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The List of United States Coast Guard Cutters is a listing of all cutters to have been commissioned by the United States Coast Guard during the history of that service. It is sorted by length down to 65', the minimum length of a USCG cutter.

420' Healy class Icebreaker (WAGB)

USCGC Healy (WAGB-20)

418' Maritime Security Cutter, Large (WMSL) (AKA National Security Cutter)

399' Polar Class Icebreaker (WAGB)

Polar Star, a USCG Polar Class Icebreaker

378' High Endurance Cutter (WHEC)

USCGC Hamilton (WHEC-715), a Hamilton class cutter

327' Treasury class Cutter (WPG)

USCGC Ingham (WHEC-35), a USCG Treasury Class Cutter

311' Casco class Cutter (WAVP)

USCGC Cook Inlet (WAVP-384)

309' Icebreaker (WAGB)

306' Edsall Class (WDE)

USCGC Finch (WDE-428), a former US Navy Edsall class destroyer escort

295' Training Barque Eagle (WIX)

290' Medium Great Lakes Icebreaker (WAGB)

282' Medium Endurance Cutter (WMEC)

USCGC Alex Haley (WMEC-39)

270' Medium Endurance Cutter (WMEC)

USCGC Thetis (WMEC-910), a Famous class cutter

269' Wind class Icebreaker (WAGB)

USCGC Edisto (WAGB-284)

Wind class icebreaker

255' Owasco class Cutter (WPG/WHEC)

USCGC Owasco (WPG-39)

250' Lakes class Cutter

240' Tampa class Cutter

240' Seagoing Buoy Tender Breaker (WLBB)

USCGC Mackinaw (WLBB-30)

230' Medium Endurance Cutter (WMEC)

USCGC Storis (WMEC-38)

225' Juniper class USCG Seagoing Buoy Tenders (WLB)

USCGC Spar (WLB-206), a USCG Seagoing Buoy Tender

213' Medium Endurance Cutter (WMEC)

213' Diver Class Cutter (WAT)

210' Medium Endurance Cutter (WMEC)

USCGC Reliance (WMEC-615), a Reliance class cutter

205' Navajo class Auxiliary Tug (WAT)

USCGC Tamaroa (WMEC-166)

200' Eagle class

189' - USCG Seagoing Buoy Tenders

USCG Seagoing Buoy Tenders

180' - USCG Seagoing Buoy Tenders

USCG Seagoing Buoy Tenders

Class A (Cactus)

USCGC Conifer (WLB-301)

Class B (Mesquite)

USCGC Mesquite (WLB-305)

Class C (Iris)

USCGC Sundew (WLB-404)

180' Oceanographic Vessel (WAGO)

  • USCGC Evergreen (WAGO-295)

179' Patrol Coastal (WPC)

USCGC Shamal (WPC-13), a former USN Cyclone class Patrol ship

Cyclone class Coastal Patrol Ships on loan from the United States Navy from 2004-2011

176' Cargo Vessel (WAK)

175' Keeper class Coastal Buoy Tender (WLM)

USCGC Joshua Applebey (WLM-556), a 175' USCG coastal buoy tender

  • USCGC Ida Lewis (WLM-551)
  • USCGC Katherine Walker (WLM-552)
  • USCGC Abbie Burgess (WLM-553)
  • USCGC Marcus Hanna (WLM-554)
  • USCGC James Rankin (WLM-555)
  • USCGC Joshua Applebey (WLM-556)
  • USCGC Frank Drew (WLM-557)
  • USCGC Anthony Petit (WLM-558)
  • USCGC Barbara Mabrity (WLM-559)
  • USCGC William Tate (WLM-560)
  • USCGC Harry Claiborne (WLM-561)
  • USCGC Maria Brey (WLM-562)
  • USCGC Henry Blake (WLM-563)
  • USCGC George Cobb (WLM-564)

173' Magnolia class Bay and Sound Tender (WAGL)

  • USCGC Kukui (WAGL-225)
  • USCGC Magnolia (WAGL-231)
  • USCGC Ivy (WAGL-)

165' Algonquin class Patrol Boat (WPG)

USCGC Onondaga (WPG-79)

Also known as 165-Foot "A" Patrol Craft

165' Thetis class Patrol Boat (WPC)

USCGC Ariadne (WPC-101)

Also known as 165-Foot (B) Patrol Craft

  • USCGC Argo (WPC-100)
  • USCGC Ariadne (WPC-101)
  • USCGC Atalanta (WPC-102)
  • USCGC Aurora (WPC-103)
  • USCGC Calypso (WPC-104)
  • USCGC Cyane (WPC-105)
  • USCGC Daphne (WPC-106)
  • USCGC Dione (WPC-107)
  • USCGC Galatea (WPC-108)
  • USCGC Hermes (WPC-109)
  • USCGC Icarus (WPC-110)
  • USCGC Nemesis (WPC-111)
  • USCGC Nike (WPC-112)
  • USCGC Pandora (WPC-113)
  • USCGC Perseus (WPC-114)
  • USCGC Thetis (WPC-115)
  • USCGC Triton (WPC-116)

160' Inland Construction Tender (WLIC)

  • USCGC Pamlico (WLIC-800)
  • USCGC Hudson (WLIC-801)
  • USCGC Kennebec (WLIC-802)
  • USCGC Saginaw (WLIC-803)

157' Red class Coastal Buoy Tender (WLM)

154' Sentinel class Fast Response Cutter (WPC)

143' Auxiliary Tug (WATA)

140' Bay class Icebreaking Tug (WTGB)

USCGC Biscayne Bay (WTGB-104) a USCG Icebreaking Tug

133' White class Coastal Buoy Tender (WAGL/WLM)

USCGC White Alder (WLM-541), a 133' USCG coastal buoy tender

  • USCGC White Sumac (WLM-540)
  • USCGC White Alder (WLM-541)
  • USCGC White Bush (WLM-542)
  • USCGC White Holly (WLM-543)
  • USCGC White Sage (WLM-544)
  • USCGC White Heath (WLM-545)
  • USCGC White Lupine (WLM-546)
  • USCGC White Pine (WLM-547)

125' Active class Patrol Boat (WSC)

USCGC Cuyahoga (WIX-157)

123' Patrol Boat (WPB)

USCGC Matagorda (WPB-1303), a 123' converted Island Class 110-foot patrol boat

Island class Patrol Boat

  • USCGC Manitou (WPB-1302)
  • USCGC Matagorda (WPB-1303)
  • USCGC Monhegan (WPB-1305)
  • USCGC Nunivak (WPB-1306)
  • USCGC Vashon (WPB-1308)
  • USCGC Attu (WPB-1317)
  • USCGC Metompkin (WPB-1325)
  • USCGC Padre (WPB-1328)

113' Sycamore Class (WAGL)

USCGC Forsythia (WAGL-63)

110' Surface effect ship (WSES)

  • USCGC Dorado (WSES-1)
  • USCGC Sea Hawk (WSES-2)
  • USCGC Shearwater (WSES-3)
  • USCGC Petrel (WSES-4)

110' Island class patrol boat (WPB)

USCGC Maui (WPB-1304)

*USCGC Mustang (WPB-1310)

USCGC Orcas (WPB-1327)

Island Class 110-foot patrol boat

110' Calumet class harbor tug (WYTM/WYT)

  • USCGC Calumet (WYT-86)
  • USCGC Hudson (WYT-87)
  • USCGC Navesink (WYT-88)
  • USCGC Tuckahoe (WYT-89)

110' Arundel class harbor tug (WYTM/WYT)

110' Apalachee class harbor tug (WYT)

  • USCGC Apalachee (WYT-71)
  • USCGC Yankton (WYT-72)
  • USCGC Mohican (WYT-73)
  • USCGC Chinook (WYTM-96)
  • USCGC Ojibwa (WYT-97)
  • USCGC Snohomish (WYT-98)
  • USCGC Sauk (WYT-99)

100' Inland buoy tender (WLI)

100' Inland construction tender (WLIC)

95' Cape class patrol boat

USCGC Cape Hedge (WPB-95311)

95' Cape class patrol boat

  • USCGC Cape Small (WPB-95300)
  • USCGC Cape Coral (WPB-95301)
  • USCGC Cape Higgon (WPB-95302)
  • USCGC Cape Upright (WPB-95303)
  • USCGC Cape Gull (WPB-95304)
  • USCGC Cape Hatteras (WPB-95305)
  • USCGC Cape George (WPB-95306)
  • USCGC Cape Current (WPB-95307)
  • USCGC Cape Strait (WPB-95308)
  • USCGC Cape Carter (WPB-95309)
  • USCGC Cape Wash (WPB-95310)
  • USCGC Cape Hedge (WPB-95311)
  • USCGC Cape Knox (WPB-95312)
  • USCGC Cape Morgan (WPB-95313)
  • USCGC Cape Fairweather (WPB-95314)
  • USCGC La Crete a Pierrot (WPB-95315)
  • USCGC Cape Fox (WPB-95316)
  • USCGC Cape Jellison (WPB-95317)
  • USCGC Cape Newagen (WPB-95318)
  • USCGC Cape Romain (WPB-95319)
  • USCGC Cape Starr (WPB-95320)
  • USCGC Cape Cross (WPB-95321)
  • USCGC Cape Horn (WPB-95322)
  • USCGC Cape Darby (WPB-95323)
  • USCGC Cape Shoalwater (WPB-95324)
  • USCGC Cape Florida (WPB-95325)
  • USCGC Cape Corwin (WPB-95326)
  • USCGC Cape Porpoise (WPB-95327)
  • USCGC Cape Henlopen  (WPB-95328)
  • USCGC Cape Kiwanda (WPB-95329)
  • USCGC Cape Falcon (WPB-95330)
  • USCGC Cape Trinity (WPB-95331)
  • USCGC Cape York (WPB-95332)
  • USCGC Cape Rosier (WPB-95333)
  • USCGC Cape Sable (WPB-95334)
  • USCGC Cape Providence (WPB-95335)

87' Marine Protector Class coastal patrol boat (WPB)

USCGC Barracuda (WPB-87301), a USCG Coastal Patrol Boat

Marine Protector class 87-foot coastal patrol boat

  • USCGC Barracuda (WPB-87301)
  • USCGC Hammerhead (WPB-87302)
  • USCGC Mako (WPB-87303)
  • USCGC Marlin (WPB-87304)
  • USCGC Stingray (WPB-87305)
  • USCGC Dorado (WPB-87306)
  • USCGC Osprey (WPB-87307)
  • USCGC Chinook (WPB-87308)
  • USCGC Albacore (WPB-87309)
  • USCGC Tarpon (WPB-87310)
  • USCGC Cobia (WPB-87311)
  • USCGC Hawksbill (WPB-87312)
  • USCGC Cormorant (WPB-87313)
  • USCGC Finback (WPB-87314)
  • USCGC Amberjack (WPB-87315)
  • USCGC Kittiwake (WPB-87316)
  • USCGC Blackfin (WPB-87317)
  • USCGC Bluefin (WPB-87318)
  • USCGC Yellowfin (WPB-87319)
  • USCGC Manta (WPB-87320)
  • USCGC Coho (WPB-87321)
  • USCGC Kingfisher (WPB-87322)
  • USCGC Seahawk (WPB-87323)
  • USCGC Steelhead (WPB-87324)
  • USCGC Beluga (WPB-87325)
  • USCGC Blacktip (WPB-87326)
  • USCGC Pelican (WPB-87327)
  • USCGC Ridley (WPB-87328)
  • USCGC Cochito (WPB-87329)
  • USCGC Manowar (WPB-87330)
  • USCGC Moray (WPB-87331)
  • USCGC Razorbill (WPB-87332)
  • USCGC Adelie (WPB-87333)
  • USCGC Gannet (WPB-87334)
  • USCGC Narwhal (WPB-87335)
  • USCGC Sturgeon (WPB-87336)
  • USCGC Sockeye (WPB-87337)
  • USCGC Ibis (WPB-87338)
  • USCGC Pompano (WPB-87339)
  • USCGC Halibut (WPB-87340)
  • USCGC Bonito (WPB-87341)
  • USCGC Shrike (WPB-87342)
  • USCGC Tern (WPB-87343)
  • USCGC Heron (WPB-87344)
  • USCGC Wahoo (WPB-87345)
  • USCGC Flyingfish (WPB-87346)
  • USCGC Haddock (WPB-87347)
  • USCGC Brant (WPB-87348)
  • USCGC Shearwater (WPB-87349)
  • USCGC Petrel (WPB-87350)
  • USCGC Sea Lion (WPB-87352)
  • USCGC Skipjack (WPB-87353)
  • USCGC Dolphin (WPB-87354)
  • USCGC Hawk (WPB-87355)
  • USCGC Sailfish (WPB-87356)
  • USCGC Sawfish (WPB-87357)
  • USCGC Swordfish (WPB-87358)
  • USCGC Tiger Shark (WPB-87359)
  • USCGC Blue Shark (WPB-87360)
  • USCGC Sea Horse (WPB-87361)
  • USCGC Sea Otter (WPB-87362)
  • USCGC Manatee (WPB-87363)
  • USCGC Ahi (WPB-87364)
  • USCGC Pike (WPB-87365)
  • USCGC Terrapin (WPB-87366)
  • USCGC Sea Dragon (WPB-87367)
  • USCGC Sea Devil (WPB-87368)
  • USCGC Crocodile (WPB-87369)
  • USCGC Diamondback (WPB-87370)
  • USCGC Reef Shark (WPB-87371)
  • USCGC Alligator (WPB-87372)

82' Point class patrol boat (WPB)

USCGC Point Evans (WPB-82354)

USCG Point class cutter

80' Inland buoy tender (WLI)

  • USCGC Tern (WLI-80801)

75' Gasconade class river buoy tender (WLR)

USCGC Gasconade (WLR-75401)

75' Kankakee class river buoy tender (WLR)

USCGC Greenbrier (WLR-75501), a diesel powered vessel built for the US Coast Guard in 1990

75' Inland construction tender (WLIC)

The Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Sledge (WLIC-75303), a 75-foot construction tender homeported in Baltimore.

  • USCGC Anvil (WLIC-75301)
  • USCGC Hammer (WLIC-75302)
  • USCGC Sledge (WLIC-75303)
  • USCGC Mallet (WLIC-75304)
  • USCGC Vise (WLIC-75305)
  • USCGC Clamp (WLIC-75306)
  • USCGC Hatchet (WLIC-75309)
  • USCGC Axe (WLIC-75310)

73' Hydrofoil(WPGH)

65' River buoy tender (WLR)

USCGC Sangamon (WLR-65506)

  • USCGC Ouachita (WLR-65501)
  • USCGC Cimarron (WLR-65502)
  • USCGC Obion (WLR-65503)
  • USCGC Scioto (WLR-65504)
  • USCGC Osage (WLR-65505)
  • USCGC Sangamon (WLR-65506)

65' Inland buoy tender (WLI)

USCGC Chokeberry (WLI-65304)

  • USCGC Bayberry (WLI-65400)
  • USCGC Elderberry (WLI-65401)
  • USCGC Blueberry (WLI-65402)
  • USCGC Blackberry (WLI-65303)
  • USCGC Chokeberry (WLI-65304)
  • USCGC Loganberry (WLI-65305)

65' Small harbor tug (WYTL)

USCGC Bollard (WYTL-65614)


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