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Hunminjeongeum 이지방
Hanja 李之芳
Revised Romanization Lee Ji-bang
McCune–Reischauer Yi Ji-bang

General Lee Ji-bang (hangul:이지방, hanja:李之芳, October 15, 1466 - December 11, 1537) was a soldier and military person of Korean Joseon dynasties. He was appointed governor of Chongsung, Hoeryong, Uiju Countys.

During King Yeonsangun's reign and the early part of King Jungjong of Joseon's reign, he was one of the guards along the border of the Northern area of Korea. He served as Sugun Jeoldosa of Gyeongsang-jwado and Byungma Jeoldosa of Pyeongan-do. Jeoldosa was meaning for military commanders. other dispatch diplomat for China Ming dynastys.


Early life

In 1490 and 1492 he participated in expulsion operations and battle of Jurchen, in Hamgyongbuk-do and Pyeonganbuk-do. His position was senior adjutant of commander of Bukjeong.[lower-alpha 1] In 1493, he was appointed to commander of Seojeong, with Lee Won-jong(이원종;李元宗) and Chang Chung(장정;張珽), Lee Yun-jong(이윤종;李允宗), there was Moosa.[lower-alpha 2]

After he was appointed to county gorvernor of Cheongsung(종성;鐘城) and Hoeryong(회령;會寧).[1] there one's duty was county gorvernor, but au fond purpose was border area defense and attack of Jurchen, Kitan and bandits of border area, thieves. his one some close relatives was unknown name's was eunuch, that unknown name's close relatives was eunuch bureaucrat (내시;內侍) of government official[lower-alpha 3] and have inside information embarrassing personal facts of King Yeonsangun. King Yeonsangun was anxious, mass dismissal a high-ranking government official and eunuch bureaucrat. that he was also suspected idea of King Yeonsangun, also he with discharged. In 1504 he was reinstatement to county governor of Hoeryong.

Next in January 1509, his mother died. He took a long leave of absence from public office to attend his mother's funeral and as a mourning period. but he was his mother mourning period time, he was wrangled and beating murder of one male civilian. he was met with harsh criticism, in devout action funeral time of his mother than murder of male civilians. He was expelled. He was put in prison to a prison of Uigeumbu(의금부;義禁府),[lower-alpha 4] the name of a crime was in devout action of funeral time and killing civilians was funeral time of his mother.

Sometime later, he was released by order of the King Jungjong, but a great deal of criticism of mass media organization for him because of violation of the doctrine of Neo-Confucianism. So he was reappointed to county governor of Heoryong. In March 1513, he was appointed to county governor of Uiju(의주;義州). In 1516, he was appointed to Sugun Jeoldosa of Gyoengsangjwa-do, this is naval forces commander of Gyoengsangjwa-do.[lower-alpha 5]

Later life

In 1517 King Jungjong was remarried with Lady Moonjung Yun of Papyong, later Queen Munjeong. The reason was Queen Janggyeong of Joseon died due to sickness after parturition, in 1515. Lee Ji-bang was appointed to Chaekbong Jucheongsa(책봉주청사;冊封奏請使),[1] envoy suggestion for installation of the Queen. so dispatch an Beijing in Ming dynasty. the Joseon dynasty was volunteer for dependency China Ming dynasty, so Joseon was King and Queen, Crown prince was appointed unto China Ming dynastys.

In 1524, he was appoint to ByeongmaJeoldosa of Pyeongan-do, this is Army commander of province Pyeongan-do. He made a recommendation to the government for expulsion of moved living of horse-riding people in three border area of northern region, but he was attacked by Saheonbu and Saganwon, next he was encounter discharge and in lumbers in Ungeumbu. That year he was reinstated in Army commander of province Pyeongan-do.

In 1528, death of Empress Xiaojiesu of Ming dynasty, he was appointed to Jinhyangsa(진향사;進香使), vice lerder of Government delegations of condolence of Korean Joseon dynastys. so he was dispatch to Ming dynasty but he was in the way to occurs of disease and return to border area. But he was rightly sharply criticized is suddenly return to border areas. He was expelled and in lumber of Uigeumbu. next he was exile in Nampo in Hwanghaenam-do.[1]

Next he came out into the open due to dysentery and a disease symptomized by thirst, diabetes. He wanted to quit. In 1531, he was appointed to ByeongmaJeoldosa of Province Chungcheong-do, but he was not incoming because of his illness.[2]

After death

His grave was at Eonju town, Gwangju in Gyeonggi Province so later, in the 20th century his grave's land was incorporated into a Seongnam city, his grave's modern address is Daejang-dong, Bundang-gu, in Seongnam city.

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  1. Bukjeong was a conquest or suppression of North thief and nomadic tribe / horse-riding peoples
  2. it's call is army soldier, that's meaning was military warrior
  3. this call is "Naesi", Naesi was assignment for secretary, palace mayor of Korean Joseon dynasties, but that possibility was all male eunuchs
  4. Its meaning is national police office of Joseon dynasty
  5. left part of province Gyeongsang-do in Korea


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