the crash site.[202][203]
  • Moldova January 9, 2007 - A Moldovan Antonov An-26 crashes near Balad in the 2007 Balad aircraft crash, killing 34 of the 35 on board.[204]


  • Iraq May 30, 2005 - A Comp Air 7SL aircraft with the Iraqi Air Force crashes in eastern Iraq, killing four Americans and an Iraqi on board.[205]
  • Bulgaria April 21, 2005 - A Bulgarian Mil Mi-8 is shot down north of Baghdad, killing the 11 civilians on board, including six American contractors, three Bulgarian pilots, one of them is executed shortly after the crash, and two Fijian guards.[206][207][208]

Summary per type

Summing up the above list we have the following tables:

Rotary-wing losses

133 (43 to hostile fire)

Type # Hostile fire
OH-58 Kiowa 33 13
AH-64 Apache 27 12
UH-60 Black Hawk 24 7
AH-1W Super Cobra 8 3
CH-47 Chinook 6 1
CH-46 Sea Knight 6 2
CH-53E Super Stallion 4
SA 330 Puma 4
Mil Mi-17 3 1
MH-53 Pave Low 2 1
SH-3 Sea King 2
UH-1N Huey 3
Bell-412 2 1
MD530F 2 1
Westland Lynx 2 1
CH-53D Sea Stallion 1
Mil Mi-8 Hip 2
PZL W-3 Sokół 2

Fixed-wing losses

24 (*2 to hostile fire, **2 to friendly fire)

Type #
F/A-18 Hornet 5/1**
F-16 Falcon 5
C-130 Hercules 4/1*
A-10 Warthog 1*
AV-8 Harrier 1
F-14 Tomcat 1
F-15E Strike Eagle 1
S-3 Viking 1
Tornado GR4 1**
C-23 Sherpa 1
Aerocomp Comp Air 7 1
Antonov An-26 1
Antonov An-12 1

Note: Numerous crashes involving UAVs are not included in the lists above, because they are much easier to shootdown and crash a lot more.

Summary per year

Summing up the above list we have the following tables:

Year # Hostile fire Human casualties
2010 3 0 8
2009 4 1 7
2008 7 1 18
2007 21 12 49
2006 14 6 52
2005 13 3 45
2004 29 11 30
2003 34 7 68
Total 125 42 277

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