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Aircraft produced by the People's Republic of China. As a convention, the designations of aircraft usually start from 5 instead of 1.

Common Abbreviations

Abbreviations Aircraft Type Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese Pinyin
H Bomber 轟炸機 轰炸机 HōngZhàJī
J Fighter aircraft 殲擊機 歼击机 JiānJīJī
Q Ground attack aircraft 強擊機 强击机 QiángJīJī
JJ/L/JL Trainer 敎練機 教练机 JiàoLiànJī
Y Transport aircraft 運輸機 运输机 YùnShūJī
Z Helicopter 直升機(直昇機) 直升机 ZhíShēngJī

Agricultural aircraft

Designation Manufacturer Remarks
Hongdu N-5 Hongdu Agricultural aircraft.


Designation Manufacturer Remarks
H-5 Harbin Copy of Il-28, retired
H-6 Xi'an Copy of Tu-16
JH-7 Xi'an Fighter-bomber
H-8 Xi'an Development of H-6, cancelled
SH-5 Harbin Amphibious bomber, production stopped

Fighter aircraft

Designation Manufacturer Remarks
MiG-9 Mikoyan-Gurevich Purchased from the Soviet Union, no longer in production
MiG-15/J-2 Shenyang/Mikoyan-Gurevich Purchased from the Soviet Union and licenced built in China, no longer in production
FC-1 (JF-17) Chengdu/PAC Multi-role light-weight fighter, jointly developed by Chengdu and PAC, Pakistan
J-5 Shenyang Chinese variant of Mig-17, no longer in production,
J-6 Shenyang Chinese variant of Mig-19, no longer in production
J-7 Chengdu Chinese variant of Mig-21, no longer in production
J-8 Shenyang Interceptor/Fighter, no longer in production
J-9 Chengdu Cancelled single-engine fighter project
J-10 Chengdu Multi-role medium-weight fighter
J-11 Shenyang Chinese variant of Su-27
J-12 Nanchang Cancelled light-weight single-engine fighter project
J-13 Shenyang Cancelled light-weight single-engine fighter project
J-15 Shenyang Chinese multirole naval aircraft
J-16 Shenyang Chinese strike aircraft
J-20 Chengdu 5th generation stealth fighter in development
J-31 Shenyang 5th generation stealth fighter in development

Electric aircraft

Designation Manufacturer Remarks
E430 Yuneec International Two-seat electric light sports aircraft.
EViva Yuneec International Electric motor-glider.
ESpyder Yuneec International Electric aircraft
EPac Yuneec International Electric aircraft

Ground attack aircraft

Designation Manufacturer Remarks
Q-5 Nanchang Developed based on Mig-19
Q-6 Nanchang Cancelled; based on Mig-23BN
JH-7 Xi'an Fighter-bomber


Designation Manufacturer Remarks
CJ-5 Nanchang Copy of Yak-18, retired
CJ-6 Nanchang Basic propeller trainer
JJ-1 Shenyang Basic jet trainer, cancelled
JJ-5 Shenyang Trainer version of J-5
JJ-6 Shenyang Trainer version of J-6
JJ-7 Guizhou Trainer version of J-7
JL-8 Hongdu Basic jet trainer/attacker jointly developed with Pakistan
JL-9 Guizhou Upgrade version of JJ-7
YJ-7 Xi'an Bomber-trainer, based on Y-7
CJ-7 Hongdu/Yakolev Jointly developed by China and Russia
L-15 Hongdu Advanced jet trainer/attacker

Transport and passenger aircraft

Designation Manufacturer Remarks
Beijing 1 Beijing Twin-engined light airliner, cancelled
Shenyang Type 5 Shenyang License-built Yak-12 utility aircraft.
Sungari 1 Unlicence copy of the Aero Ae-45S.
Y-5 Shijiazhuang Copy of An-2
Y-6 Il-14
Y-7 Xi'an Copy of An-24
Y-8 Shaanxi Copy of An-12
Y-9 Shaanxi Multi-purpose transport, variant of the Y-8 (as Y-8X)
Y-10 Shanghai Boeing 707 class airliner, cancelled
Y-11 Harbin 7 seats utility aircraft
Y-12 Harbin 17 seats utility aircraft
Y-20 Xi'an Large multi-purpose transport, in development
MA-60 Xi'an 60 seats turboprop-powered airliner, upgrade version of Y-7
MA-600 Xi'an 60 seats turboprop-powered airliner, upgrade version of MA-60
MA700 Xi'an 70-to-80 seats turboprop-powered airliner, to be introduced in 2009
ARJ-21 ACAC 70-90 seats advanced regional jet airliner, in development
C919 COMAC 168-190 seat twin-jet airliner, in development
C929 COMAC 300 seat airliner
C939 COMAC 400 seat airliner
Airbus A320 Airbus Chinese built version of the European Airbus A320, introduced 2009
LE500 CATIC Aircraft
HO300 SAMC Amphibious
D-600 China Aero-Vehicle Research Institute Waterbomber
Primus 100 China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Business plane
Primus 150 China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Business plane
Starlight 100 China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Business plane
Starlight 200 China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Business plane
A2C China Special Aero-Vehicle Research Institute Multipurpose
Y15-2000 SAMC Multipurpose


Designation Manufacturer Remarks
Z-5 Harbin Copy of Mi-4, retired
Z-6 Cancelled and based on Mi-8
Z-6 (1969) Harbin Turboshaft version of the Z-5, fitted with a Dongan WZ-5 turboshaft engine
Z-7 Changhe Cancelled
Z-8 Changhe Under License SA321Ja Super Frelon
Z-9 Harbin Under License Eurocopter Dauphin
CAIC WZ-10 Changhe Attack helicopter
Z-11 Changhe Under License Eurocopter AS350
Z-12disambiguation needed Medium military transport helicopter development
EC-120 Harbin Cooperative design with Eurocopter
Z-15/EC-175 Harbin 6,000 kg-class medium utility helicopter jointly developed by Harbin and Eurocopter
Z-19 Harbin 5,000 to 5,500 kg twin-engined light helicopter development, derived from Z-9
AC313 Avicopter Civilian helicopter, developed from the Changhe Z-8
AC310 Avicopter Civilian helicopter


Designation Manufacturer Remarks
Mifeng-6 Beihang Hot air airship
CA-80 Shanghai Vinage Airship Manufacture Co., Ltd. Non-rigid Airship

Gliders and sailplanes

Designation Manufacturer Remarks
Lie-Fang 1 Two-seat intermediate glider
HU-1 Seagull Shenyang Sailplane Factory Motor-glider
HU-2 Petrel Shenyang Sailplane Factory Motor-glider
X-7 Jian Fan Chengdu Sailplane Factory Two-seat basic training glider
X-9 Jian Fan Shenyang Sailplane Factory Two-seat training glider

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