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Lev Veniaminovych Lyulyev
Born (1908-03-17)March 17, 1908
Kiev, Russian Empire
Died November 1, 1985(1985-11-01) (aged 77)
Moscow, USSR
Occupation Engineer, Chief designer of OKB-8

Lev Veniaminovych Lyulyev (March 17 (O.S. 4) 1908, Kiev, Russian Empire — November 1, 1985, Moscow, USSR) was a Soviet designer of artillery, anti-aircraft rockets, and SA missile systems. He was the chief designer of the OKB-8 (later NPO Novator which currently bears his name) between 1946 and 1985 and the Doctor of Technical Sciences (AS USSR, 1966). He was awarded the Hero of Socialist Labour twice in 1966 and in 1985 and was the Laureate of the 1967 Lenin and 1948 and 1977 State Prizes.

Lyulyev was educated at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute (KPI) from 1927 to 1933. In 1941, he was evacuated to Sverdlovsk with the factory and appointed Vice Chief designer of the 8th Factory (known as JSC MZiK since 1994). In the years of the Second World War the factory produced about 20 thousand artillery guns and their mountings and participated in the modernisation process of the 85 mm KS-1 gun, also organising the production of 85 mm D-5 guns and 100 mm D-10 guns for the SAUs (self-propelled artillery vehicles) SU-85 and SU-100.

On June 25, 1945, Lyulyev was promoted to Chief designer of the Factory №8. 1945-1947 he developed the 85 mm zenith gun KS-18 and the experimental 100 mm zenith gun KS-19 in 1947, which became the prototype of the next generation zenith guns before the SA guided missiles came. He also started the development of 130 mm zenith gun KS-30.

In 1947, he was also appointed a Chief designer of Sverdlovsk Machine-Building Plant №8, where he formed the Chief designer division (OGK) - later OKB-8 of the Ministry of Aviation Industry (translit. Ministerstvo Aviatsionnoy Promishlennosti, MAP) for the purpose of development of large caliber anti-aircraft artillery systems. In 1957, Lyulyec developed the most powerful KN-52 zenith gun. In 1958, OKB-8 decided to move to the development of anti-aircraft missile systems. Under his leadership those SA missiles were developed:

  • 3M8 (developed since 1958, in service since 1965), 3M8M, 3M8M1 (in service since 1967), 3M8M2 (in service since 1971)
  • 9M38, 9M38M1, 9M38M2 for the Buk missile system
  • 9M82 (in service since 1988) and 9M83 (in service since 1983) for the S-300V
  • 9M82M and 9M83M for the Antey 2500 SAM system
  • Ural SA missile
  • M-31 (KS-42, experimental, 1961)
  • KS-168
  • KS-172
  • 3M54 Biryusa
  • V-755
  • countermissile 5Ya26 (experimental, 1963) for the S-225
  • countermissile 53T6 (PRS-1) for the А-135 (in service since 1995)
  • countermissile 53T6M (PRS-1M, experimental, 1990th)
  • countermissile 51T6 (experimental, 1980th)
  • countermissile 3M10 (проект, конец 1950th)
  • naval antisubmarine missile complex Vyuga (since 1960), complex RPK-2, naval missile 81R (in service since 1969), export variant called Vysota
  • target missile Virazh and Virazh-M on the basis of 3M8 и 3M8M
  • countermissile PRS-1M
  • countermissile 45T6
  • naval antisubmarine missile complex RPK-6 Vodopad (in service since 1981)
  • naval antisubmarine missile complex RPK-7 100RU (in service since 1984), export variant called Veter
  • naval missile 3M10 Granat (in service since 1984)
  • naval missile 3M-14 Caliber (3K14)
  • naval missile Alpha (experimental)
  • naval missile RK-55
  • antisubmarine missile UR-91R
  • submarine missile 3M14
  • target missile Mirazh


  • May 12, 1941 — Order of the Red Banner for the distinguished services in the field of the design of the new weapons for the Soviet Army (RKKA) and the Navy
  • June 5, 1942 — Order of the Red Star for the design and development of the new weapon models
  • August 9, 1944 — Order of the Honour Mark for the masterly implementation of the development and production of the new weapon types
  • July 9, 1945 — Order of Lenin for the successful implementation of the State Defence Committee (GKO) orders for the production of artillery weapons for the Red Army
  • 1948 - USSR Stalin (State) Prize
  • June 1966 - Hero of Socialist Labour for the distinguished services in the Five Years Plan of 1960–1965 and the design of the new weapon types
  • 1967 - Laureate of the Lenin Prize
  • 1977 - USSR State Prize for the design of the new weapon types
  • March 1978 — Order of the Red Banner for the distinguished services and personal contribution to the field of the design of the new weapons and equipment type and in case of the 70 years anniversary
  • March 1985 - Hero of Socialist Labour

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