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NATO reporting name/ASCC names for transport aircraft and their Soviet designations:

NATO reporting name Common name
Cab Lisunov Li-2
Camber Ilyushin Il-86
Camel Tupolev Tu-104
Camp Antonov An-8
Candid Ilyushin Il-76
Careless Tupolev Tu-154
Cart Tupolev Tu-70
Cash Antonov An-28
Cat Antonov An-10
Charger Tupolev Tu-144
Clam Ilyushin Il-18 (1947)
Clank Antonov An-30
Classic Ilyushin Il-62
Cleat Tupolev Tu-114
Cline Antonov An-32
Clobber Yakovlev Yak-42
Clod Antonov An-14
Coach Ilyushin Il-12
Coaler Antonov An-72/An-74
Cock Antonov An-22
Codling Yakovlev Yak-40
Coke Antonov An-24
Colt Antonov An-2
Condor Antonov An-124
Cooker Tupolev Tu-110
Cookpot Tupolev Tu-124
Coot Ilyushin Il-18/Il-22
Cork Yakovlev Yak-16
Cossack Antonov An-225
Crate Ilyushin Il-14
Creek Yakovlev Yak-12
Crib Yakovlev Yak-8
Crow Yakovlev Yak-12
Crusty Tupolev Tu-134
Cub Antonov An-12
Cuff Beriev Be-30/Be-32
Curl Antonov An-26

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