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List of active People's Liberation Army Navy ships is a list of ships currently in active service with the People's Liberation Army Navy.

Flag of the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN).

There are 697 ships listed below that constitute active ships, but this figure however does not include the various auxiliary vessels of the PLAN, so any official number of active ships would be much higher. A summary of ships listed below is as follows; one aircraft carrier, three amphibious transport docks, 92 landing ship tanks and landing ship medium, 24 destroyers, 45 frigates 62 submarines (of which 11 are nuclear-powered), eight corvettes, 122 missile boats, 231 patrol vessels, 107 mine countermeasures vessels and five replenishment oilers.

All ships and submarines currently in commission with the People's Liberation Army Navy were built in China, with the exception of 4 Sovremenny class destroyers, 12 Kilo class submarines and the aircraft carrier Liaoning. Those vessels were either imported from, or originated from Russia or Ukraine. As of 2008, English-language official Chinese state media no longer uses the term "People's Liberation Army Navy", instead the term "Chinese Navy" along with the usage of the prefix "CNS" for "Chinese Navy Ship" is now employed.[1]


Nuclear-powered submarines

Class Picture Type Quantity Displacement[N 1] Notes
Nuclear-powered submarines (9 in Service)
Type 094 Jin File:Type 094 submarine.jpg Ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) 3 9,000 tonnes 3 more to be commissioned.
Type 092 Xia Xia class SSBN mod.svg Ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) 1 7,000 tonnes
Type 093 Shang Shang class SSN.svg Attack submarine (SSN) 2 6,500 tonnes
Type 091 Han Han class.jpg Attack submarine (SSN) 3 5,500 tonnes

Conventionally-powered submarines

Class Picture Type Quantity Displacement[N 2] Notes
Conventionally-powered submarines (54 in Service)
Type 032 Qing Ballistic missile submarine 1 6,628 tonnes An experimental SLBM test platform.
Type 041 Yuan Chinese Type 093 submarine.jpg Attack submarine 10 4,000 tonnes More under construction.
Type 039 Song Type 039G submarine.jpg Attack submarine 13 2,250 tonnes
Kilo-class Chinese Kilo in service.jpg Attack submarine 12 3,900 tonnes Imported from Russia.
Type 035 Ming Submarine PZS-50 Project 633RV 2008 G5.jpg Attack submarine 17 1,830 tonnes Obsolescent class being replaced.
Project 629 Golf Image Submarine Golf II class.jpg Ballistic missile submarine 1 3,553 tonnes An experimental SLBM test platform.

Surface fleet

Aircraft carriers

Class Picture Type Quantity Displacement Notes
Aircraft carriers (1 in Service)
Admiral Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier Varyag during refitting.jpg Aircraft carrier 16 Liaoning 67,500 tonnes [2]

Amphibious warfare ships, landing ships

Note: In addition to these vessels the PLAN maintain some 170 landing craft that operate from and in conjunction with the vessels below. See; List of active landing craft of the People's Liberation Army Navy

Class Picture Type Quantity Displacement Notes
Amphibious warfare ships (3 in Service)
Type 071 Yuzhao Amphibious transport dock (LPD) 989 Changbaishan
998 Kunlunshan
999 Jinggangshan
20,000 tonnes
Landing ships (96 in Service)
Type 072A Landing ship tank (LST) 9 4,800 tonnes
Type 072III Yuting II Landing ship tank (LST) 11 4,800 tonnes
Type 072II Yuting I Landing ship tank (LST) 4 4,800 tonnes
Type 072 Yukan Landing ship tank (LST) 3 4,170 tonnes
Type 074A Yubei Landing ship medium (LSM) 7 800 tonnes
Type 074 Yuhai 駐港部隊艦艇大隊 - 7593登陸艇.JPG Landing ship medium (LSM) 20 800 tonnes
Type 073 Landing ship medium (LSM) 12 1,500 tonnes Yudao, Yudeng and Yunshu variants.
Type 079II Yulian Landing ship medium (LSM) 30 1,100 tonnes

Destroyers and frigates

Class Picture Type Quantity Displacement Noteses
Destroyers and frigates (69 in Service)
Type 052C Luyang II Type 052C destroyer.jpg Guided missile destroyer 150 Changchun
151 Zhengzhou
152 Jinan
153 Xi'an
170 Lanzhou
171 Haikou
7,000 tonnes
Type 052B Luyang I Type 052B destroyer.jpg Guided missile destroyer 168 Guangzhou
169 Wuhan
6,500 tonnes
Type 051C Luzhou File:Type 051C destroyer.jpg Guided missile destroyer 115 Shenyang
116 Shijiazhuang
7,100 tonnes
Type 051B Luhai Type 051B destroyer.jpg Guided missile destroyer 167 Shenzhen 6,100 tonnes
Sovremenny-class Taizhou2005Sankt-peterburg.jpg Guided missile destroyer 136 Hangzhou
137 Taizhou
138 Fuzhou
139 Ningbo
7,940 tonnes Imported from Russia.
Type 052 Luhu Type 052 destroyer.jpg Guided missile destroyer 112 Harbin
113 Qingdao
4,800 tonnes
Type 051 Luda Luda-III Zhuhai DN-SC-95-01821.jpg Destroyer 109 Kaifeng
110 Dalian
133 Chongqing
134 Zunyi
164 Guilin
165 Zhanjiang
166 Zhuhai
3,670 tonnes Obsolescent class being replaced.
Type 054A Jiangkai II Fleet in Nan Hai.jpg Frigate 529 Zhoushan
530 Xuzhou
538 Yantai
546 Yancheng
547 Linyi
548 Yiyang
549 Changzhou
550 Weifang
568 Hengyang
569 Yulin
570 Huangshan
571 Yuncheng
572 Hengshui
573 Liuzhou
574 Sanya
575 Yueyang
4,200 tonnes 4 more under construction.
Type 054 Jiangkai I Frigate 525 Ma'anshan
526 Wenzhou
4,000 tonnes
Type 053H3 Jiangwei II Warship2.jpg Frigate 521 Jiaxing
522 Lianyungang
523 Putian
524 Sanming
527 Luoyang
528 Mianyang
564 Yichang
565 Huludao
566 Huaihua
567 Xiangyang
2,500 tonnes
Type 053H2G Jiangwei I File:Type 053H2G frigate.jpg Frigate 539 Anqing
540 Huainan
541 Huaibei
542 Tongling
2,300 tonnes
Type 053 Jianghu Jianghu Class Zigong 558.JPG Frigate 533 Taizhou
534 Jinhua
537 Cangzhou
543 Dandong
545 Linfen
553 Shaoguan
555 Shaotong
558 Beihai
559 Foshan
560 Dongguan
561 Shantou
562 Jiangmen
563 Zhaoqing
2,000 tonnes Obsolescent class being replaced.


Class Picture Type Quantity Displacement Notes
Corvettes (8 in Service)
Type 056 Jiangdao Type 056 corvette in ShangHai.jpg Corvette 8 1,440 tonnes Total of 20 to be built.[3]

Missile boats

Class Picture Type Quantity Displacement Notes
Missile boats (129 in Service)
Type 037-II Houjian 駐港部隊艦艇大隊037II型-772導彈艦 2012b.JPG Missile boat 6 520 tonnes
Type 037-IG Houxin Missile boat 30 478 tonnes
Type 022 Houbei Type022.png Missile boat 60 220 tonnes A Stealth wave-piercing catamaran hull.

Mine countermeasure vessels

Class Picture Type Quantity Displacement Notes
Mine countermeasure vessels (107 in Service)
Type 918 Wolei Minelayer 1 2,300 tonnes
Type 082II Wozang Minehunter 2 575 tonnes
Type 082 Wosao Minesweeper 5 320 tonnes
Type 081 Wochi Minehunter 8 600 tonnes
Lianyun-class Minesweeper 50 400 tonnes
Type 010 The type 010 is based on the Soviet T-43 shown here Minesweeper 40 590 tonnes In reserve.
Type 312 Minesweeper drone Unknown 45 tonnes A drone.

Patrol vessels

Class Picture Type Quantity Displacement Notes
Patrol vessels (231 in Service)
Haiqing-class Submarine chaser/Gunboat 36 478 tonnes
Type 062I Submarine chaser/Gunboat 17 170 tonnes
Type 037 Hainan DengXiaoPingNanXunJunJian.jpg Submarine chaser 78 400 tonnes
Type 062 Shanghai II Gunboat 100 135 tonnes

Auxiliary fleet

Replenishment oilers

Class Picture Type Quantity Displacement Notes
Replenishment oilers (7 in Service)
Type 903 Fuchi 887 Nanhai Fleet PLAN.jpg Replenishment oiler 886 Qiandaohu
887 Weishanhu
889 Taihu
890 Chaohu
23,000 tonnes
Fusu News Photo 970309-N-8421M-002.jpg Replenishment oiler 885 Qinghaihu
37,000 tonnes
Fuqing Hongzehu (AOR 881) docks at Pearl Harbor 060906-N-4856G-051 0TWVK.jpg Replenishment oiler 881 Hongzehu
882 Poyanghu
21,750 tonnes

Other auxiliary vessels

For a complete list of auxiliary vessels currently in service with the People's Liberation Army Navy please see; People's Liberation Army Navy Surface Force#Auxiliaries. Note that it may contain significant inaccuracies due to use of open sources.

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