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NATO reporting name for AS series air-to-surface missiles, with Soviet designations:

Note: the Soviet / Russian designation is a Cyrillic letter "Х", which is translated as "Kh" or "H". Also, sometimes a combination ("complex") of a missile with its aircraft is marked with a letter "K" (for example, a missile Kh-22 with an aircraft is a "complex K-22"). The Cyrillic "X" (read "Kh") in the designation of Soviet ASMs is in fact a Latin "X" ("ecs")[citation needed] for Xperimental, as used by the design bureau. With passing time, however, this was ignored and used in Soviet/Russian as well as foreign literature as the Cyrillic Kh.

  • AS-1 "Kennel" (KS-1 Kometa)
  • AS-2 "Kipper" (K-10S Yen)
  • AS-3 "Kangaroo" (H-20)
  • AS-4 "Kitchen" (H-22 Burya)
  • AS-5 "Kelt" (H-11/KSR-2)
  • AS-6 "Kingfish" (H-26/KSR-5)
  • AS-7 "Kerry" (H-66, H-23 Grom)
  • AS-8 (9M114V Sturm-V)
  • AS-9 "Kyle" (H-28)
  • AS-10 "Karen" (H-25)
  • AS-11 "Kilter" (H-58 Izdeliye)
  • AS-12 "Kegler" (H-25MP, H-27PS)
  • AS-13 "Kingbolt" (H-59 Ovod)
  • AS-14 "Kedge" (H-29)
  • AS-15 "Kent" (H-55/H-65S Izdeliye)
  • AS-16 "Kickback" (H-15)
  • AS-17 "Krypton" (H-31)
  • AS-18 "Kazoo" (H-59M Ovod-M)
  • AS-19 "Koala" (P-750 Grom)
  • AS-19 "Koala" (3M25A Meteorit-A)
  • AS-20 "Kayak" (H-35/H-37 Uran)
  • AS-X-21 (Kh-90 Gela)

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