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This is a list of active Spanish Navy ships, complete and correct as of February 2013.[1][2]

Naval jack of Spain.

As of 2013, there are approximately 54 commissioned ships in the Navy (excluding minor auxiliary vessels), including one amphibious assault ship (also used as an aircraft carrier), two amphibious transport docks, 11 frigates, three submarines, six mine countermeasure vessels, 23 patrol vessels and a number of auxiliary ships. The total displacement of the Spanish Navy is approximately 220,000 tonnes.[3]

Submarine fleet[]


Class Picture Type Boats Displacement Note
Submarines (3 in service)
Galerna class Galerna class Attack submarine Galerna (S-71)
Mistral (S-73)
1,760 tonnes The class is to be replaced with 4 Navantia S-80 submarines.

Surface fleet[]

Amphibious warfare ships[]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Amphibious warfare ships (3 in service)
Juan Carlos I Juan Carlos I Amphibious assault ship (LHD) Juan Carlos I (L-61) 27,079 tonnes Also used as an aircraft carrier.[4]
Galicia class Galicia class Amphibious transport dock (LPD) Galicia (L-51)
Castilla (L-52)
13,815 tonnes


Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Frigates (11 in service)
Álvaro de Bazán class Álvaro de Bazán class Air-defence frigate Álvaro de Bazán (F-101)
Almirante Juan de Borbón (F-102)
Blas de Lezo (F-103)
Méndez Núñez (F-104)
Cristobal Colón (F-105)
5,800 - 6,391 tonnes[5]
Santa María class Santa Maria class frigate Frigate Santa María (F-81)
Victoria (F-82)
Numancia (F-83)
Reina Sofía (F-84)
Navarra (F-85)
Canarias (F-86)
4,017 tonnes

Mine countermeasure vessels[]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Mine countermeasure vessels (7 in service)
Segura class Segura class Minehunter Segura (M-31)
Sella (M-32)
Tambre (M-33)
Turia (M-34)
Duero (M-35)
Tajo (M-36)
585 tonnes
Descubierta class Corbeta Diana F32.jpg MCM Command & Support Ship Diana (M-11) 1,640 tonnes Former corvette with pennant F32

Patrol vessels[]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Patrol vessels (23 in service)
Meteoro class Rayo P42.jpg Offshore patrol vessel Meteoro (P-41)
Rayo (P-42)
Relámpago (P-43)
Tornado (P-44)
2,670 tonnes[6]
Descubierta class Descubierta class Patrol boat Infanta Elena (P-76)
Infanta Cristina (P-77)
Cazadora (P-78)
Vencedora (P-79)
1,640 tonnes
Serviola class Serviola class Patrol boat Serviola (P-71)
Centinela (P-72)
Vigía (P-73)
Atalaya (P-74)
1,106 tonnes
Chilreu class Chilreu class Patrol boat Alborán (P-62)
Arnomendi (P-63)
Tarifa (P-64)
1,918 tonnes
Anaga Anaga class Patrol boat Tagomago(P-22)
319 tonnes
Toralla class Toralla class Patrol boat Toralla (P-81)
Formentor (P-82)
133 tonnes
Aresa class P-101 Patrol boat P-101
21 tonnes
Cabo Fradera (P-201) Cabo Fradera (P-201) Patrol boat Cabo Fradera (P-201) 28 tonnes

Auxiliary fleet[]

Replenishment ships[]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Notee
Replenishment ships (2 in service)
Patiño Patiño Replenishment oiler Patiño (A-14) 17,045 tonnes
Cantabria Cantabria Replenishment oiler Cantabria (A-15) 19,500 tonnes

Transport ships[]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Transport ships (3 in service)
Contramaestre Casado Transport ship Contramaestre Casado (A-01) 5,300 tonnes
Martin Posadillo Ro-ro ship Martín Posadillo (A-04) 2,300 tonnes
El Camino Español Ro-ro ship El Camino Español (A-05) 4,560 tonnes

Training vessels[]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Training vessels (1 in service)
Juan Sebastián de Elcano Juan Sebastián Elcano Sail training vessel Juan Sebastián de Elcano (A-71) 3,700 tonnes

Other auxiliary vessels[]

Alerta (A-111), called "Atila" (in Spanish, Atila is El rey de los hunos, and the ship, is el rey de los unos (uno = one)

  • EW support ship (1 in service)
    • A-111 Alerta (1992) (ex-Jasmund/GDR 1982)
  • Submarine rescue ship (1 in service)
    • A-20 Neptuno (1989) (ex-Amapola 1975)
  • Salvage tug (1 in service)
    • A-101 Mar Caribe (1975)
  • Fleet tugs (2 in service)
    • A-53 La Graña (1987) (ex-Punta Amer 1982)
    • A-51 Mahón (1981) (ex-Circos 1977)

Hesperisdes (A-53)

Las palmas (A-52)

  • Polar research ships (2 in service)
    • A-33 Hespérides (1991)
    • A-52 Las Palmas (1981) (ex-Somiedo 1977)
  • Hydrographic ships (6 in service)
    • A-23 Antares (1974)
    • A-24 Rigel (1974)
    • A-31 Malaspina (1975)
    • A-32 Tofiño (1975)
    • A-91 Astrolabio (2001)
    • A-92 Escandallo (2004)

Arosa (A-72)

Giralda (A-76)

  • Training ships (13 in service)
    • A-72 Arosa (1981) (ex-Algoma 1931)
    • A-74 La Graciosa (1988) (ex-Dejá vu ?)
    • A-75 Sisargas (1995) (ex-Isabelle 1982)
    • A-76 Giralda (1993) (ex-Juan de Borbon's yacht),[7] 1958)
    • A-78 Peregrina (2007)
    • A-82 Contramaestre Navarrete (1983)
    • A-83 Contramaestre Sanchez Fernandez (1983)
    • A-84 Contramaestre Antero (1984)
    • A-85 Contramaestre Lamadrid (1984)
    • A-121 Guardiamarina Barrutia (2006)
    • A-122 Guardiamarina Cherguini (2006)
    • A-123 Guardiamarina Rull (2007)
    • A-124 Guardiamarina Salas (2007)
  • Approximately 90 patrol boats of the Maritime Component of the Servicio de Vigilancia Aduanera are technically classified as Spanish Navy Auxiliary vessels.

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