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Li Da
File:File:General Li Da.jpg
Deputy Chief of PLA General Staff

In office
21 October 1972 – 11 January 1980
Chairman Mao Zedong
Personal details
Born April 19, 1905
Mei County, Shaanxi, Qing Empire
Died July 12, 1993(1993-07-12) (aged 88)
Political party Communist Party of China
Military service
Allegiance  People's Republic of China
Service/branch People's Liberation Army
Years of service 1930-1993
Rank PLAGeneral r.svg.png General
Commands Fifth Army Group, Eight Route Army
Battles/wars Encirclement Campaigns, Long March, 2nd Sino-Japanese War, Chinese Civil War

Li Da (simplified Chinese: 李达; traditional Chinese: 李達; pinyin: Lǐ Dá; April 19, 1905 – July 12, 1993) was a general in the People's Liberation Army of China, former deputy of the PLA General Staff, as well as being an adviser to the Central Military Commission.


Early life

Xiao was born in Mei County, Shaanxi Province of China.

He joined the Sixth Army Group and participated the Encirclement Campaigns in 1930s. He joined the Communist Party of China in 1932 and participated in the Long March. He went to Jinggangshan and was recruited to the Red Fourth Army.

Military career

Between 1930-1933, he was appointed as first to command of the Third Army, and later Second Army Group, and later the Eighth Route Army, fighting in many battles consisting of the Nationalist Encirclement Campaigns till the Chinese Civil War. He died in Beijing on July 12, 1993.


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