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This is a list of fighter aces in World War II from Canada. For other countries see List of World War II aces by country


Name Kills Awards Notes
Aikman, Frederick Alan 10 DFC* Wingman of Paddy Finucane
Angus, Allen Benjamin 5 DFC KIA 16 May 1940
Archer, Philip Leslie I DFC KIA 17 June 1943
Armstrong, H A 5
Arthur, Charles Ian Rose "Duke" 6
Askey, Michael William Hamilton 5 KIA 28 October 1943
Atkinson, William Henry Isaac 5 DSC FAA
Audet, Richard Joseph "Dick" 11 DFC* KIA 3 March 1945


Name Kills Awards Notes
Ballantyne, James Hamilton 6 DFM
Banks, Wilfred John 9 DFC*
Bannock, Russell "Russ" 28 DSO, DFC*
Barton, Robert Alexander "Butch" 17 DFC* Battle of Britain, Surviving Aircrew
Beurling, George "Buzz/Screwball" 32 DSO, DFC, DFM* KIFA 20 May 1948
Blatchford, Howard Peter "Cowboy" 8 DFC Battle of Britain, KIA 3 May 1943[1]
Boulton, Henry "Foss" 5 DFC
Bouskill, Russell Reginald 5 DFC KIA 2 October 1944
Bowker, Harold W "Bud" DFC
Boyle, John Greer "Beryl" 7 Battle of Britain,KIA 28 September 1940
Boyle, John Joseph 6 DFC
Brannagan, Thomas A "Tommy" DFC
Breithaupt, William Ranson 5 DFC KIA 12 September 1944
Britten, Ralph Isaac Edward 5 DFC
Brown, Mark Henry "Hilly" 19 DFC*, MC (Czech) Battle of Britain, KIA November 1941 (Sicily)[1]
Buckham, Robert Andrew 7 DFC*, DFC (US)


Name Kills Awards Notes
Caine, John Todd 6 DFC** [2]
Cameron, Gregory Donald Angus Tunnicliffe 5 DFC
Cameron, Lorne Maxwell 6
Chadburn, Lloyd Vernon "Chad" 8 DSO*, DFC, LdH, CdG KIA 13 June 1944 (Collision)[3]
Charles, Edward Francis John "Jack" 16 DSO, DFC* Battle of Britain[4]
Charron, Philip Marcel 7 KIA 19 November 1944[5]
Chisholm, William Lawrence "Red" 8 DFC*
Christie, George Paterson 7 DFC* KIA 6 July 1942[6]
Cleveland, Howard Douglas 5 DFC [7]
Cochran, Homer Powell 9
Cochrane, Arthur Charles "Cocky" 6 DFC Battle of Britain, MIA 31 March 1943[4][8]
Connel, William Charles "Bud" 5
Conrad, Walter Allan Grenfell 8 DFC* [9]
Cotterill, Stanley Herbert Ross 8 DFC KIFA 18 October 1944[10]
Crawford, Harvey Alexander 5 DFC [11]


Name Kills Awards Notes
Dack, David Blake
Davidson, Robert Tremagne Pillsbury 6
Day, Robert William Rouviere 6
Dodd, Wilbert George 8
Dover, Dean Hugh 5
Dowding, Harry James 8
Downer, William Watson 5 DFC KIA 16 April 1944[12]
Draper, John William Petterson 5
Durno, Leslie Duncan 5 MiD* FAA, KIA 29 January 1945[13]


Name Kills Awards Notes
Edinger, Charles Emanuel
Edwards, Harry Davies 5 Battle of Britain, KIA 11 September 1940[14]
Edwards, James Francis "Stocky" 18
Engbrecht, Peter 6 Gunner[15]
Evans, Colin James 9
Everard, Hedley Joseph "Snooks" 6


Name Kills Awards Notes
Fenwick, Harry Elmore 6 KIA 21 June 1944
Ford, Leslie Sydney 6 DFC* KIA 4 June 1943
Forsyth, David Esplin 8
Fowlow, Norman Ralph 5 Newfoundland
Francis, John Philip Wiseman DFC
Fumerton, Robert Carl "Moose" 14 DFC*, AFC Battle of Britain[16][17]


Name Kills Awards Notes
Gaunce, Lionel Manley "Elmer" 6 DFC Battle of Britain, MIA 19 November 1941[18]
Gauthier, Cleo 5
Godefroy Hugh Constant 7 DSO, DFC*
Gordon, Donald Campbell "Chunky" 11 DFC*
Gordon, Malcom James "Mac" 5 DFC
Gosling, Leslie Cyril "Goose" 10 KIA 19 July 1943
Graham, Malcolm Grant "Mac" 5 DFC*
Grassick, Robert Davidson 8
Gray, Ross Garstang DFC*


Name Kills Awards Notes
Hall, Douglas Irving "Sammy" 7 DFC*
Harling, David William Armstrong 5
Harten John Wilbert Edmund 5 KIA 19 April 1945
Hayward Robert Kitchener 6 DSO, DFC
Hill, George Urquhart 18 DFC**
Hoare, Thomas Harvey "Tom" 5
Horricks, Garth Edwards 9 DFM KIFA 1 July 1951
Houle, Albert Ulrich "Bert" 13 DFC*, CD
Hughes, John Charles 5
Husband, Douglas Franklin 6 DFC


Name Kills Awards Notes
Ingalls, Bruce Johnstone 8 DFC KIA 16 June 1944


Name Kills Awards Notes
Jamieson, David Robert Charles 8
Jasper, C M
George William Johnson DFC, CD 8 DFC*, CD
Johnson, James Robert Feir 5
Johnson, P G DFC
Jones, Frank Everett 6
Jowsey, Milton Eardley 5 DFC


Name Kills Awards Notes
Keefer, George Clinton 12 DSO*, DFC, CdG, NFC
Keith, George Noel 9 DFC KIA 4 August 1943
Kennedy, Irving Farmer "Hap" 15 DFC*
Kent, John Alexander "Johnnie" 12 DFC*, AFC, VM Battle of Britain [19]
Kerr, James Bernard 5 MIA 17 July 1944
Kimball, Donald Harold 6 DFC
Kipp, Robert Allen 11 DSO, DFC
Kirkwood, Walter Gordon 5 DFC
Klersy William Thomas "Bill" 15 DSO, DFC*


Name Kills Awards Notes
Lake, Ronald George 5
Lapp, Esli Gordon 6 DFC
Laricheliere, Joseph Emil Paul 6 DFC Battle of Britain, MIA 16 August 1940
Latta, John Blandford 10 DFC Battle of Britain, MIA 12 January 1941
Laubman, Donald Currie "Don" 16 AOE, DFC*, CD POW 1945
Lawrence, Arthur George 5
Leggat, P S 5
Lindsay, James Douglas "Doug" 7 DFC, CD
Linton, Karl Raymond "Lucky" 5 DFC



Name Kills Awards Notes
MacDonald, Harry Deane 9 DFC* KIA 30 November 1943
McElroy, John Frederick 13
MacFayden, Donald Aikins 12
McGregor, Gordon Roy 5 DFC Battle of Britain
MacKay, John Mahachak 12
MacKenzie, Andrew Robert 9 POW
Mackie, John Felton 7 KIA 15 April 1941
McKnight, William Lidstone "Willie" 19 DFC* Battle of Britain, MIA 12 January 1941[19]
Magwood, Charles McLaughlin 6
McLeod, Henry Wallace "Wally" 21 KIA 27 September 1944
MacLennan, Ian Roy 7
McNab, Ernest Archibald 5 OBE, DFC, CD Battle of Britain,[19]
McNair, Robert Wendell "Buck" 16
McPhie, R A 8
Main, Basil William "Rocky" 5 KIA 4 February 1942
Martyn, William Haig 5 FAA
May, N S 5
Mitchell, Harry Thorpe 7 DFC Battle of Britain[19]
Mitchner, John Davidson "Mitch" 11
Moffett, H Bruce 8
Morrison. Donald Robert 7 POW 1942
Mott, Guy Elwood 6
Murray, Frederick Thomas 5 POW 1945


Name Kills Awards Notes
Neil, John William 5 DFC POW 1944
Nelson, William Henry 5 DFC Battle of Britain, MIA 1 November 1940[19]
Ness, David Edward 11 DFC
Noonan, Daniel Edward 7 DFC
Northcott, Geoffrey Wilson "Jeff" 9 DSO, DFC*


Name Kills Awards Notes
Ockenden, Gordon 5
Ogilvie, Alfred Keith "Skeets" 6 DFC Battle of Britain,Later bailed out and taken POW 9 January 1941


Name Kills Awards Notes
Patterson, Thomas Lawrence 8 KIA 25 April 1941
Pepper, George 6 DFC* KIFA 17 November 1942
Phipps, Rodney Thirsk 6 DFC


Name Kills Awards Notes
Raphael, Gordon Learmouth "Raffy" 9 DSO, DFC* KIA 10 April 1945[21]
Rathwell, Donald Westley 5
Reeves, McKenzie 5 KIA 28 March 1945[22]
Reid, Donald George "Shorty" 6 DFM KIA 22 July 1942 [23][24]
Reid, Wilmer Harry 5
Robertson, Graham David 5
Robillard, Joseph Guillaume Laurent "Larry" 7 DFM [25]
Russel, Blair Dalzell "Dal" 7 DSO, DFC*, CdG Battle of Britain[26][27][28][29]


Name Kills Awards Notes
Sabourin, Joseph Jean Paul 7 DFC KIA 16 September 1942 (El Alamein)[30]
Sager, Arthur Hazelton 6
Saphir, John 5
Schmidt, Dallas Wilbur 9
Schultz, Rayne Dennis "Joe" 8
Schwab, Lloyd Gilbert 6 KIA 15 February 1960
Sewell, William Richard Percival "Percy" 5 KIFA 20 October 1943 (Italy)[31]
Sheppard, Donald John 6 FAA
Sheppard, Jackson Eddis 5
Sinclair, George Leslie
Smith, Albert Ivan 5
Smith, Forgrave Marshall "Hiram" 5 DFC Battle of Britain [32]
Smith, James Duncan "Smudger" 8 Battle of Britain, KIA 14 April 1941 (Libya)[33]
Smith, Roderick Illingworth Alpine 14
Smith, Robert Rutherford 8 DFC Battle of Britain, KIA 10 March 1943[32]
Somerville, James Dean "Red" 7
Stansfeld, Noel Karl 7 DFC*, Czech Medal for Bravery Battle of Britain[32]
Stowe, William North 5


Name Kills Awards Notes
Tamblyn, Hugh Norman 6 DFC Battle of Britain, KIA 3 April 1941[32]
Trainor, Hugh Charles 9 DSO, DFC*
Troke, Gordon William 8 DFC POW 1944
Turnbull, John Howard 13 DFC*
Turner, Percival Stanley "Stan" 14 DSO, DFC* Battle of Britain[32]


Name Kills Awards Notes
Upton, Hamilton Charles "Derck" 11 DFC Battle of Britain [34]
Urwin-Mann, John Ronald "Jack" 10 DSO, DFC* Battle of Britain [34]
Underhill, Kyle John


Name Kills Awards Notes
Walker, James Arthur "Johnnie" 7 DFC Battle of Britain, KIA 8 February 1944 (Singapore)[35]
Walker, James Elmslie "Jimmy" 10 KIFA 25 April 1944
Whalen, James Henry "Jimmy" 6 DFC KIA 18 April 1944
Williams, Alvin Thomas 6 KIA 8 June 1940
Williams, David John "Blackie" 6 DSO, DFC
Williams, John William "Willie" 9 KIFA 30 October 1943
Wilson, Frederick Albert William Johnson 9
Wonnacott, Gordon 6 DFC*
Woods, Eric Norman "Timber" 13 DFC* KIA 16 December 1943
Woodward, Vernon Crompton "Woody" 22 DFC*



Name Kills Awards Notes
Zary, Henry Paul Michael "Hank"




Award Title Notes
AE Air Efficiency Award Awarded for ten years' efficient service in the Royal Auxiliary Air Force
AFC Air Force Cross Awarded for "an act or acts of valour, courage or devotion to duty whilst flying, though not in active operations against the enemy".
CDeG Croix de guerre A military decoration of both France and Belgium, also commonly bestowed to foreign military forces allied to France and Belgium.
DFC Distinguished Flying Cross Awarded to Royal Air Force commissioned officers and Warrant Officers for "an act or acts of valour, courage or devotion to duty whilst flying in active operations against the enemy".
DFC* Distinguished Flying Cross and Bar A bar is added to the ribbon for holders of the DFC who received a second award.
DFC** Distinguished Flying Cross and Bar A second bar is added to the ribbon for holders of the DFC and Bar who received a third award.
DFM Distinguished Flying Medal Awarded to military below commissioned rank, for "an act or acts of valour, courage or devotion to duty whilst flying in active operations against the enemy".
DSO Distinguished Service Order Awarded for meritorious or distinguished service by officers of the armed forces during wartime, typically in actual combat.
DSO* Distinguished Service Order and Bar A bar is added to the ribbon for holders of the DSO who received a second award.
MC Military Cross Awarded for "an act or acts of exemplary gallantry during active operations against the enemy on land to all members, of any rank".
MiD Mentioned in Despatches Awarded for gallantry or otherwise commendable service.
VC Victoria Cross Highest British military decoration, awarded for valour in the face of the enemy.
VM Virtuti Militari Highest Polish military award for courage in the face of the enemy


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