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Since late 2001, following the United States-led Invasion of Afghanistan, and during subsequent the War in Afghanistan the Norwegian Armed Forces has maintained a steady presence of troops, (peaking at approximately 90) in the country, attached to the larger International Security Assistance Force (ISAF).[1]

As of October 2013, there have been 10 Norwegian Armed Forces fatalities in the War, seven of these were due to so called Improvised explosive devices, while two were due to direct hostile gunfire, and one was in connection with the 2011 Mazar-i-Sharif attack. In addition there have been at least 26 non-fatal combat-related casualties.

List of fatalities

The following is a list of the fatal casualties:

Date of death Name Rank Age Sub unit Unit Cause of death Location of death Place of origin
23 May 2004 Tommy Rødningsby Grenadier 29 Telemark Task Force II Telemark Battalion Hostile fire Outside Kabul Skreia, Østre Toten[2]
23 July 2007 Tor Arne Lau-Henriksen Lieutenant 33 Army Ranger Command Armed Forces' Special Command Hostile fire Outside Kabul Elverum, Hedmark[3]
8 November 2007 Kristoffer Sørli Jørgensen Grenadier 22 5th Oppland Home Guard Home Guard IED attack Meymaneh, Faryab province Stange, Hedmark[4]
17 April 2009 Trond Petter Kolset Captain 29 Intelligence Battalion Northern Brigade IED attack West of Mazar-e Sharif Steinkjer, Nord-Trøndelag
25 January 2010 Claes Joachim Olsson Grenadier 22 Provincial Reconstruction Team Meymaneh Telemark Battalion IED attack Ghowrmach Gressvik, Fredrikstad
27 June 2010 Trond André Bolle Commander 41 Norwegian Navy Special Operations Command Navy Special Forces IED attack Almar Lena, Toten
27 June 2010 Christian Lian Lieutenant 31 Coastal Ranger Command Navy Special Forces IED attack Almar Kristiansand
27 June 2010 Simen Tokle Ensign 24 Coastal Ranger Command Navy Special Forces IED attack Almar Ballangen, Troms
27 June 2010 Andreas Eldjarn Quartermaster 21 Coastal Ranger Command Navy Special Forces IED attack Almar Tromsø, Troms
1 April 2011 Siri Skare Lieutenant Colonel 52 United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan Norwegian Air Force Mob violence Mazar-e Sharif Åndalsnes, Møre og Romsdal


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