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A list of attack aircraft: Attack aircraft are military aircraft whose primary role in attacking targets on the ground with greater precision than strategic bombers. Modern attack aircraft may be expected to function in high threat environments where enemy air defences preclude the use of strategic bombers. The categories naturally overlap depending on how the specific aircraft is used, along with that of fighters or fighter-bombers, which have often been used for the role, particularly when they were uncompetitive as fighters. The use of the term attack is primarily an American term as other countries have described identical aircraft variously as light bombers, army cooperation aircraft, close support aircraft and as reconnaissance aircraft though the last term is often used for aircraft not used for such roles. This list is limited to those fixed-wing aircraft that have been built, and does not include projects, might have beens, and napkinwaffe.

Before 1930



  •  Romania
    • IAR 81



  •  Canada
    • Canadair CL-41 Tebuan
  •  Sweden
    • Saab Supporter



  •  United Kingdom
    • BAE Hawk 200


21st century

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