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Light-weight Combat Vehicle (LCV) System
Type Wheeled Self-propelled artillery
Place of origin  Japan
Weight 16,000 to 20,000 kg (35,000 to 44,000 lb)[1]

Dual Recoil Gun (Mortar) System[2]
Engine diesel
Suspension Wheel 6 x 6

The Light-weight Combat Vehicle (LCV) System (軽量戦闘車両システム keiryou-senntou-sharyou shisutemu?) is a wheeled Self-propelled artillery of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force.


Research on future multi-functional wheeled combat vehicle (Light-weight Combat Vehicle, LCV) is ongoing. LCV has remote turret with Line-of-Sight(LOS) and Non-Line-of-Sight(NLOS) firing capabilities, and dual recoil gun system providing adequate internal layout for combat crews. LCV also has hybrid power system with in-wheel motors. LCV provides both resistance against blast effect of IEDs(Improvised Explosive Devices) by raising the chassis and driving stability.[3]

Dual Recoil Gun System

To satisfy such contrary requirements that light-weight vehicle carries large caliber gun, LCV has introduced breakthrough technology so called Dual Recoil Gun System. In the system, primary recoil brake can reduce the firing reaction, followed by the secondary recoil brake reduces the force much less. With this technology, the LCV can carry large caliber gun on light-weight body.[2]

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