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The US Armed Forces has military bases(bases are Italian territory and can be in every moment managed by Italian State,as also Sigonella crisis shows) in Italy:

  • Caserma Ederle, near Vicenza (northern Italy, in the Veneto region — HQ of the US Southern European Task Force and of the US 173d Airborne Brigade)
  • Camp Darby. Located in the Province of Pisa, half way between Pisa and Livorno, it is allegedly the largest US base outside of US territory. A 1951 US-Italian agreement conceded to the Pentagon the transformation of thousands of acres of Tuscan woods in a secret military base. Camp Darby is named in honour of William O. Darby, founder of the US 1st Ranger Battalion, who died on the battlefield in Italy in 1945 (see it:Camp Darby).

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